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Buying Guide Smart Ceiling Light Buying Guide

Smart Ceiling Light Buying Guide

With the improvement of living standards, smart multifunctional ceiling lights have gradually become a fashion essential, with infinitely adjustable brightness, diverse color changes, and can follow the music. Smart ceiling lights provide people with comfortable and soft lights, and also allow users to enjoy the convenience of various lives brought by smart lighting.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is Smart Ceiling Light?
  • Features of Smart Ceiling Light.
  • 4 things to consider before buying Smart Ceiling Light.
  • 3 best Smart Ceiling Light in 2020

  • What is Smart Ceiling Light?

    LED smart ceiling light is a kind of LED that uses LED as the light source and is installed in the room. 

    The appearance of the lamp is designed to be flat on the top, and it is installed close to the roof, like being absorbed on the roof. Intelligent ceiling lights are a breakthrough in functionality of traditional ceiling lights, that is, make the lights smarter and more obedient. 

    Have you ever had such troubles in your life: 

    It ’s so easy to warm the quilt, but forget to turn off the lights; 

    The baby at home is timid and afraid of the black, but the lights are too bright; 

    Go home overtime is dark, and you have to touch the black to turn the lights on; 

    Movies, playing mobile phones, reading books, the lights are too dazzling; 

    Too many remote control, lost and cannot be found....

    With smart ceiling lights, these troubles will be swept away. You only need to have a mobile phone that stays connected to the Internet. Through the simple operation of the APP, you can remotely control the on and off of the ceiling lights at any time and place, so that you can take it easy. 

    Feel free to shuttle in favorite, comfortable colors and taste life. In addition, with the continuous upgrade of technology, smart ceiling lamps with color atmosphere surround function are constantly available. At festivals and parties, they can also serve as color-changing decorative light strips, that is, a multi-purpose light, allowing users to enjoy the smart ceiling lights in their lives. 

    Features of Smart Ceiling Light

    Voltage Differsnces

    The voltage in different countries is different, for example, the United States, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico is 110V -120V, the mainstream European countries are 220 -240V, if users in the United States purchase a 220V ceiling lamp, then there is a risk of explosion, And if a German user buys a 110V ceiling lamp, the maximum brightness of the lamp will be reduced by half, affecting the use effect. 

    Dimensions Matters

     The size of the ceiling light determines the irradiation area, and it also matches the area of the house used by the user. If the living room of 50 square meters is only installed with a 320mm diameter ceiling light, the irradiation area is bound to be too small, and many places in the house are illuminated. Watts: Watts determine the maximum output brightness of the ceiling light. 

    Color rendering index

    Color rendering index is the evaluation of the color rendering ability of the light source on the object, the higher the color rendering index, the more the light source can illuminate the original color of the object. Color temperature adjustment range: Light is generally divided into cool white light, neutral white light, and warm white light. The color temperature values of different colors of light are different. The larger the adjustable range of color temperature value, the more corresponding use scenarios will be. 

    Connection control method

    Whether it supports the corresponding brand APP or Bluetooth connection, whether it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice control methods. Supporting voice control can reduce the dilemma of users downloading too many APPs and causing insufficient internal mobile phones. Dust-proof and mosquito-proof function: This prevents dust and mosquitoes from falling into the ceiling lamp, thereby extending the life of the ceiling lamp. 

    Installation method

    Universal base fast charging installation method-one line link, the base can be fixed with ceiling light, and it can be successfully installed in 5 minutes. It is no longer a problem for even the little white who does not work.

    4 Things to Consider Before Buying Smart Ceiling Light

    1. Decide on the size of the ceiling lamp according to the size of the room at home

    2. What voltage ceiling light do I need to buy?

    Choose the right ceiling light according to the voltage of your country (the voltage in different countries is different, for example, the United States, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico is 110V -120V, the mainstream European countries are 220 -240V. 2.Consider the function of the ceiling light Such as color temperature adjustment range, wattage, ultra-low moonlight mode, bad atmosphere, etc.

    1) If it is used in the kitchen, it will give priority to the ceiling light with high color rendering index. If it is used in the living room, it will give priority to the ceiling light with higher wattage. If it is used in the bedroom, it will give priority to moonlight. Ceiling light in ultra low light mode.

    2) If there is a child at home, timid and afraid of darkness, then the ceiling light with moonlight mode is preferred 

    3) If you want to use more than one lamp, if you want to have the atmosphere decoration function at home, or have a romantic atmosphere during the festival and atmosphere, you will give priority to the ceiling lamp with the function of bad atmosphere

    4) If there are too many smart devices in the user's home, and you want to link smart devices across categories and brands, you will give priority to smart ceiling lights that support the HomeKit function. 

    3. Diversity of operation control

    At present, most of the control methods of smart ceiling lights on the market support mobile phone APP control, that is, the mobile phone is in your hand, and the lights move as you like. A higher configuration will enrich the diversity of control on this basis. To bring more convenience and fun to customers, such as ALEXA voice control, whether it can support HomeKit functions, such as with door and window sensors, you can go home from work, as soon as you open the door, the light in the house lights up, and As the smart ceiling lamp of the Xiaomi ecological series brand Yeelight, can it be linked with the Xiaomi bracelet, when the Xiaomi bracelet senses that the user enters the sleep state, the light in the house will automatically turn off.

    4. Convenience of installation

    For many foreign users, the installation method of ordinary ceiling lights is three-wire connection, without a fixed base, it is difficult to install. If it is not a fast-mounted smart ceiling light coupled to the base, it is equivalent to a certain Increased the use cost of the customer, that is, the installation cost. On the contrary, if it is a fast-mounted smart ceiling light coupled to the base, as long as a cable is connected and the ceiling light is fixed, such an easy and convenient installation method, even for small White, is no longer a problem, and if the coupling base of the same brand is universal, it will be a more advantageous choice for customers.

    3 Best Smart Ceiling Lights in 2020

    Nowadays, the styles of smart ceiling lights are becoming more and more abundant. Many people have already experienced the joy of high-value lighting and intelligent operation. 

    But when they really decide to buy one, they will also choose the model, style, function, etc. Come to be dazzled. The 3 Best Smart Ceiling Lights 2020 recommendation list is for this purpose, identifying models and comparing differences to help you choose the most suitable one!

    Yeelight 320Yeelight 650 Yeelight 480
    Product size32.00 x 32.00 x 7.30 cm65.00 x 65.00 x 14.70 cm48.00 x 48.00 x 8.00 cm
    Applicable area15-20 m²15-20 m²20-25m²
    Luminous flux1800lm3500lm2200lm
    Bringhtness controlStepless regulationStepless regulationStepless regulation
    Colour temperature adjusting2700-5700K2700-6000K2700K-6000K
    Controllable modeWall Switch, Remote Control, Mobile APP, Alexa / Google HomeWall Switch, Remote Control, Mobile APP, Alexa / Google HomeWall Switch, Remote Control, Mobile APP, Alexa / Google Home
    Colored ambient lightNoYesNo
    Support HomeKitYesNoYes
    Moonlight modeYesYesYes
    Linkage Mi braceletYesYesYes
    Quick installation YesYesYes
    Remote controllerYesYesYes
    Why buy this15-20 m² The basic model of fast-mounted smart ceiling lamp in the room is the first choice, and the cost performance is the most.
    First choice for fast-mounted ceiling lights with colorful ambient light 
    The first choice to pursue super bright and oversized fast-mounted ceiling lamps
    The basic model of 20-25m² room fast-installed ceiling lamp is the first choice, the most cost-effective 
    The slim ceiling light has the highest functional configuration and the most cost-effective

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