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FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen with OLED Screen

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Made for smart living with alarm remind function, small in volume, light in weight.
Its smart self-adjusting spring system enables you to have a just right fit with your finger, simple design but powerful functions!

Display type: OLED ( 6 direction screen to overturn )
Accuracy: scientifically proven performance in wide range of patient populations
Durable: protect against 30 drops
Efficient: up to 600 spot checks on 2 AAA batteries ( not included ) at ambient temperature 25 Deg.C
Operating current: less than 30mA
Safe: lead-free and latex-free
Protection: IPX1

SpO2 range: 0 - 100 percent
SpO2 accuracy: 70 - 100 percent, + / -2 digits
SpO2 resolution: 1 percent

Pulse rate
Pulse rate range: 25 - 250 bpm, + / -3 digits
Pulse rate accuracy: + / -1 bpm
Pulse rate resolution: 1 bpm

Physical Environment
Operate temperature: 5 - 40 Deg.C / 41 - 104 Deg.F
Storage / transportation temperature: -40 - 60 Deg.C / -40 - 140 Deg.F
Operate humidity: 10 - 95 percent, non-condensing
Storage / transportation humidity: 10 - 95 percent, non-condensing
Operate atmosphere pressure: 70 - 106kpa
Storage / transportation atmosphere pressure: 50 - 107.4kpa

Accurate reliable measurement
Accurately measures your PR ( pulse rate ) and SpO2 ( blood oxygen saturation levels ) to inform your health condition in less than 10 seconds.
Clear OLED display
You can read the parameter including SpO2, pulse rate, bar graph, synchronous waveform, heart beep mark, pulse beep and the capacity of battery from dual color OLED display screen.
Easy to use
Simply insert your finger to the probe of this digital oximeter and press the only button to start measuring.
Auto shutdown system
Thanks to its intelligent mechanism, this portable oximeter can automatically turn off the display within 8 seconds when there is no signal.
Suitable for all ages
The wide range of finger sizes enable both children and adults to use especially for those sports enthusiasts and ones who are interested in their general health and wellness.
Widely used and portable
Fits for family, hospital, clinical institution and health-care community. A little bag and a lanyard included in the accessories can protect it from damage and make it convenient to be carried.

How to use:
Open the battery cover, and put 2 AAA batteries into battery compartment in correct polarities, then replace the cover.
Gently press the bottom of the equipment to turn on, and open the probe, then insert one finger into the probe.
After about 10 seconds, the measurement result can be read directly from the display screen.

Normal SpO2 values vary between 95 and 100 percent. If your SpO2 value is below 95 percent, that could be a sign of poor blood oxygenation, also called hypoxia.
Long press the button for 2 seconds can close the pulse sound, and long press the button can open the pulse sound again.
Only FA20A can switch the display directions by pressing the button in the normal measure state.


Product Detail

Item Type: Blood Pressure
For (Blood pressure): Finger
Voltage (V): DC 3
Wristband Range: 38cm
Product weight: 0.0420 kg
Package weight: 0.0900 kg
Product Size ( L x W x H ): 3.50 x 3.10 x 6.20 cm / 1.38 x 1.22 x 2.44 inches
Package Size ( L x W x H ): 11.80 x 3.80 x 7.70 cm / 4.65 x 1.5 x 3.03 inches
Package Content: 1 x Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, 1 x Protective Bag, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x English Manual
FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Meter Health Care Recording for Children and Adults
FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Meter Health Care Recording for Children and Adults
FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Meter Health Care Recording for Children and Adults

IPXX Rating Chart

IP Code
The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating*) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. For example, an electrical socket rated IP22 is protected against insertion of fingers and will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water. IP22 or 2X are typical minimum requirements for the design of electrical accessories for indoor use.

Ease of Use
Build Quality
Overall Rating
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FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen with OLED Screen

FS20A Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen with OLED Screen



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