At the end of 2006, ELEPHONE was established in the Asian electronic metropolis of Shenzhen, China. At the outset, Elephone focused on the core areas of R&D, sales and customer service on mobile communication products to provide people around the world with the opportunity to use Chinese phones and to establish a leadership position in the telecomms industry. Now, 8 years later, Elephone employs more than 1,000 people, including hundreds with specialized talents in R&D and engineering. The cultivation and development of HR capital talent is now complete. At present, ELEPHONE has 10 fully operational production lines and powerful capability in both production and research. All of these ensure competitive advantage through the ELEPHONE brand quality. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world, with an annual sales volume in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East exceeding 10,000,000 units.

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"I am very impressed, very fast I would buy it again, The display is brillant, Fast and easy to use, worth every cent, The battery last for so long"

4.7 out of 5

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The store in honor of the last sale conducted a game in which I won it. This is a universal charger that can charge laptops of different manufacturers, including Apple products, and also has three usb ports for charging phones. One port has a port function of fast charging of the QC 2.0 Qualcomm.With more detailed technical characteristics can be found on the site of the store. The adapter has a beautiful silver color and a body of aluminum. As a result, you can charge four devices at once, the adapter capacity for this is enough.Yusb ports of the adapter have a red backlight when connected to the network, eurovilk.The device is beautiful and necessary, and most importantly universal. The only thing that I do not like is the short network cable and a strange plug for its connection.
- very scratchy back panel & screen<br>- ultra low battery time due to permanent CPU full throttle<br>- raw firmware<br>- no firmware updates expected<br>- adv popups on main screen when internet is connected<br><br>spent a couple of days to fix all firmware issues (root access required)
Its a beast of a phone for less than a third of the flagships phone manufacturers. I'm shocked the price is still dropping, The speakers are good, the bluetooth works properly, wifi picks up quick and runs smoothly, camera pictures are much clearer than my old phone. Over all upgrade, and very smooth performance. As a guy who works IT, it does everything I need
Very good action camera on things, sports, helmet and helmet motorcycle, etc. the quality of the product is a very good camera to download a beautiful video. I can only recommend.
Could not have made a better deal. I have been let down by the ELephone S7 which was inferior to the P8000 but Gosh these headphones are excellent on the plane. I regret not having bought a second pair!
Esta capa para o Elephone S6 é uma ótima escolha, usei ela mais ou menos ano e meio e o que posso dizer é que ela é muito resistente ao desgasto, não perde cor ao longo do tempo.<br>O smart phone caiu algumas vezes e o fato de ter a capa ajudou em 100% é resistente a queda(mesmo não parecendo).
o problema é quando estraga alguma coisa ou trinca a tela... pode esquecer, aqui no BR não tem como arrumar... pena
Bom produto, cumpre com a descrição, e a qualidade preço é boa :)<br><br>Fácil liga-lo ao telefone e emparelhar :)
Really enjoyed the product and it arrived in good time too. Great purchase!
very fast phone. easily as stylish as top brands<br>battery lasts a long time
pros good battery<br>cons not a common phone difficult for buying cases
For such petty money you get an awesome phone. I couldn't ask for more!
C'est un smartphone performant, mais qui a tendance a beaucoup chauffer, et malheureusement quelques bugs du système viennent ternir l'ensemble. Les mises à jour ne sont pas suffisantes.
Great sound, great bass, great price. I recommend it to everyone.
It was great for my honeymoon.<br>Optimal image quality, easy to use.<br>It works perfectly under water with the right accessories.<br>I recommend
Funda de buena calidad, cumple con lo prometido y funciona muy bien con el hueco para el reloj. encaja a la perfeccion en el telefono.
this handphone so far good, delivery slow, but minus charger.
Pendrive fantástico. ótima capacidade (64 GB) pelo preço. A taxa de transferência é muito boa. INDICO A COMPRA!
Bom do demora pra entregar. É o site e complicado de mais pra falar com o vendendor. É pra traduzir tbm e ruim
cumpre o prometido, protege bem a câmera, e é super leve, não compromete a experiencia da câmera, muito bom
ogni ricerca di un prodotto su Gearbest diventa un piacevole viaggio nel mondo della tecnologia...
It's nice camera but it could be more improved
Amazing phone for the price ,good camera
funciona normal<br>cómo se esperaba<br>artículo en buen estado<br>recomendado para su compra
Needed an extra battery for my camera. Works perfectly. Delivery was really fast.
fantástico. recomendo. preço muito em conta pelo equipamento.
Tiene un gran calidad de imagen tanto en foto como en el vídeo,
buon prodotto a buon tempi ragionevoli...
Ottimo telefono,veloce e preciso.