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1000A Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Charger Battery Power Bank
1000A Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Charger Battery Power Bank
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1000A Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Charger Battery Power Bank - Russian Federation



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Russian Federation
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Main Features

1.This product is waterproof,shockproof and dustproof.It can be used even in rainy days.It is the first car jump starter with IP66 waterproof in the world.
2.This jump starter can start 12V vehicles(up to 4L petrol or 2L diesel engine)in seconds with 1000A peak current and the capacity of the 13800 mAh battery.Suitable for your car,motorcycle,etc.
3.This External Battery charger can Charge your phones,tablets or other device and speed of up to 2.1 amps via the USB.
4.The patented safety technology of smart battery clip has explosion-proof and reverse polarity protection,which prevent the clamp from short-circuit,high temperature,overvoltage,overcharge,over-discharge,over-current and polarity reverse.
5.Powerful LED Light:There are 4 modes of LED light(normal,SOS,strobe,and off)which is potentially an emergency life saver when you go camping,picnic,outdoor adventure or on investigation.
6.Can be used simultaneously with the inverter, can be transformed by the inverter, so that it can be used in more scenarios.
7.Has a good thermal insulation layer and does not cause overheating during work.

Brand: iMars
Model: iMars-J01
Capacity: 13800mAh/51.05Wh
Start Current: 500A
Pe.ak Current: 1000A
Micro Input: 5V/1.6A
USB Output: 5V/2.1A
Overload Protection: ≦ 13V± 0.3V
Rear Load Protection: ≧ 12.6V ± 0.3V
LED Light: Included(flashlight, SOS light, str.obe light)
Battery Indicator Light: Included
Size: 155*88*34mm
Weight: 350g
Working Temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Waterproof Rate: IP66
Safety Protection: 8 Protections(smart clamp type)
Certified: CE / FCC / RoHs/ UL Certified / UN38.3

1.Connect the red clamp with the battery positive “+” and the black clamp
with the battery negative “-”
2.Do not connect the red clamp with black clamp.otherwise it may lead to danger
3.Don't press the button before connecting car 3 seconds after connecting.

1·Connect Red clamp to “+” and Black clamp to “-” of car
2·Red and green light flashs alternately,start the car directly or press the force start button and then start the car within 30S after green light on
3·Red light on or flashs,connect error.Please check.
4·Green light flashs slowly,product voltage is low.Please charge.

1.In order to increase the serviceable life,please confirm the remaining 75% of the battery before use.
2.Please confirm whether the jump starter and the car are connected correctly.
3.If the engine is not used immediately at the first time,please remove the transmission cable from the car battery and leave at least 20 seconds before connecting the cable to the battery.
4.If the engine starts successfully,remove the clip of sleeveless thread immediately.
5.Long-term storage under discharge state will lead to battery aging,so it is recommended to charge once every three months.
6.For the sake of safety,this product has power switches andpower buttons for charging mobile phones and other devices.
7.The LED function is that when the power switch is on,long press the power button for about 3 seconds,and the LED light will turn on.Briefly press the 3 mode (light/flashing/SOS signal).

Package Content
1xWaterproof 13800mAh Jump Starter
1xSmart Clamps
1xMicro USB Cable
1xUser Manual


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1000A Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Charger Battery Power Bank

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