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Excelvan BT17 Car 7.5L Refrigerator

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Excelvan BT17  7.5L 12v Mini Fridge Cooler Warmer Blue Car Small Refrigerator  Cooler Box

Excelvan BT17 7.5L car refrigerator

Product Description

This is the 7.5LTR portable 12V thermoelectric car cooling and warming portable refrigerator. This 7.5LTR fridge can handle your diet problem with ease when you need to stay in your car for a long time. Now you do not costly stop for food and drink during the long journey...


Capacity: 7.5L

Color: Blue 

Power Rating: 35W 

Rated Input Voltage: 12V 

While refrigeration, it is able to be 15-25℃ lower than the room temperature

While heating, it is able to reach 60℃±5℃

Red/Green lights indicate warming or cooling status 

Uses advanced semiconductors to cool and warm up 

Net weight:1.48KG

Input Voltage:12V

 Excelvan BT17 7.5L car refrigerator


-A perfect item for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road

-Environmental protection without fluorine pollution ,small volume,light weight,long service life.

-Quiet motor and fan circulate air for even cooling/heating

-2in1 Cool&warm use.

-Uses 12 Volts power to cool or warm drinks and food

 Excelvan BT17 7.5L car refrigerator

Excelvan BT17 7.5L car refrigerator


1.If the car engine stop working long time, please not to use refrigerator for long time, or else will cause battery wastage or damaged.
2.Before Remove the power plug, make sure the turn off the power button, and the push off cable.
3.Replace the Fuse, please make sure use the same model, same spec, if use the un-fittble fuse may cause not work normal or fire.
4.Make sure the plug clear and no dirty, avoid connectable not in good condition or power plug heater.
5.Before using, read Instruction Manuel carefully, make sure no overload
6.Using or not use the refrigerator, please push off the plug from cigarette lighter.
7.Please follow up the operation steps strictly and pay high attention the Warning
8.When the refrigerator working, the shell of it may become heater
9.Please place a position where out of Children Reach

10.To prevent water overflowing and damaging the device, pls do not put the ice cubes or ice packs into the refrigerator directly, advice put the

 ice into a bottle, just make it packaged.


Package Include.
1x User Manual

1 x 7.5L Portable Cooler&Warmer Car Refrigerator

1 x Car charger

1 x Strap


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Excelvan BT17 Car 7.5L Refrigerator

Excelvan BT17 Car 7.5L Refrigerator


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Excelvan BT17 Car 7.5L Refrigerator

Excelvan BT17 Car 7.5L Refrigerator



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