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VETOMILETire Pressure Monitoring System with 4 External Sensors (0~116 Psi /0 ~ 8 Bar), Cigarette Lighter Plug LCD Display with Tire Pressure, Temperature Gauge and Battery Voltage 


VETOMILE Tire Pressure Monitoring System is very accurate and easy to use.This is a very well made product. Pretty simple to install and configure. So this tool is able to help you diagnose, fix,

and confirm repair. The display is very clear and bright, you can clearly read the temperature, pressure, and battery voltage on it. It works very great on your car. couldn't ask for a better product.  



Digital Reading: The information you will get from your tires is accurate and useful, having live read outs of temperature, pressure, and battery voltage via LCD display,easy to read from any angle at the day or night.

4 Tires Monitoring: Display the real-time and individual pressure and temperature data of four tires simultaneously via an intuitive graphical interface, and the CR1632 batteries can be replaced.

High Accuracy: Error can be reduced to ±1.5psi, the pressure and temperature alert values can be adjustable, with pressure unit: PSI / Bar selectable and temperature unit: . 

Real-time Alarm: Quickly detect tire leakage, extend tire service life, save fuel, balance tire pressure, escort for safe driving. Easy to install, just couple minutes you can complete everything.

Wireless Transmission: No wire connection required, the monitor is powered by a cigarette lighter or power line, and this product adopts the Freescale chip to ensure accurate monitoring data and stable data transmission.




Display screen: LCD

LCD dimention:

Pressure units: PSI / BAR

Temperature units:

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃

Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ 85℃

Input voltage: DC 8-16V

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

Size: 41.4 × 41.4 × 85.3mm / 1.63 × 1.63 × 3.36in

Weight: 35g



Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 105℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃

Pressure range: 0~116psi (0 ~ 8bar)

Pressure accuracy: ±1.5psi (±0.1bar)

Temperature accuracy: ±3℃

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

Sensor battery type: CR1632

Battery capacity: 120mA

Battery life: 2 years

Size: 23 × 15mm / 0.91 × 0.59in

Weight: 10g


Package Weight: 290g

Package Size: 18.8 ×12.9 ×5.1cm / 7.4 ×5.1 × 2.0in


Package includes: 

1 × D580 Monitor

4 × External Sensor

5 × Theftproof Nut

1 × Spanner

1 × Open Wrench

1 × User Manual





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