What Buyers Say About i12 TWS Bluetooth Earphones?

I have other headphones (wired) for music I already had to buy Bluetooth TWS i7 (a little bigger) After a few days of use, the highlights of this i12 TWS headset are:
- Small, beautiful design and light like airpods
- fast pairing
- comfortable in my ears - good quality on call reception at the shelter of the wind - good to listen to short videos (youtube, dailymotion etc ...)
- good for podcasts and audiobooks
- practical charger case it recharges the headphones 4 times without problems I have not needed more refills and some weak points - not designed for music (no bass)
- sensitive touch sensitive (I did not dare to touch the first days but I adapt with time)
- sound too weak outside (force to set the volume so battery runs out faster) Balance for the price is reasonable  

---By Cristovao

i12 TWS VS i10 TWS: which one is the most worth buying AirPods clone?  

The i12 TWS is much better than the i10 in many ways, such as size and weight:

● i12 TWS is 20 grams lighter than the i10 TWS, which is important for a headset. 

● i12 TWS, like the Apple AirPods, supports touch control, allowing you to control the volume with a single click of your finger.

● the i12 TWS is almost the same as the Apple AirPods on the charging case. 

Add in 3.5 hours of battery life and about 60 hours of standby time, which is probably a big selling point for the headphones.