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Reachfar RF - V30 Smart Pet GPS Electronic Anti-lost Tracker

Wifi Safety Alarm Smart GPS tracker for Pets Waterproof IP66 Smart Rolling LED Light Voice Monitor Smart Locator Alarm Finder Mini SIM iOS Android

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Have you ever worried that your pet will get lost when you walk the dog? Now this RFV30 GPS Pet Tracker will help you to solve this problem.
This tracker, which has unique Wi-Fi anti lost function that you can set two WiFi address as the safe area. If the pet goes out of the safe range,
V30 will send alarm message. In addition, you can set a safe area in APP. When the pet is out of the area, the device will alarm you. Real time
tracking will provide more protections for your pet. Moreover, smart rolling LED light will turn on automatically when it gets dark that you can easily
to find your pet. There is nothing to hesitate. Come on to buy one for your pet now!

1. Waterproof IP66 protection.
2. GSM quad band network, all global GPS location, track your pet all around the world.
3. WIFI anti-lose: You can set two wifi address as the safe area. If your pet go out of the wifi safe range of your home, V30 will send alarm massage to let you
know. WiFi safety zone make tracking more accuracy indoor!
4. Geo-fence: You can set a safe area in APP. When you pet out of the area, the device will alarm you.
5. Long standby, low battery alarm function.
6. Real time tracking: humanized tracking methods will provide more protections for your pet.
7. Smart rolling LED light: The flash light will turn on automatically when it gets dark.
8. Historical route: With video play mode, you can see where your pet has been in the video and you can adjust the track progress and playing speed.
9. Tracking via Website / APP/ Wechat / SMS
10. Voice monitor.
11. Low battery alarm.
12. Individual tracker, the tracker can easily snap on fit your pet's collar.
Reachfar RF-V30 Smart Pet GPS Led Flash Electronic Anti-lost Tracker Wifi Safety Alarm Smart GPS tracker for pets Waterproof  IP66 Smart rolling LED light Voice monitor Smart Locator Alarm Finder Mini SIM IOS Android


Have you ever worried that your pet will get lost when you walk the dog? Now this RFV30 GPS Pet Tracker will help you to solve this problem. 

This tracker, which has unique Wi-Fi anti lost function that you can set two WiFi address as the safe area. If the pet goes out of the safe range, 

V30 will send alarm message. In addition, you can set a safe area in APP. When the pet is out of the area, the device will alarm you. Real time 

tracking will provide more protections for your pet. Moreover, smart rolling LED light will turn on automatically when it gets dark that you can easily 

to find your pet. There is nothing to hesitate. Come on to buy one for your pet now!


1. Waterproof IP66 protection.

2. GSM quad band network, all global GPS location, track your pet all around the world.

3. WIFI anti-lose: You can set two wifi address as the safe area. If your pet go out of the wifi safe range of your home, V30 will send alarm massage to let you 

know. WiFi safety zone make tracking more accuracy indoor!

4. Geo-fence: You can set a safe area in APP. When you pet out of the area, the device will alarm you.

5. Long standby, low battery alarm function.

6. Real time tracking: humanized tracking methods will provide more protections for your pet. 

7. Smart rolling LED light: The flash light will turn on automatically when it gets dark.

8. Historical route: With video play mode, you can see where your pet has been in the video and you can adjust the track progress and playing speed.

9. Tracking via Website / APP/ Wechat / SMS

10. Voice monitor.

11. Low battery alarm.

12. Individual tracker, the tracker can easily snap on fit your pet's collar.

Product View

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Indicator light show:

1. GPS indicator and GSM indicator

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

2. The smart rolling LED light with four tri-colors : when the environment gets dark, 

    It will open LED flash automatically,easier to see about the activity status of wearer.

App binding and function setting:

1. Scan the user manual cover QR code to install the APP.

2. Enter the 10 figures ID number on the tags behind the device.The default password is 123456, click log in,and enter into App, as shown below:

Ø Real-time Tracking: Show the latest location of the device, click update location information to see the  latest location information.

Ø Historical route: Display the historical route in certain period of the device,you can check any one day of 90 days historical route.You can choose 

whether to filter out LBS location data. (Note:LBS means the location data indoors)

Ø Geo-fence: 

Add check or cancel Geo-fence area,when the device get into or get out of the Geo-fence. The location platform will send alert to App.(Note:we suggest the radius of Geo-fence over 20 meters  to make sure it can work normal.)

Ø Settings: 

Set product parameters of the device(make sure that the device is online,otherwise the command can not be sent to the device.)


Tracking via website

Free for web platform.

Please Visit: www.gps123.org, User Name: ID number/Account , Password: 123456 to log in, you can track and set the device here.

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

 Tracking by APP:

Scan the Qr code to install the Android or IOS APP, you can find the Qr code on Packing box ,our tracking platform, user manual. Of course, you 

also can install it from app store, 

Our APP name "Reachfar", User Name: ID number, Password: 123456

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

 Tracking By SMS     

Send "dw#" to the device, you will get the address and map link.

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker

Reachfar RF-V30 GPS Tracker


1.Brand: Reachfar

   Model: RF-V30

2.GSM network:850/900/1800/1900MHZ

3.GPRS standard:Class 12,TCP/IP

4.GPS locating time:

1)30sec with cold boot(open sky)

2)29sec with warm boot(open sky)

3)5sec with hot boot(open sky)

5.GPS position accuracy:10-15m

6.WIFI positioning accuracy:0-30m(covered with WIFI signal)

7.Working temperature:-20 ℃- 70℃

8.Working humidity:5%-95%RH




Package listing:

1) GPS anti-lost host *1

2) Multiple-function USB cable *1 

3) User manual *1

4) Package box *1 

5) Lanyard *1



1. This RFV30 is specified for IPX 66 waterproof standard. This standard is good for light rains. However, any heavy splash or very short time 

exposure to large quantity of water may cause it damage and it can't be immersed in the water or wearing to swimming.

2. Please choose GSM network-based Micro-SIM card(same as iPhone 4) for the product. Please be sure the GPRS data and caller ID of the Micro-SIM card has been activated.

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Reachfar RF - V30 Smart Pet GPS Electronic Anti-lost Tracker

Reachfar RF - V30 Smart Pet GPS Electronic Anti-lost Tracker


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Reachfar RF - V30 Smart Pet GPS Electronic Anti-lost Tracker

Reachfar RF - V30 Smart Pet GPS Electronic Anti-lost Tracker



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