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I received my second Alfawise 3018 engraver the second product received appears to be the same product shown in the advertisements so I started assembly, it took much longer as I used my calipers this time to accurately measure and assemble, but between the first engraver and the second engraver i noticed the laser both stated as 2500 w, one has 2 leads the other has 3 leads, so I used the 2 lead laser and started zapping my engraving it soon stopped and I was unable to get it working, I plugged it the 3 lead laser it was not working, I had to change boards and plugged the 3 lead laser in the new board it works great and has been though I am very surprised no mention as to which type laser you will be receiving 2 lead / 3 lead, or the settings in which to adjust cutting strengths, this is not a tool as lasers expose people to radiation, and harmful light, be careful and enjoy what we have
Красивая и качественная игрушка. Сделано очень добротно, два синхронных вала, аккуратно упакованные провода, сенсорный цветной дисплей, печатает прямо из коробки. Все бы ничего, но....<br>Драйвера шаговых двигателей не имеют радиаторов.<br>Вентиляция потрохов вообще отсутствует.<br>Головка паркуется не над столом (нужно колхозить удлинитель концевика).<br>Вентилятор термобарьера слишком шумный.<br>Прошивка только с флешкарты. Заявлено, что принтер прошит открытым исходным кодом Marlin - врут. Внести изменения, откалибровать шаги и поток, настроить принтер под себя, записать в память карту высот или подключить BLTouch НЕ ПОЛУЧИТЬСЯ. <br>Если бы был выбор сейчас, то взял бы Alfawise U20 с вынесенным блоком, а лучше Tevo Tornado.<br>А сейчас буду менять плату на SKR.<br>К сожалению, порекомендовать этот товар могу тем, кто ищет в 3D печати только развлечение.
Finalmente dopo due mesi di attesa mi è arrivato, imballo integro.<br>E' facile da impostare, ha tutte le caratteristiche descritte, <br>Uniche pecche sono che la ventola è un po' rumorosa ma se si usa un buon impianto audio poi viene coperto.<br>Altra pecca è che se si mette a fuoco nel centro risulta leggermente sfocato ai lati, peccato.<br>Per quanto riguarda le uscite delle connessioni sono un po' troppo vicine al bordo il che comporta che se si hanno degli spinotti o pen drive grosse vanno a sbattere <br>contro con la conseguenza di non riuscire ad inserirle completamente.<br>Per il resto rimane un buon prodotto per la cifra che ho speso. Consiglio vivamente di acquistarlo per l' home cinema. Io lo uso su una parete di 3 metri di base ed è stupendo.<br>Sembra veramente di avere il cinema in casa. La foto non è granchè ma vi assicuro che si vede in Full Hd.
Die Alfawise ist angenehm zu tragen. Das Gehäuse ist sehr gut verarbeitet, aus Metall und Glas. Sie hat verschiedene Sportmodi, neben Laufen, Schwimmen, Radfahren auch Badminton und Baseball. Also Sportarten, die ich in Deutschland nicht unbedingt trainiere. Neben der Pulsmessung kann man auch den Blutdruck und Sauerstoffgehalt messen, ob die Werte genau sind, mag ich nicht beurteilen. Die Akkulaufzeit wird mit 6 bis 8 Tagen angegeben. Die Steuerung erfolgt über den Button unterhalb des Bildschirms. Ein kurzer Druck führt ins nächste Menü, langes Drücken hingegen zur Bestätigung. Dies ist ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig. Dennoch werde ich sie eine Weile ausprobieren.
The Alfawise U30 Pro main board works well. A silent driver, like the others, for the Extruder motor would have been appreciated. After the installation, the first prints failed because the stepper motor drivers heat up fast. I had to lower the voltage output for each driver from 1,5 volts to 0,8 volt and add a fan to cool the card. Now the print quality is satisfactory. I would have liked to have a specification sheet describing all the connectors on the board because not all the connectors are identified on the card (ie: screen connector).
this product is very light and you feel like something is moving inside.<br>I've ordered two of them both of them they had the same feeling.<br>one more basic disadvantage is that it has not the original Google play store so you have to download the applications from a third partner.<br>Compares to H96 alphawise TV box it's slower even so it has 4 gigabytes ram instead 3 gigabytes ram on H96 Alphawise.<br>Of course is chipper but it should be writing on the instructions that it has no original play store.<br>I would recommend the H96 pro alfawise TV box for 15 euros more.
