Noise reduction depth of 35dD + Sound quality compensation blessing, Haylou T16 first release is only 69.99 USD
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Noise reduction depth of 35dD + Sound quality compensation blessing, Haylou T16 first release is only 69.99 USD

At present, people's demand for earphones is very high, especially noise-cancelling earphones have become a rigid demand, but among the current Bluetooth earphones, many noise-cancelling earphones perform well but the price is prohibitive. Haylou T16 true wireless active noise reduction headphones, which Haylou recently launched on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, not only perform well in noise reduction and sound quality, but also have a very grounded price.

Haylou T16 as a noise reduction headset, the active noise reduction depth reaches 35dB, and there are multiple scene noise reduction modes that can be adjusted, which can effectively shield most of the noise. At the same time, it uses microphone call noise reduction technology to effectively eliminate background call noise, In a noisy environment, the other party can clearly hear the sound of their ears. It is worth mentioning that for the noise reduction strength, this headset is equipped with 3 noise reduction modes, which can be selected according to the environment. The comfortable noise reduction mode is very intimate.

For now, many noise-canceling headphones are facing the problem of damaged sound quality (insufficient performance). Haylou T16 performs well in sound quality. It not only uses the CCAW copper-clad aluminum voice coil commonly used in hundreds of dollars headphones, but also uses acoustics. The PhD team uses the acoustic golden curve as the tuning base, and uses sound quality compensation technology to make the sound quality of the headset have a good performance. When listening to music, the intonation, the coordination of the human voice and the instrument are all properly controlled, which can close to the true restoration of the sound details before noise reduction and meet the needs of high sound quality.

In addition to the most basic noise reduction effect and good sound quality of noise reduction headphones, the overall performance of Haylou T16 is also remarkable. In terms of battery life, it can reach 30 hours of long-lasting battery life. There is no need to worry about inductance. Wired charging uses the Type-C interface, and also supports wireless charging, which is more convenient and faster in daily use.

At the same time, Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows the headset to reach a transmission distance of 30 meters; low latency mode, more synchronized audio and video, and more cool games; IPX5 waterproof, more fearless of sweat and rain during use; also supports wearing detection, and can view the headset when used with APP With the power of the earphone box, one-key search for earphones and other functions, the connection is more convenient, the wearing is more comfortable, and the earphones are more practical.

In general, Haylou T16 has a good performance in terms of noise reduction, sound quality performance, or practicality, and this true wireless active noise reduction headset, priced at about 69.99 USD.Those who are interested may wish to check it out on Gearbest for submitting an arrival notice.

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