The market for smart gadgets has been prospering at a very high pace and it has affected different aspects of our lives. In this growth-oriented technology world, it is difficult to find a niche where Xiaomi doesn’t have a presence. It is one of the highly recognized Chinese manufacturing companies which is known for its high-end products. Recently, Xiaomi has released another masterpiece in the market in the form of Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router. It has got everything to create a buzz in the market in a short time. Check out the following review to know everything about Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Gigabit Router.


Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router comes with a highly attractive cylindrical shape that enhances the look of your living room. The Router comes with dimensions of 4.72 x 4.72 x 7.87 inches and weighs only 0.6000 kg. The overall structure of the router is tactically designed that only covers antennas but also includes airflow duct for efficient cooling. The router also features a heat dissipation system that prevents it from overheating.

On the virtue of its innovative shape, this elegant device occupies very limited space on your desk. The router is adorned with a plastic body that offers its glossy design. It is a highly portable device and extremely comfortable to handle. The logo of the brand is printed on the top side of the router and the device also features ports for smooth Ethernet connection.


Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router will be known for its highly powerful processor. It boasts a processor of MT7621A MIPS 880 MHz that makes sure you experience a superior level of performance. The high frequency of the device allows you to enjoy superfast internet speed all the time. The device also features dual-frequency of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz that delivers peerless network speed.

Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router comes with a support of IPV6 and it is also compatible with smart home functionality. The device features a six-channel signal amplifier and four built-in antennas that offer a superior level of coverage. The NetEase UU accelerator is also added to the device that provides top-class gaming experience to users. The router is also blessed with an error connection algorithm that looks after the variation in signal quality. The storage space of 128MB makes sure that the device achieves superior network stability without any quality lag.


Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router features Gigabit Ethernet port which lets this device stand out amongst all other high-end routers available in the market today.
- The router is packed with WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK encryptions that protect it from any form of illegal access. For better connectivity and superior network, the device does SSID hiding.
- The router comes with three LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port that easily supports 100M fiber broadband.
- The device allows you to manage content and time spent by your child online. It protects the privacy of the user by customizing websites that are permitted to access online.
- With Xiaomi Mi AC2100 WIFI Router, you can enjoy watching HD videos or play high graphic oriented games without any performance interruption. The device offers wider coverage that other routers fail to offer.
- The router also manages several third-party apps that support iOS, Android and web platforms. The device is extremely easy to install and you don’t any technical know-how to get going.

Excellent coverage without disturbing elements

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100 has integrated two-way and four-way low-interference amplifiers into wireless Wi-Fi chips to improve signal and coverage. Even a built-in NetEase UU accelerator is available to improve gaming performance on consoles while playing over a network.

The newspaper is also a functional Low-Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) error correction algorithm that improves channel noise cancellation and transmission efficiency.
The AC2100 features an 880 MHz dual-core high-speed processor and 128 MB of memory. Along with 128 MB of storage space, multiple devices are seamlessly connected at the same time.
Also new is its Wave2 Mu-MIMO technology (multiple-input and multiple-output), which allows multiple terminals to communicate at the same time.

Design for efficient cooling

The cylinder-shaped router has already proven itself in Xiaomi in the past. The reason is not only the built-in antennas, but also the dissipation of the generated heat. The entire device has a three-dimensional heat dissipation structure, and the airflow duct cooperates with a large-area heat sink to effectively lower the temperature.

Here a feedback from one of the user of this router from Xiaomi:

I've been using Lynksis and D-Link products for many years because those two are the only descent ones in North America. This AC 1200 is very powerful. Covers big area. Very easy to set up with an app from the store (just scan the QR code from the box). Lots of options in settings. Been using it for a month now, have not had any issues so far


The overall package of Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router comes with the main router, power adapter, network cable, and user manual to guide you on the setup process.
Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router is available for purchase on GearBest, a reputed online store. It comes with a price tag of $61.55 you check it by yourself from the sale page 

Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router Gigabit Ethernet Port 2.4GHz 5GHz WiFi 128Mb ROM 128Mb High Gain 4 Antenna Remote APP Control Support IPv6



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