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Development Board Starter Kit with Basic Component Pack Set for Arduino Workshop Beginners

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Ship between: May 28 - May 31


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Package Contents:
Resistor, 10 PCS for each: 100 ohm (1/4W), 220 ohm (1/4W), 470 ohm (1/4W), 1000 ohm (1/4W), 2200 ohm (1/4W), 4700 ohm (1/4W), 10000 ohm (1/4W), 22000 ohm (1/4W), 100000 ohm (1/4W), 330000 ohm (1/4W), 1000000 ohm (1/4W)
Capacitor, 10 PCS for each: 100uF (16V / electrolysis), 10uF (16V / electrolysis), 1uF (50V / electrolysis), 100nF (leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor), 10nF (leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor), 22pF (leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor)
LED, 10 PCS for each: Red (3mm), Green (3mm), Yellow: (3mm)
Rotational potentiometer: 5V~10K (straight pin)
Diode-triode, 2 PCS for each: BC547 (straight pin), BC557 (straight pin), 2N3904 (straight pin), 2N3906 (straight pin), 1N4007) (straight pin)
OptoCoupler, 2 PCS for each: 4N35 (straight pin)
Chip, 1 PC for each: 74HC595 (straight pin), ULN2803A (straight pin)
Transducer, 1 PC for each: Thermistor, photoresistor
Buzzer: 5V
PNP darpnp: TIP122 (straight pin)
Field-effect tube: IRF540 (straight pin)
Power chip, 1 PC for each: L7805 5V (straight pin), LD1117 3.3V (straight pin)
Alligator, 2 PCS: Red / black / white / yellow / green

Packing List:
110 x Resistors
60 x Capacitors
30 x LEDs
1 x Rotational potentiometer
10 x Diode-triode
2 x OptoCouplers
2 x Chips
5 x Press switch
2 x Transducer
1 x Buzzer
1 x PNP darpnp
1 x Field-effect tube
1 x Power chip
10 x Alligators (45cm)
1 x Breadboard
65 x Breadboard connection cables (27cm)



Type: Components set

Weight and Size

Package weight: 0.350 kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 25.0 x 22.0 x 6.0 cm

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Starter Kit

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Development Board Starter Kit with Basic Component Pack Set for Arduino Workshop Beginners

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