Realme Buds Q Review
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Realme Buds Q Review

Budget TWS earbuds.

Realme Buds Q is a direct competitor to Xiaomi Redmi AirDots: they are very similar in design, performance, and price.

What is interesting about them, is there any trick? Yes there is. The first interesting feature is a special game mode with a delay of 119 milliseconds. The second feature is that these headphones support the proprietary application for smart home devices Realme Link, and in it you can configure the control of the headphones. And thirdly, they have interestingly implemented touch control, in which false positives are practically excluded.

So let's get down to a full review.


Driver: 10mm
Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
Codecs: SBC, AAC
Bluetooth: 5.0
Listening time: up to 4.5 hours (up to 20 hours with case)
Case battery: 400 mAh
Earphone battery: 40mAh
Connection: microUSB
Resistance: IPX4 (for headphones)
Weight: 3.6g (single earbud), 28.2g (case)
Dimensions: headphones - 19.8 x 17.55 x 22.5 mm, case - 59.8 x 45 x 29.9 mm

In the box

Package contents: a case with headphones, a short USB-microUSB cable, a user manual in five languages, two additional sets of silicone ear pads: small and large (medium - on the headphones).


The charging case looks like a sea pebble. The cover is magnetic; there is a microUSB port on the back of the case. Why they couldn't put Type-C in the new headphones is unclear.

The case has one LED that glows red when the case is charging and green when the case is fully charged.

The headphones are magnetically attached to their seats, pulled out quite easily.

The headphones have no LEDs. That, on the one hand, surprised me a little, but on the other hand, the headphones always behave the same: when you take them out of the case, if they see a paired device, they connect to it. If they don't see it, they enter pairing mode. When the headphones are put back in the case, they are automatically turned off.

The Realme logo is drawn on the glossy circle on the outside of each earbud.

Waterproof means these headphones can be used for sports - and for certain sports they are fine, but not for running. But for running, headphones with a more reliable attachment (ear hook) are generally required; it is also highly desirable that they are nevertheless connected with a cable lying around the neck, in case the earphone falls out.

In use

Pairing with a smartphone will not cause any problems.

The headphones sit comfortably in the ears: they have such a shape that they take up the entire auricle and hardly protrude from it.
Now about the playback control. It is sensory here, but very interesting.

The creators of these headphones did the very right thing: they turned off the single touch response. And this is a great solution - now the headphones do not have false positives at all, because all false positives in other touch control headphones are from accidental touches. And these headphones ignore accidental touches!

So how are they managed? By default, both earbuds are configured the same: double tap - play / pause (answer / end a call), triple tap - next track, tap and hold - drop a phone call, tap and hold two earphones simultaneously - turn on / off game mode.

But what, you ask, is the call of the voice assistant? Yes, there he is. It's just that the control is flexible here.

Install the Realme Link application on your smartphone (available for Android and iOS). You will need to register in it if you have not registered before. After that, the application will see the headphones - and you can configure the controls in them. Moreover, for each headphone - separately, plus for simultaneous pressing on both at once.

Customization options, of course, are few, but nevertheless, all this is very flexible.

Sound quality

Now about how the headphones sound. The sound is not great (aptX would still give a little more detail), but nevertheless it is very decent. Good balance across all frequencies: the bass is evident, the mids are very good, the highs are fairly clean and relatively detailed. That is, it is quite possible to listen to music here. The maximum volume level did not seem excessive to me, but at the same time I will not call it low: it will do for a not too noisy environment.

In headset mode, audibility is good in quiet environments. But when the environment is noisy, the interlocutor hears you very badly. In general, everything is as usual: you can use it, but when you are on a noisy street, you will not be able to talk normally.

I tried the game mode in action - indeed, there is no desync in games, everything is clear. Also YouTube videos are also running without any lag.


The manufacturer claims 4.5 hours of listening to music at 70% volume. I got about 4 hours at full volume - not bad. From the case, the headphones can be charged four more times.

Headphones are charged from scratch in about an hour, the case is charged for about two hours.


Realme Buds Q's controls are very good: there really are no false positives. The headphones sit deep enough in the channel and isolate external sounds well, but at the same time loud signals will be heard.

Thus, we have: a budget price, but at the same time quite decent quality of both performance and sound, well thought out with touch controls, flexible control settings, game mode, the presence of the AAC codec, which gives good sound both with smartphones on Android and with iOS.

Compared to Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, they look noticeably better: there is no AAC support, no control settings, no game mode. At the same time, they are practically the same for the price. I would go with Realme Buds Q.

realme Buds Q Wireless Earphones Bluetooth TWS 400mA Battery Charger Box Bluetooth 5.0 For Realme X2 Pro X50 Pro 6 6i



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