It’s a very advanced fitness tracker/watch and it also calculates your heart rate, steps, and sleep time. It’s nice and sleek. Very stylish way and affordable way to have a fitness tracker, it’s comparable to a Fitbit, but with more screen function. There’s an app that goes with it that can pair your phone with the watch. Easy to use and figure out. Especially with the booklet that’s included. The screen is bright and clear and you can also customize the home screen so I liked that. The whole watch is a small touchscreen so it’s very user friendly.
Estou gostando muito, veiu descarregado, foi fácil configurar através do app, o mostrador é rápido tanto para ver o horário e as opções, mostra os batimentos cardíacos, passos, distância, calorias, ainda estou me adequando com ele, em relação os outros treinamentos também, porém não tenho nada de negativo!<br>Frete BR EXPRESS, 28 dias, 21 úteis.<br>Adorei o tom de azul, pulseira confortável, bem fabricado.<br>Em relação a bateria dura muito.<br>Super recomendo!<br>Satisfeita!<br>Muito Obrigada!
My cat, afraid of her own shadow is tolerating it. Following it suspiciously, but still following, watching every move and not hiding under the bed. I call it success!<br>Cleaning wise, it does it's job. Vacuuming is OK, moping should be better described as "wiping with wet cloth", but that task is also performed OK.<br>Sometimes it can knock charging station from it's position. If it is only knocked away it is OK, but if it rotates so robot can't climb it to charge it will complain loudly and roll away.<br>In app connection there should be troubleshooting line "if it can't connect (initially), turn off cellular data.<br>Overall, very pleased and Yes, I would recommend.
plusy - výborná cena okolo 8,5€<br> - spracovanie je výborné<br> - je relatívne tichá<br> - vibrácie sú silné. stredná a slabé<br> - je to výborný výrobok<br> - z výrobkom som spokojný<br><br>mínusy - za túto cenu len jena vec - nenašiel som náhradné hlavy<br><br>pluses - excellent price around 8.5 €<br>           - processing is excellent<br>           - is relatively quiet<br>           - vibrations are strong. medium and weak<br>           - it's a great product<br>           - I am satisfied with the products<br><br>Cons - for this price just one thing - I did not find spare heads
The camera took a while to arrive. The instructions were a bit difficult but as soon as I managed to configure the camera in the app, it was very easy to use.<br>There is no battery attached to the camera so if I want it turned off I just unplug it from the wall which is reassuring.<br>It is possible to move the camera with the app by using the finger in the image, it's very nice!<br>When it gets dark, the camera automatically changes to night vision so I can see very well at any time.<br>It also allows to talk to the room by pressing the mic in the app and the sound is loud and perceivable.<br>I'm very satisfied with this camera and would recommend it!
This is the best thing I could have ever bought. just when your husband thinks he going to sleep with the TV on! I can just push one button on my phone ,or just ask Alexia to turn the socket off and Bam! the TV is off! was so funny at first he though we blew a fuss! I'm having a ball with this product. and you will too! I'm just having a hard time finding others area's in my home to use them.
It is hard to believe that this little thing can do any good, but it really does. It is so nice to come home after a long day at the office and have this little thing give you a relaxing moment, and to r really help your tired eyes feel relaxed and so light. I work at least 8 hours every day on a computeer and I get dry eyes and also foggy eyes. But after some minutes with Alfawise, your eyes feel relaxed and comfy. I recommend it.
Qualität und Geschwindigkeit absolut vergleichbar mit teureren bekannten Markenartikeln. Was will man mehr! So lange die Qualität gut ist, ist mir der Name der Marke egal. <br>Bei Gearbest habe ich es bis jetzt noch nie erlebt (und ich habe schon vieles bei ihnen bestellt), dass ich eine Fälschung oder einen nicht zufriedenstellenden Artikel bekommen habe, im Gegensatz zu gewissen andern chinesischen Shops, die mit extremen Preisschlagern massive Werbung im Internet machen. Aber solche Schrottprodukte sind nicht mal den günstigen Preis wert, den man bezahlt hat.
Cool smart watch! It can provide basic information like heat rate, calories consumption, how many steps you take, and so on. Affordable and yet performs well. Easy to navigate and has accurate readings. Battery life lasted longer than I expected and it can last very long! I just charged it once and has used it over a week! Definitely worth for its price. Great for outdoors and brings a casual yet elegant look indoors. i use it at work and when i jog.
