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Bluetooth Headphones

Buying Guide Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide

Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide


Are you still in a dilemma for the purchase of wired headphones? The wire is either too short for connection and wearing or too long, and always bound and entangled. Now, the wireless headphones on Gearbest can perfectly help you overcome this difficulty. With the cancellation of the 3.5mm jack on the iPhone 7 in 2017, Bluetooth headsets have begun to sweep the market. So how to buy a satisfactory Bluetooth headset? Apple Airpods are too expensive to afford? A multitude of products on the market that you cannot buy? This guide will help you answer this question.


Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is Bluetooth Headphones?
  • Features of Bluetooth Headphones.
  • 5 things to consider before buying Bluetooth Headphones.
  • 3 best Bluetooth Headphones in 2020

    What is Bluetooth Headphones?

    Bluetooth headset is the application of Bluetooth technology to hands-free headsets, allowing users to avoid the irritating wires, freely and easily achieve music, call and other functions in various ways. 

    With the development of Bluetooth technology and the growth of the Bluetooth headset market, segmented products focusing on sports, games, film and television, music, and car scenes have also emerged. 

    Benefits of a Bluetooth headset 

    You can listen to music while writing e-mails via Bluetooth headset, you can talk on the phone while driving, you can listen to books while doing housework, you can also watch movies and videos freely at night, listen to rock casually in the gym. Get rid of the constraints when playing games, no more annoying wires, no need to worry about noise disturbing others! It's like a recent mobile phone advertisement for a Bluetooth headset: Free your hands and let them do what they should do. 

    The future tech of Bluetooth headphones

    Bluetooth headset is currently the most popular and most abundant type of Bluetooth products. According to reliable news, now Japan's SONY and South Korea's Samsung have begun to extend Bluetooth technology to the field of 3D LCD TVs and home audio. Therefore, Bluetooth stereo headphones with high-quality sound effects will surely penetrate into ordinary family life.


    Features of Bluetooth Headphones

    Types of Bluetooth headsets: In Ear, Over-Ear, and On-Ear

    Bluetooth headsets can be generally divided into the following types according to their shape: In-Ear, Over-Ear, and On-Ear. Among them, the in-ear type is the most common Bluetooth headset shape. The advantage is that it fits the ear more, it is not easy to fall off when wearing, and the sound insulation effect is also good. 

    Therefore, the noise canceling headphones generally use the in-ear design. If you are looking for enthusiast-grade sound quality and higher noise reduction, and you don’t have any special requirements for portability and weight, you can consider to buy the in-ear ones. 


    Types of Bluetooth headsets: Split and neck-mounted

    At the same time, according to wearing style, it can be divided into split and neck-mounted Bluetooth headset. The split-type Bluetooth headset is currently the best-selling model, also known as a true wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS), which is favored by users for its portability and support for single and double ear mode switching. 

    The realization of single and binaural wearing

    TWS Bluetooth headsets does not require wired connection, and it is free from the constraints of traditional headsets. The two left and right headsets form a stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening to songs, calls, and wearing. 

    At the same time, more and more Bluetooth headsets have upgraded the master and slave settings to achieve dual master ear configuration, thereby supporting the simultaneous connection of two devices or multiple people. If you add professional acoustic pickup technology, etc., you can completely achieve the perfect sound experience: ear-wearing voice, video calls, music enjoyment, mountain climbing, safe driving, etc. are not restricted.


    The intelligent noise reduction function

    From the perspective of headset products, noise reduction is an indispensable technology. Ordinary in-ear headphones use physical characteristics to isolate external noise from the ear, thereby achieving passive noise reduction. In view of the fact that the audio and video experience is the focus of most user attention on Bluetooth headsets, many products will now strengthen active noise reduction.

    Through noise reduction technologies such as ANC (Active Noise Control), ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation), CVC (Clear Voice Capture), DSP (digital signal processing), and AI noise reduction, the noise reduction capability is further enhanced to better meet indoor, Individual needs for different scenarios such as outdoor.

    The era of semi-intelligence and intelligent intelligence has arrived

    With the help of AI technology and rapid development, TWS headsets can be perfectly used with AI products. At present, most TWS products sold on the Gearbest website support voice assistants, which can flexibly activate Google Assistant, Siri, etc. through voice or gesture operations. In addition, with the increasing maturity of intelligent voice service technologies in the automotive and smart home industries at this stage, geeks can fully expect to realize a wirelessly connected and intelligent life through TWS headsets."      


