Do It Yourself! The Eazmaker F220 Smart Wireless Endoscope Lets You See What You Can’t See Normally!
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Do It Yourself! The Eazmaker F220 Smart Wireless Endoscope Lets You See What You Can’t See Normally!

EazMaker professional wireless endoscope is one of the essential devices that you need to have in your home. 

This tool is beneficial for those who want to detect and repair anything in a small location. It is useful for the gap between your car engine, inside part of the air conditioner, small water pipes, and any other small places.

When your fingers and eyes cannot enter these areas, you can use this wireless endoscope. There are many useful features that you can get from this powerful tool. This EazMaker Professional Wireless endoscope can be a perfect tool for you.

Irreplaceable Superiority

It is effortless for you to start using this tool. You can connect this endoscope to your mobile device. 

Compatible with any operating systems above the Android 4.0 and iOS 6.0, the endoscope camera is suitable for Android smartphones, iOS devices, and any other popular devices on the market. 

When you use this device properly, you can find any small things in small areas quickly.

a. Powerful mini camera

It is an essential feature that you can find from this device. The camera of this endoscope only has about 5.5 mm in diameter. 

This mini size allows you to take a look at any small spaces without having any problems. This mini camera has about 5 megapixels clear HD image quality. Its camera resolution can reach up to 2560 x 1920.

b. Waterproof cable

You will never have to worry about the quality of this camera. This camera comes with an eco-friendly waterproof cable that is suitable for any environment, such as wet areas, light or dark areas, etc. 

Its 70-degree bendable 5M cable can retain its shape so that you can use this cable for a long time. It is made from waterproof material, so water will never cause any damages to this cable.

c. Unique Blue LED Technology

This mini endoscope comes with six adjustable blue LED lights that are installed on the camera. 

These LED lights can improve the overall sharpness and brightness of the image, although the camera is used in low light or dark conditions. The camera is going to provide an enjoyable experience for all users.

d. Comes with three useful accessories

Here is another reason why you may want to consider using this powerful tool. This device has three useful accessories, including hook, magnet, and also side mirror. 

The hook attachment can be used to hook any perforated objects, such as rings quickly. You can use its side mirror attachment for observing things. The magnet attachment is handy to attract any magnetic objects, such as screws.

Design Highlights

The whole endoscope device has about 8.5 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm. This dimension can allow you to bring this device to want quickly anywhere. You will be amazed by its portability. This device also has some buttons for controlling this tool, for example, the power button, light control wheel, and charging interface. 

There is also a power indicator and a signal indicator. This device is connected to the 5 meters of cable and high-quality mini-camera at the end part of this cable. You can use this device for finding any objects in small areas without difficulty.

Practical Performance

You will be amazed at the overall performance of this powerful tool. This endoscope has a high-quality camera that can produce up to 30 frames per second. This system can provide the smoothest images and videos. 

This image quality is considered as the best one on the market. You will be able to record HD video and also take JPG snapshot images easily. All LED lights can also increase the image quality from this camera. This device comes with a built-in 1800mA lithium-ion battery that can last for 1.5 hours in a single charge.

There are many other benefits that you can get from this great endoscope. This device is suitable for you who want to look for small objects in small spaces with ease. Its high-quality image can help you find any objects easily. You can purchase this device for only $23.99. This device is more affordable than the Amazon popular product that is sold for about $35.99. 

You will never regret your choice when using this wireless endoscope. It is effortless for you to start using this tool. You only need to connect this device to your smartphone via the wireless connection. 

All parts of this tool are protected by its warranty so that you can trust the quality. Buy this incredible portable endoscope today.

Eazmaker F220 Professional Wireless WiFi Endoscope



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