Transfer speed

Although the speed of the wifi repeater will ultimately depend on the router and the internet service contracted, the transfer speed remains fundamental. Otherwise, the signal that will be repeated will not arrive with enough force. It is therefore recommended to purchase a device that guarantees a speed of at least 300 Mbps.

Triple function

Although the main function of a wifi repeater is precisely to repeat or amplify an existing signal, the fact that it can function as an access point and as a router is a great addition. As it is common to have several devices that work via wifi signal, these triple function repeaters are very advantageous for these devices.

Multi Function Wifi Extender

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● Supports DMZ host, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing.

● Supports Router, Repeater, WISP,Client and AP mode  

Compact design

More important than focusing on the aesthetic issue of wifi repeaters, is to observe how easy it is to install on the wall, or where you want to place them. With the amount of devices we have in our homes, the last thing we want is a repeater that occupies an uncomfortable place and cannot be discreetly placed.

What exactly is a wifi repeater?

A wifi repeater, or wifi amplifier, is a device that serves to receive the original signal from the wireless router and then relay that signal from where it is. Its goal is to extend wifi coverage to all devices that are far from the original source and therefore do not receive the signal with sufficient strength.

How does a wifi repeater work?

What these devices do is to capture the signal from an existing wifi network and extend it to a larger area. We can say that a wifi repeater works as a bridge between the area where there is good signal coverage and the area you want to improve, where the signal is weaker. Therefore, you need to connect the repeater between your router and that weakest signal zone.

What are the functions of a wifi repeater?

Although the popular name of this device is a repeater, in fact, most models available on the market are not limited to just relaying the existing wifi signal. As shown in the table below, almost all wifi repeaters usually perform at least three functions.


Access point (AP) AP ( Access Point) mode allows the device to function as a wireless adapter for connecting devices via a cable. This is possible from the Ethernet port and makes it possible to share the wireless network simultaneously
Repeater As we explained earlier, this device extends the reach of the current wifi network. You can connect it via your wifi network or a LAN point (local area)
Router This mode allows the device to be connected with a cable or DSL modem (asymmetric digital subscriber line), which makes it function almost like a router


What Internet speed can a wifi repeater achieve?

The models of wifi repeaters include in their description a maximum speed value, which refers to the data transfer speed. However, this measure is relative, since the maximum speed reached by the repeater will depend on the distance it is from the router and also on the Internet service that was contracted.

A wifi repeater receives the signal and then repeats or retransmits this signal. This means that it cannot increase the existing speed. It is simply responsible for making the signal reach the places where it was weak. The speed of data transfer is very important and must be at least equal to the speed of the router. It is not recommended to purchase a device with a speed below 300Mbps.

Is it recommended to use multiple wifi repeaters at the same time?

No, it is not recommended. In general, the use of repeaters can increase latency, that is, the time it takes to transmit a packet of data within the network. This is a crucial factor for Internet connections. It is proven that when many wifi repeaters are used close together, interference can be generated and negatively affect their performance.

What is the difference between a PLC adapter and a wifi repeater?

Although many people use the two terms without distinction, a wifi repeater and a PLC adapter are not the same, nor do they perform the same function. Its objectives, however, are similar: to have a better Internet signal in all environments. The following table shows us their differences.


  WIFI repeater PLC adapter
What is the function? Extends the coverage of the connection by capturing the signal from an existing wifi network Transmits the Internet signal through the home electrical network
How many devices does it include? Only a device that works as a repeater and a power cord

Being a single device, the price is usually lower

There are at least two devices: the central, connected to the router, and the extender.Includes an Ethernet cable

Because it is more than one device, the price is usually higher

What connection speeds can they achieve? It will depend on your existing wifi network

In general, they start from 300 Mbps

It will depend on the model of PLC adapter you buy

In general, they reach up to 1000 Mbps


How is a wifi repeater set up?

Installing a wifi repeater is simple and quick. While some models are likely to include their own installation manual with the purchase, in general, they all follow a series of similar steps. Below we will detail these steps so that you can configure your device without any problems.

  • Confirm that the router is functioning correctly and that the transmitted signal is strong.
  • Connect the power supply of the repeater with the connector intended for this purpose , first the plug at the end of the cable and then the wall outlet. The use of extensions is not recommended.
  • Turn on the repeater, if it has not been turned on automatically. In general, just press the WPS ( Wifi Protected Setup ) button.



What is the best place to put a wifi repeater?

The range of a wifi repeater is limited. So, if you don't position it well you may end up having the opposite result. To choose the place where you will have the best wifi signal performance, it is also important to decide the location of the router, which should be a central point in your home or office.

Dead zones, where the wifi signal does not reach, are ideal locations for installation. However, you need to make sure that a stable connection is established.

There are models that include signal indicators to find the optimal positioning point. This way, you can avoid placing them too far away, reducing the signal strength reflected by the indicators.

A stable connection will guarantee seamless navigation. 

Is the design of a wifi repeater important?

Of course, the design always draws attention when comparing different wifi repeaters. However, in reality, aesthetic appearance is not a determining factor when it comes to good functioning. Although they are connected all the time, they are still just accessories, and their main function is to go unnoticed.

However, what really matters is that the design allows for easy installation and practical wall mounting, as this is what really matters in a repeater. There are models that are overly minimalist and others that have many buttons, lights and antennas. These designs can be cumbersome to install.

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