    5 things to consider before buying Bluetooth Headphones

    Battery Life

    If you don't want the headset to disconnect suddenly during commute or exercise, or charge it repeatedly every day, battery life is your first consideration when choosing a Bluetooth headset. Taking into account the ergonomic design of the ear, most TWS headphones are relatively small. According to statistics, the battery capacity of a single ear is generally between 25-60mAh, and the maximum battery life is 2-6 hours.

    Of course, this problem can be greatly alleviated by the configuration of the charging compartment. At present, the battery capacity of the charging compartment is generally between 300mAh-600mAh, and some products with a long battery life can be equipped with a battery compartment with a capacity of up to 8000mAh, which can meet the needs of a week and can also charge mobile phones and other devices. 



    Since the Bluetooth headset involves conversion between analog and digital signals, the decoding method greatly affects the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset product and also affects the delay performance to a certain extent. In the same case, the order of sound quality levels corresponding to different decoding methods is as follows: LDAC≥LDHC > aptX-HD > aptX / aptX-LL > AAC > SBC; 

    While on the delay, the aptX series of Qualcomm chips are relatively low, and the current aptX-LL With the lowest latency. With comprehensive cost-effectiveness considerations, AAC can guarantee relatively clear sound quality; the aptX series performs well in sound quality and delay, and is an advanced choice; while LDAC and LDHC can be used together with equipment that supports the corresponding encoding method, it can achieve Best performance.


    Noise Cancellation

    If you want to enjoy an immersive sound experience anytime, anywhere, then choosing a product with noise reduction technology is a smart choice. 

    If you listen to music mostly, the products that mainly focus on ANC (Active Noise Control) or DSP (digital signal processing) are your budget choice.

    If you want to use Bluetooth headsets to play games, there are ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) The product allows you to communicate with other players more freely.

    If you have a larger call demand, the product with CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology can ensure clearer two-way call quality. When you choose a headset with powerful noise reduction function, you will be surprised to find a beautiful new world. 


    Built-in microphone / control module

    If you don’t like to repeatedly dig out your phone from your pocket, it is recommended to choose a headset with a control module and built-in microphone to achieve a variety of convenient operations through the headset: answering calls, Access Siri or Google Assistant, play music instantly, control volume, turn on game mode, and more. It is recommended to read the function description carefully when purchasing. 


    Water resistance

    This is mainly suitable for sports earplugs to ensure that they are not attacked by sweat. Most headphones for sports need to be waterproof to IPX4 or higher. Generally speaking, IPX7 grade products are suitable for wearing in the shower, while IPX8 grade products can meet the needs of swimming and diving.


    3 best Bluetooth Headphones in 2020

    With the development and improvement of Bluetooth technology, real wireless earphones are rapidly developing, so that allowing you to get rid of the tangled earphone cord and enjoy the real free listening experience.

    In addition to the well-known brands with high prices, many brands of Bluetooth headsets also perform well in terms of performance and the price is affordable. 

    The following recommended 6 models of Bluetooth headphones are all priced within $30, which are very cost-effective, they are the excellent choices if you want to buy a Bluetooth headphone.

    Haylou GT1Haylou GT2QCY T5
    Average Battery Life3.5-5h3.5-5h4-5h
    Headphone Battery Capacity43mAh43mAh40mAh
    Charging Box Battery Capacity310mAh310mAh380mAh
    Contorl TypeTouch ControlTouch ControlTouch Control
    Sound Unit7.2mm Coil Unit7.2mm Coil Unit6mm Coil Unit
    Voice Assistant
    Noise ReductionDSPDSP
    CVC 6.0 noise reduction for calling
    Directional microphone
    Volume Control×××
    Wireless Charging Support×××
    Water ResistenceIPX5IPX5IPX5
    Target UsersFans of pop/rock/electronic musicFans of pop/rock/electronic musicGame enthusiast
    Reason to Buy1. 7.2mm large coil unit, stereo surround sound quality, good bass performance
    2. Xiaomi Ecosystem products, the best choice of cost-effective headphone
    1. 7.2mm large coil unit, stereo surround sound quality, good bass performance
    2. Xiaomi Ecosystem products, the best choice of cost-effective headphone
    3.Upgraded Type C interface
    1. Exclusive game mode
    2. No game delay, as low as 65ms (the average value of industry is 200ms)

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