Пылесос покупался как дополнение к существующему проводному,но в итоге его полностью заменил.Очень удобен в эксплуатации,легко разбирается и моется.Качество материалов и сборки на высоте.Все технические<br>характеристики (время работы,зарядки и мощность) соответствуют заявленным производителем.Незаменимая вещь при наличии домашних животных,отлично собирает шерсть. За время активной эксплуатации в течении полугода недостатков у данного пылесоса не выявлено,<br>товар качественный- к покупке рекомендуется.
Recebi a trena a laser Alfawise LS -1S exatamente como informa o vendedor, com o corpo em alumínio escovado com design moderno e minimalista (gostei bastante), tive problemas com o fornecedor que demorou muito tempo para enviar o produto para os correios e nem se quer justificou a demora ( acredito que foi por causa de reposição de estoque, mas não custava nada avisar).<br>O que importa é que o produto veio sem nenhuma surpresinha, então eu indico o produto.
The robot is fun to work with. The robot makes cleaning the sliding glass doors easier than doing the job alone! It’s worth the price because hiring a person one time to clean the windows in my apartment costs as much as the robot that hopefully will last through a lot of washes. I will recommend to people who hate cleaning it self. It’s very clean, better than my hand wash. And it won’t fall!
A friend of mine has recommended a similar system. After some research i’ve Decided to get one for our home. I was so surprised to see how small it is (compared to my expectations). The camera doorbell is especially good, you can see it at home, it is very convenient outside, the appearance is also very good, the family likes it very much, and the friend came to see it and said it is good.
This is a high power laser engraving machine that allows you to carve patterns on the surface of different materials. Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, leather, sponge paper, etc. can be engraved with the pattern you want. If you like carving some crafts, this product is a good choice. You can not only enjoy doing it yourself, but also sculpt the shape you want.
I order the Alfawise Home Security for a few reasons which are the brand name is solid and makes good products which last a long time. They are also very dependable and are well made. The package came in well packed and everything was received in great condition. I would order again from this site as I have had excellent results dealing with them.
after three months and after exchange of my order from alfawise to xgimi I am finally using my Christmass gift. And I love it. It is really good projector, with projector screen even in daytime. Projector was very well packed.
Ho comprato già prodotti Alfawise, ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Pertanto, ho acquistato questo smart watch per sostituire la mi band 3. Il pacchetto è arrivato in 15 giorni, integro e nella sua custodia. Batteria che sembra buona, dovrei farci una settimana e più! È un ottimo prodotto, e al prezzo di poco meno di 20 € è un affare.
good looking light and charger 2 in 1. however I found one problem that maybe an issue for some people. Don't know if it was problem with only my one or it just works like that but when you were using one usb charging port and connected something to the other, only one device was charged so I couldn't use both together
facile da installare e con un suono davvero buono. Possibile il collegamento tramite cavo ottico, HDMI e Bluetooth. Ha anche la connessione USB.<br>Easy ti install e very good sound
TV Box hızı ve kalitesi olarak çok iyi.Sadece 4k görüntü yok.4k televizyonda kullanıyorum ama görüntü kalitesi normalin altında.Android markette herşey var ve yüklenebiliyor.Kumandası kibar ama dokunma hızı çok düşük.Fiyatına göre standart bir malzeme.
Chargeur de voiture + désodorisant de voiture + brise-verre de voiture 3 en 1 pour ce produit.<br>pour le chargeur les 2 sortie 2x5 V 2.1A ca marche tres bien .<br>au sujet du désodorisant je ne sais pas si ça marche.<br>bref a ce prix je suis satisfait de mon achat.
You Will buy a 40 dollar earphone for only 20, very good bass, very good and clear sound, good mic.<br>The best for this price, if you want something better you have to spend much money.<br>20-40k on the box but low frequences are very very good.
Comprati unicamente perché mi serviva una SD senza pretese e quella con il logo di Halloween mi era piaciuta.<br>Funziona come atteso. Non l'ho testata per fare video (normali o 4K) ma solo come storage per smartphone. Non è indicata la classe di appartanenza che immagino sia una basica classe 10. Per quello che mi serviva e che ho pagato, va bene.<br>Consegnata nei tempi previsti in una confezione minimale
complei por ver video deste fone simplesmente maravilhoso ótima escolha sem dúvida nenhuma vou comprar outro além de ter uma entrada pra cartão de memória som muito litido a chegada durou só um mês e vinte dias a geebest está de parabéns olha que já tive um da outra marca