Exciting News for OnePlus Owners from North America: OnePlus Care Application will be Launched at the End of Nov.
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Exciting News for OnePlus Owners from North America: OnePlus Care Application will be Launched at the End of Nov.

Hey, OnePlus users from North American! 

Here comes your exciting news!

You don’t have to be envious of OP users in India anymore! (Yeah, I admit that I once blamed OnePlus company for its unfair treatment.)

According to the official post of OnePlus Forum, the OnePlus Care application is going to launch on the North American region at the end of November.

Our team is working hard to bring the OnePlus Care application to the North American region, to allow users to easily submit service requests and track the repair status. This application is expected to launch at the end of November. We will keep you posted and let you know when it is available for our users in North America.

As we know, along with the new flagship - OnePlus 7T, OnePlus company announced OnePlus Care Exclusive Benefits in India in October. This announcement was absolutely the breaking news, which had aroused an amazing response from OP users in India. At the same time, many OP users from other regions also requested OnePlus to provide these benefits in their local.

So, what benefits do the OnePlus Care offer? Would OnePlus Care provide the same complete protecting plan as AppleCare? Let’s take a look at that: 

OnePlus Care Benefits offers:
1. Free 1-Year Extended Warranty
2. 50% off on battery replacement
3. Upgrade Plan

What do these benefits mean? Let’s move on to see how OnePlus Care work in India.

According to the Xda-developers, the owners of OnePlus 6T or the higher models such as OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro or OnePlus 7T under warranty can enjoy Free 1-Year Extended Warranty. The eligible users who want to get the benefits must download the OnePlus Care app and verify the IMEI number of their phones. After verification, your OnePlus phone will be entitled to an additional warranty. 

▲ Savings on OnePlus Care (Rupees/Unit)

Moreover, the owners of OnePlus 3 or higher models (such as OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5OnePlus 5TOnePlus 6OnePlus 7, etc.) can get 50% off on battery replacement via the OnePlus Care app. OP users can go to visit a nearby OP store to replace the battery or choose the official delivery service. However, if you do not book in advance on the OnePlus Care app, you will have to pay for the battery replacement in full. 

In addition, OnePlus also offers an upgrade plan for users to save big on the latest OnePlus new flagship. Meanwhile, with this recycling action, OP users can contribute a little bit to the environment protection.

How to install OnePlus Care application?

How to get OnePlus Care Benefits?

At present, the premium OnePlus Care service is available only in India, and obviously, if further launched, it is hound to be a popular service, providing faster repair services and a better hands-on experience for OP users. 

Now the upcoming launch of OnePlus Care in North American also means that OnePlus Care is going to be launched around the world in the future, more and more OP users from different regions will enjoy the OnePlus Care exclusive benefits. 

Once available, the OnePlus Care application will enable you to quickly request repairs on your phone or real-time check the repair condition of your OP devices that have been shipped to a dedicated service center. Well, all these benefits are fine, but if you can only use one smartphone, the application may not be particularly useful unless you install it on a secondary device. 

Anyway, the OnePlus Care application definitely makes the frustrating process of Sales Support and Repair easier. Now, keep waiting. I just wish the OnePlus company will bring the OnePlus Care application to North America as expected.

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