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UNO R3 Development Board Kit for Arduino with Expansion Board / Mini Bread Board Jumper Cables



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Arduino UNO R3 is a open source controller that is easy to operate; The biggest different from Arduino UNO is USB to serial port part, which uses ATMega16U2 microcontroler

Pin Change:
Add two I2C pin (SDA, SCL, just a copy of analog 4 and 5)
Add two pins next to Reset, one is IOREF, which let expansion board suitable for on-board voltage, the other is for spare
Reset also moved to next to USB port
A8U2 is replaced by Tmega16U2, which id for USB port chip, let UNO analog USB HID, such as MIDI / Joystick / Keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Why are these called Arduino Compatible?
A1. The Arduino group demanded us to remove their logos and rename these products so that they do not lead customers to believe they are the same units sold by Arduino
Q2. Are these 100% compatible with the normal Arduino's?
A2. Yes, they really are completely compatible with "normal" Arduino's. Build quality looks the same and everything (studio, library, tools, etc) just works



Type: Connection Cable
Mainly Compatible with: Ardunio

Weight and Size

Package weight: 0.220 kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 9.0 x 7.0 x 3.0 cm

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x UNO R3 Board, 1 x Expansion Board, 1 x Bread Board, 65 x Jumper Cable(long: 25cm, short: 10cm), 1 x USB Cable (62cm)

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UNO R3 Development Board Kit for Arduino with Expansion Board / Mini Bread Board Jumper Cables

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