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Smart Watches

Buying Guide Smart Watches Buying Guide

Smart Watches Buying Guide

What are the features you should consider before choosing your smart watch? Find out in this guide that helps you get a clearer idea about this wearable technological device.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is a Smart Watch?
  • 5 features of Smart Watches
  • 3 things to consider before buying a Smart Watch 

  • What is a Smart Watch?

    Smartwatch is a kind of watch which has the ability of information processing and meets the basic technical requirements of the watch. With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have also begun to add mobile functions, watches that can only be used to see time in the past, but now they can also be connected to the Internet through smartphones or home networks to display incoming call information, Twitter and weather information.

    At present, smart watches are not only receiving information, but also tracking health, leisure and entertainment and other functions have been launched. For example, at present, many smartwatches have heart rate monitoringsleep monitoring  , movement monitoring, daily reminder functions and so on. At the same time, some of them can answer the phone and connect Bluetooth to listen to music. 

    5 features of Smart Watches

    1. Battery life

    At present, the vast majority of smart watches on the market last within 4 days, and most customers are satisfied with the battery life of more than 7 days. the longer the battery life, the less the number of charges, the better the customer's sense of experience.

    2. Sports modes

    9-12 modes are the basic configuration. For specialized smart sports watches  there are dozens of sports modes (more suitable for sports fanatics). 

    3. Appearance

    Screen material (AMOLED screen color is more colorful, not afraid of strong light, clearly visible), screen size (1.2mi 1.4in are all common sizes, according to customer preference and gender selection), high resolution makes the dial / icon more clear, appearance design (including buttons, rotary bezel, ring material / design, etc.).

    4. Memory

    RAM running memory determines the running speed of the watch, ROM read-only memory determines how much software and music the watch supports to download, etc. 

    5. Waterproof grade

    IPxx, the first number refers to solid protection and the second number refers to liquid protection.
    Common waterproof grades in smart watches include: IP67,IP68 and 5ATM (IP67 generally refers to life waterproof, can wash hands / rain, etc., IP68 generally refers to the provision of underwater 1.5m, soak for 30 minutes, so it can be used for shower (cold water) and domestic waterproofing, 5ATM waterproof grade, ATM is the abbreviation of English anti-pressure value, every 10 meters increase in underwater depth will increase the pressure equivalent to 1 atmosphere.
    That is, 5ATM = 50m waterproof, which means it can be used for water activities in shallow waters such as swimming pool or seaside swimming.

    3 things to consider before buying a Smart Watch

    Compatibility and functions

    The first thing we advise you to check is compatibility with your smartphone. The most popular operating system for smartwatches is Android Wear, the one developed by Google and compatible without problems with those who have an Android mobile phone.

    If you have an iPhone, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features of the watch, for example, it may not be possible to download some applications or send messages.

    If you buy a smart watch with Watch OS, the Apple operating system, the compatible models are only the iPhone 5 and later. In any case, check before buying.

    As for the functions, you are spoiled for choice. Are you a sportsman? Then your smart watch should definitely integrate pedometer, altimeter, barometer and speedometer to keep track of your performance. And all this without having to carry the bulky smartphone with you.

    Once arrived home, it must be possible to download this data and create a history thanks to a special application. Many find it useful, if not essential, to have a sensor to track their heart rate as well.

    The models of the best brand also have integrated GPS / Glonass, the double satellite detection system that quickly identifies your position, allows you to find the ideal road and calculate the distance.

    Quality price

    Wearable devices seem to represent the future of technology: a wide range of smart watches for all needs is already available, some have a negligible price, for others the investment is considerable. It all depends on your needs. What do you think you can do with the smartwatch?

    We have already talked about some functions, those most loved by sportsmen, but there are others that everyone uses frequently.

    The advantage of having a smart watch is that you don't have to have your mobile phone with you, so it must be possible to make and receive hands-free phone calls, but also to receive WhatsApp and Facebook notifications, to check messages, perhaps via voice commands.

    The internal memory must be able to contain your favorite playlists in order to take a walk or a run to the rhythm of the music you like. But there are many other apps that can be downloaded, of course for the most complete models you will have to be willing to spend ten or twenty times the price of a basic smart watch.

    Design and battery

    Compare prices and functions of the various models but you will certainly also be interested in design: if you want a smart watch suitable for any occasion, check that it has interchangeable straps and if they are available on the market.

    Some smart watches are characterized by their appearance very similar to that of a normal watch and are ideal for lovers of elegance.

    As for the battery, check what the autonomy is: it is clear that its duration varies according to use and settings, but some models stand out clearly compared to the others and may be preferable if you use it very often.

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