HBQ Q32 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is Affordable but Amazing
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HBQ Q32 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is Affordable but Amazing

We’ve seen the Galaxy Earbuds by AKG, the Apple AirPods, Huawei Honor FlyPods and even Xiaomi AirDots and thousands other nameless companies stamping different names on their wireless earbuds majority of which were knockoff of the Apple AirPods.
Last week, I requested the HBQ Q32 TWS Bluetooth Wireless earbuds to test out the quality of one of these overtly cheap wireless earbuds and well this is the experience.

It was a great one sincerely. For as low as $17.99 on the local e-shop, I got this device nearly the next day after ordering one. were great and I thought I should see how far it would work for a critic like myself.

First of all, this device works with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity. Even your laptop or tablet, it works really great without any glitch. The sound is really great (more on that later) and the battery… Not very bad still (more on that later).
The HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds comes in three different colors but the Black is more common

Unboxing, Hardware and the Design

The HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds comes in a really simple paper overall casing with the device picture posted right everywhere on it. That isn’t bad afterall for a $17
 USD gadget. But then I proceeded into opening it to seeing what’s really inside it.
It is now well tucked away into a really well planned out plastic casing in which the earbuds, its charging case, a micro USB and extra rubbers of different sizes in case you lost those that came with the device or they’re too small/big for your ear.

Aside that, there is also the owner’s manual where lots of information were well layed out for users to read. Since the HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds is a Chinese brand, then flipping to the other side of it is also a Chinese version of those written manual.

There are of course some typo or grammatical blunders on those manuals (English Composition) making it quite difficult sometimes to understand but you just get the message afterall which is what matters.

But really, there isn’t anything to read a manual for to get this piece of earbuds to function because it’s extremely simple and cool unless you’re some 70 years old grandma.

Now back to the design, it has the usual earbuds design which means it fits straight into your ear. Just like the way the Galaxy Earbuds or the Xiaomi AirDots or even the new Umidigi Upods is, it doesn’t exceed your ear. Compared to the likes of Apple AirPods or the Honor FlyPods which has a sort of tail to it that you can hold just like traditional earphones just without a wire.

Because the HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds is made of plastic, it feels very light and would be really easy to lose if you’re forgetful or even in the slightest mishandling, it can fall in between tiny spaces because of its size. It’s quite small and fits right into your ears.
But if you’ve some really small ears, this type of earbuds might not be great for you because it will exceed your ear and look a bit ridiculous in your ear. So an earbuds with tail like the Honor FlyPods or The Apple AirPods will be a great choice because these device are really small and flat-like.

My girlfriend who’s just 5.2 wore this and even though it looked really bigger than her earlobes, she said it felt really comfortable on her. That’s it, it is really comfortable and it won’t fall off no matter the position of head.

Thats why it is ideal for runners or if you’re working out or exercising. Another big plus is its splash proof and sweat proof. So exercising with it won’t be a problem by any means.
The shape is oblong with a drop that goes right into your ear giving you the noise cancelling experience.

But living in a busy city, I don’t want noise cancellation because I need to hear things going on in my environment especially while working on the busy streets unless you’ve to be turning your head around every 5 seconds to see maybe a rouge vehicle is approaching your direction at a bullet speed.

Battery life and Performance

In the case of performance, its very great and worked well. Pairing the HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds together takes no efforts. And it pairs with each other within seconds of pulling them out of the charging case.
Then ones you’ve paired it with your device (smartphone, computer etc) it simply looked for those registered device next time you pull it out of the case and connects immediately.
It also tells you if something is going on. For example, “battery level” , “connected or disconnected” , “power down”. So without having to stare at your smartphone every time to see the percentage of the battery, you can be rest assured the earbuds will alert you when the battery is losing power.

But the battery isn’t the omnipotent battery found in the likes of the AirDots which last longer or the Galaxy Earbuds. This guy lasted for just 4 hours after a continuous usage. Yeah. Since it doesn’t turn off, ones I pulled them out of the charging casing, they automatically turned on and they won’t turn off until you place them back into the casing.

So I listened to songs and sometimes I didn’t but even though the rate at which I played songs isn’t consistent, the entire battery life circle was about 4 hours before requesting I connect it back to its power bank charging case.

As for the charging case, it works really well and lasts ways longer. It can even serve as a charging Powerbank for your smaetphone because it has the In and Out port for Micro USB.

Sound Quality

FYI, I’m a music enthusiast I even plan to release an album in the near future so that puts me in a great position to answer this. The HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds outputs a really great audio quality I must confess.
As at the time I was writing this post, I was listening to “Sin by Young Thug” using the earbuds.
If you’re great with equalisers, after all, that’s what equalisers are meant for… So that you can tune the sound quality to your very own taste rather than the default (I meddle alot with equalisers using different sound outputs for different occasions) this device would serve you really well.
I tried it with the default equaliser settings on my smartphones MP3 player (Dub Player) it was great but that wasn’t enough so I switched back to my own equaliser and it was dope.

My point here is that you can tune the audio output to suite your very own need using equalisers (most mp3 applications has it). The noise cancellation ensures that you’re only listening to the song.
Even without over increasing the volume, the audio is very loud. While at work, I put the volume at just 1% but while traveling back home in the metro, I increase the volume to about 5% (of 10%) due to the forceful airflow and vehicle noises all around.

But you don’t want to be walking a busy road with the volume turned that much while the device ensures a airtight music feeling. It could get you killed. So you either tuned it down to just 1% so that you can hear your environment a little bit or completely remove one hear and place it in your pocket or somewhere closer by so that it doesn’t disconnect with the other earbud (because the two earbuds most stay connected to work).

H BQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds vs

If I place this device beside the likes of Huawei Honor Flypod, or the Apple AirPods or the Galaxy Earbuds it matched them up… Believe me. The device offers a really great experience of music quality and excellent performances.
It worked well and connects even faster with your smartphone. But if you’re looking for a really premium earbuds which offers a little bit of a native feeling, then you can opt for an Apple AirPods if you’re using an iPhone or the Honor FlyPods if you’re using an Honor phone. A Galaxy Earbuds for Samsung users or the Xiaomi AirDots for Xiaomi users.

Since the HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds is from a third party manufacturer, the native feeling isn’t there and it doesn’t completely simulate that very well. But if you just want a really simple wireless earbuds that does the work, then this is for you.

Have you gotten the HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless earbuds or you’ve used it in the past, let’s know about your experience in the comment section below.

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