Sony PlayStation 5 Unveiled: The Latest Game Console Might Be Launched in February
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Sony PlayStation 5 Unveiled: The Latest Game Console Might Be Launched in February

Although Sony didn’t mention too much about PlayStation 5 in CES 2020, according to recent media reports, if everything goes well, Sony might be able to launch PlayStation 5 in February officially. Of course, not until the third quarter will the game console be available.

A recently uploaded video shows the boost of PS5, in which there are two displays on the desk and a Dual Shock game controller, as well as a host that we have never seen before.

Although it is impossible to prove that this is the final design of PlayStation 5, the video shows the logo of PlayStation. It accords with the photos of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit in previous rumor, and the deep V shape is quite prominent. Meanwhile, rumors about the PS5 game controller also come out.

From the photos, we can see the BD-ROM, the USB Type-C port, display for debugging, buttons, as well as the Dual Shock 5 game controller similar to that of the previous generation.

According to the rumors, PlayStation 5 will adopt the Oberon chipset with 36 AMD Navi units, 2000MHz, enabling the GPU to reach up to 9.2TF. The GPU can also switch among three different modes to be compatible with games of PS4 and PS4 Pro. The normal mode is Gen 2 for running Next-Gen games.

Besides, according to a survey conducted by, as for European players, the most anticipated feature of PlayStation 5 is better picture quality.

63% of respondents think it is more important to have shorter loading time, while 49% of them think highly of Kinect. The least concerned feature is 8K, with only 40% of respondents showing interest in it.

As far as we know, the PlayStation 5 might debut on Feb. 5th, and we will know everything about its performance by then. Quite a lot of people are looking forward to the next-gen game console.

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