Ajazz, is the Top Runner focuses on brand operating and design in gaming peripherals in China. We have gained a big success in business running of Mouse, Keyboard and other accessories in the past several years and our brand is very popular in gaming awrea. We are searching business partners around the whole world now.

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Достоинства:<br>+ Стоимость - на момент покупки - самая дешевая механика в России с подсветкой, которую я нашел<br>+ Это механика на синих свичах со всеми вытекающими. Клавиши работают нормально, спустя год ощущается также, как и при покупке<br>Недостатки:<br>- Шум - она ОЧЕНЬ громкая. Если вы сидите без наушников или кто-то есть в комнате еще - это будет сильно мешать. Конечно, все механики шумные, но тем не менее<br>- Скрипят клавиши, большие (спэйс, шифт, контрол) в большей степени, другие в меньшей, но поскрипывают, не критично, но немного раздражает<br>- нереально вычистить пыль из-под клавиш, не разбирая ее, а разбирать лень
My Likes<br><br>- Excellent build quality<br>- Nice LED lights<br>- Braided cable<br>- A real metal mouse wheel<br>- Has a metal base for weight<br>- Excellent mouse feet that glide<br>- Good texture on the mouse<br>- Selectable DPI setting<br><br>My Dislikes<br><br>- The A5050 sensor is not good for gaming, it can't handle fast movements in games like Quake Champions and Overwatch<br>- LED lights have no option to change the colour without changing DPI
Pros:<br>-I really love this product <3, i really enjoy using it<br>-Very responsive and good quality<br>-Its cheap and good :D<br>-Good Design<br>-Removable cable, it is always appreciated<br>-Ten key less!, this is good for gaming<br>-You can use it in Android too<br>-Elegant backlight in white color<br>Cons:<br>-The shippment was the worst part, but the wait was worth it<br>-It makes a lot of noise, but this happens with all the mechanical keyboards, anyway, it's not very scandalous<br>-Its only in english layout<br>-No software
Using it for daily programming for more than half a year now, haven't experienced any problems so far. This is my first mechanical keyboard and typing experience with it is far beyond the regular membrane ones. The only arguable thing I can tell about this keyboard is short right shift key, still can't get used to it and have missclicks eventually.
im using this keyboard almost a year.<br>using it for gaming and typing.<br>great keyboard! feels good, working without any problem!<br>smooth press, didn't feel any physical deterioration by now.<br>the only disadvantage is that the manufacturer's software is in chinese, and for me is impossible to set binding for the keyboards.
I've been using this keyboard for a while now and it's a pretty good one. The RGB lighting is very good with a lot of options but more importantly - typing on it is pretty good. For this price you can't really ask for more, the better ones cost at least 2x-3x more than this one.
A vida inteira com membrana e esse teclado caiu como uma luva. Nenhum problema até agora mesmo com diversos comentários ruins na internet sobre o switch. Paguei $25.05 na época, se tiver um pouco mais caro espera a promoção.
1.They are great value-for-money<br>2.They have great sound quality and heavy bass<br>3.The have RGB lights,something which was not mentioned in the website but you can turn them off
At first I was nervous because this keyboard is not adjustable, its a very comfortable keyboard, less noise than a traditional keyboard, this keyboard is waaaay easier to clean
Very comfortable keyboard.<br>Easy to set up and pair.<br>The battery life is spectacular.<br>I use it in my day to day life and I have only carried it three times.<br>The only defect I checked is that the keyboard is not set to europe. I have no difficulty using it because I have the laptop keyboard in memory.
It has flashing lights the keyboard is silent and the keys are smooth and comfortable, luckily I purchased a different mouse at the same time, colors look great
Amazing Keyboard, great feel and just the right bounceback, the size is geat for a smaller keyboard tray and the wrist rest is AWESOME, glad I made the purchase
Exactly what it says on the tin. <br>Best buy. Thoroughly recommended.<br><br>Although could do with a bit more control with the LED light, but considering the price ...
- good quality cable- metal connectors- soft, flexible cable material- very nice to the touch- cheapI can recommend this cable
- good quality cable<br>- metal connectors<br>- soft, flexible cable material<br>- very nice to the touch<br>- cheap<br>I can recommend this cable
- good quality cable<br>- metal connectors<br>- soft, flexible cable material<br>- very nice to the touch<br>- cheap<br>I can recommend this cable
Clavier de qualité, solide avec un beau jeux de leds.<br>Mais impossible de le faire fonctionné en bluetooth (Manjaro Linux et W7), et les touches F1-F12 fonctionnent aléatoirement suivant les logiciels. <br>Au final très décevant, voir inutilisable…
It is an excellent mouse for the price you are paying and what I like most is that you can modify it to your liking, whether it is height or weight, I recommend it a lot 10/10
almadan öncesinde çok fazla düşünüyorduk acaba beğenir miyiz yoksa beğenmeecek miyiz diye. ta ki ürün elimize ulaşana kadar. başından sonuna kadar gerçekten güzel bir ürün ve kalitesini akşam ve karanlıkta yansıtıyor RGB aydınlatma ile.
The colors look good the uniformity of the brightness is ok but I didn't expect this going in, the keys feel good
gostei muito desse mouse , ele tem um peso ideal e é muito bonito, além de ter 6 botões. A unica coisa que não gostei é que cada luz é uma dpi diferente, e com isso eu não posso deixar ele na cor que eu mais gostei pois essa cor é a da dpi mais alta.
The keys make very satisfying sounds and the lights are gorgeous and easily customizable
Epa... muito fixe ! excelente preço! Aconselho vivamente!<br>Envio rápido! E agora tenho de encher chouriço pq isto só vai com 100 caractéres!!!!
The keyboard is Just perfect, The sound pf te keycaps is incredible and the colors are amazing.
Teclado funcionando 100% muito rápido, porém não recomendo para jogar Osu!, red switch é bom, mas não para osu!
muy bien producto son teclas de cambio para tu teclado gamer muy buen material y buena decoración
It's a beefy keyboard with really cool lights
Definitely good product, I will buy again
Keyboard is great for the price
Muito bom, mouse muito bem construido luzes bem intuitivas!!!!!!