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M6013 Portable Digital Capacitor Meter



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- Larger measuring range,read up to 470mF/ 470000uF
- With auto running averaging function, can read pF more stable and accuracy
- Easy to use and fast response time on measuring from 0.01pF to 470000uF

1.Accuracy maybe affected by the test lead's length and distance of test leads. Especially testing pF small capacitance, shortest test lead is recommended, and be careful the surrounding EMI or RF noise may affect the pF reading.
2.PLEASE DISCHARGE THE CAPACITOR BEFORE TESTING, you can use a screwdriver to short circuit, or series with a resistor around 10 ohm and short for 5 to 10s. There is 1 fast zener diode inside the meter to prevent high voltage, but it is important to discharge the capacitor firstly, as it is a large surge current and voltage and may damage the meter.

Package Content:
1 x Digital Capacitance Meter
1 x Pair of Test Probe

Operating Introduction:
Press and hold the ON/ OFF circle orange button for 1 to 2 second to power on.
Press and release the ON/ OFF button to shut down meter.
- AUTO/ MANUAL mode:
Auto Range:
Press and release the RANGE button and at the first line of LCD will show "AUTO:"
At auto mode meter will automatically select the best range to detect.
Manual Range:
Scroll the manual range from 47nF, 47uF and 470mF range by press and release the RANGE button
In LCD will show MANUAL at first LCD line and show at second line: 0-47NF, 47NF TO 47UF and 47UF TO 470MF.
1 Key Zero:
OPEN circuit the test leads terminal.
Press and release the “ZERO" button, LCD shows “ZERO" and wait the zero disappear.
If you are using the meter array socket, you need to OPEN circuit to set zero too.
You can use the 8-pin socket to measure the capacitor
Running Average:
It will automatically start running average if the capacitance reading become stable and user can get more accuracy reading.
During running average it will show “AVG” at right bottom LCD or it will show raw data icon “RAW”
As a result, if you want to get higher accuracy reading, you can take the reading during AVG display.
This function will automatically on, once the raw data is noise.
LCD backlight will on during power on
Auto Sleep:
Around 8 to 10 hours for not testing, it will shut down automatically to save power.
Display overflow when the value is out of range, you can check that you are zero correctly.

RangeAccuracy (After Zero, tested with 1nF, 1uF, 1000uF)Refresh Time  (Manual Mode)
*Auto mode take  0 to 2s more time depend on value
Larger capacitance take more measuring time
0.01pF to 47.000nF1% 2Digit~0.2s to 1s
47.00nF to 47.000uF1% 1Digit~0.2s to 2s
47.00uF to 470.00mF1 to 3% 1Digit (Larger capacitance will have larger error)~0.2s to 30s 
AccuracyUp to 1% (detail on above table)
High Resolution5 digit
Measuring voltage<0.8V
Clamping voltage~1.25V (open voltage)
Battery2X AA 1.5V battery(Not Included)
Operating current 0.02A

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M6013 Portable Digital Capacitor Meter



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