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4.7 out of 5

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It is a very nice and resistant anti stress toy. I press hard and it does not break. perfectly fulfills its function. the drawback is that it has a very strong smell to something chemical, but after washing it several times very well the odor is removed. It is advisable.
I am very satisfied. This child's toy has a great look, it's durable and has a reasonable weight. So far, I did not try to run it with the batteries, but it made the first impression very good.
Multifunction gadget for kids.<br>Good walkie reception.<br>Time,light,walkie talkie<br>Compass function.<br>Great battery life.<br>Very good time magnification glass.
I bought it and my son liked it, when he saw it he kept laughing, very funny, the quality of finish is good, very colorful, I loved it<br><br>Comprei e meu filho gostou, quando ele viu não parava de dar risadas, muito engraçado, a qualidade de acabamento é boa, muito colorido, adorei
Прикольная штука. легко стрелять покупайте <br> ВОТ <br><br><br><br>Пожалуйста, введите хотя бы 100 символов.<br>Пожалуйста, введите хотя бы 100 символов.<br>Пожалуйста, введите хотя бы 100 символов.<br>Пожалуйста, введите хотя бы 100 символов.
Perfecto para un regalo divertido, buenos acabados, el material es de buena calidad, el diseño es genial, llegó rápido.
Great truck which looks really good. I loved taking this truck and upgrading it to work for many projects that i have put together.<br>Rat Rod GAZ & GAZ 34 Prototype build pictures included
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This product is clearly available at a good quality and at a reasonable price. Thank you to the staff for their valuable efforts and wish you success
Ele tem um material bem resistente, na ponta dele é um material emborrachado, que se diferencia de outros modelos, e também além disso ele brilha no escuro!
I ordered for these but they gave me the panda squishies. But I think they are all of the same quality. Very soft. I love it.
sirve para toda clase de juguetes que utilicen este tipo de munición EVA,ahora si no tenemos excusa para jugar mucho mas tiempo
very beautiful, practical and easy assembling. <br><br>my son like it and me too........................................
wesoła zabaweczka dla dzieci, choć i dorośli maja ubaw po pachy. Powtarza jak nakręcony, delikatnie modulując głos. Zabawa na 102 :)
es muy divertido el juguete para los niños, se puede usar con el dron y lanzarlo desde el cielo. igual al juguete de mi niñez
very nice, kids love it I will recommend it to all my friendsvery fast delivery and immediate response to all my questions from Gearbest very good price and good quality
super soft and cozy.<br>very good quality.<br>the granddaughter loves it.<br>also useful as a pillow.<br>fair price.
Very cute looking dool. Good as a gift for small children.<br>Feels soft to touch.<br>Bought it as a present for my cousin and she loves it.
i love this flying shark and it good toys for kids<br>i buy 10 fush for all my familly kids <br>it swim in the air like real fish<br>..............................
Muito bem detalhado e supeeeeeer macio. O tamanho é razoavelmente grande (parece um bolinho mesmo). Demora demais pra desamassar de tão macio que é.
A very nice doll house. It takes a lot of work to do it, but at the end you see how beautiful it is. I took it for gift to my daughter and she loved it very much
Great price rating. Good build quality rating for the asking price. Spare weel on the back.
excelente qualidade, vejam bem o plástico, é de excelente qualidade, recomendo.
Love my colourful balls!! Very quickly shipping and good product! Thank u! You just won a client.<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Mafalda
My son is autistic and non verbal and this device helped him learn so many new things I hadn't thought he could understand before
Muy buen articulo para poderse relajar, es de material de baja calidad pero que cumple el objetivo que es entretener.
Product working as expected.<br>Good build quality.<br>Item exactly as described.<br>Great quality for the price.
Produto excelente, bem acabado. figuras de plastico duro e resistentes, nao indocado para crianças pequenas.
Good quality of a toy. I liked it! I has reall good quality and reall details of real machine. Liked it very much.
Fun and easy gift that is a step away from all of the typical princess toys/dresses she's used to getting