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1. The game takes place on Apr.27 - May.10 UTC (inclusive) .
2. Each customer has 1 FREE SPIN each day.
3. You can also use GB Points to buy EXTRA attempts (5 G Points each).Each customer has up to 10 lucky attempts each day.
4. The prizes received for the draw can be checked via “My Coupon” in accordance with the information on the coupon..
5. Event coupon is not valid for certain products.
6. For technical reasons, the ability to participate depends on the user's location (country/area).
7. Due to the limited number of prizes, not all participants can win.
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9. Gearbest reserves the right to cancel the prize(s) and/or related orders without compensation should a participating user violate the T&C of Gearbest.
10. Gearbest reserves the right to amend the game guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff (https://support.gearbest.com/).

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Winners List

      Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Stock

      Roborock S5 Max Laser Navigation Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (IF WORD DESIGN AWARD 2020)

      Ship From Germany

      Global Version VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mopping UP to 150 mins Battery Life

      Ship From Germany

      VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 2100Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment


      XIAOMI Robot Cleaner Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wifi And APP Auto Charge Household Vacuum Cleaning Machine

      Ship From Poland

      VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 2100Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment


      New Mijia robot 2 in 1 Sweeping and Wet Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS with wifi phone APP

      Ship From Spain

      ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Sweeping Dry Remote Control Wireless Automatic Recharge

      Ship From Czech

      ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner Robot Wet and Dry Clean MOP Water Tank HEPA Filter Automatic Recharge


      Best Sterilization equipment

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      Handheld UV Disinfection Light Ultraviolet Portable Disinfection Lamp Sterilization for Home Office Travel

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      Xiaoda UVC Germicidal Ozone Sterilization Lamp Bulb Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer


      Home Cleaning and Race

      20W UV Germicidal Light Ozone Sterilizer Lamp with Human Body Sensing Function for Home School Hotel

      Household Ozone Ultraviolet Lamp Indoor Disinfection Lamp Sterilization Lamp220V

      Ship From Poland

      Liectroux X6 Robot Window Vacuum Cleaner Laser and Pressure Sensor Strong Suction Quiet Antifall Auto Glass Mop Home Floor Windows Wall Cleaning Robot

      15CM Round 316 Cast Iron Cleaner Kitchen Rust Pot Pans Cleaning Scrubber Steel

      Top-rated Respirators: N99, N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2 Masks

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      Original Smartmi 5-Layer Face Cover Mask Haze With Ventilating Valve Filter Non-medical

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      Ship From USA

      KN95 Mask N95 Respirator Protection with Melt-blown Filter Safety Masks 10pcs

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      Ship From USA

      KN95 N95 Mask Dust Protection Respirator with Melt-blown Filter Adults Masks


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