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I totally LOVE this! First of all I hate washing windows but also I have a couple of windows I cannot reach without a ladder. So first I tried it on my slider as it is easy to reach so if the robot fell I would be there. the suction was great and the rope attached to keep it safe is long enough I can actually sit on my couch and clean my slider. The I went to the problem window in my bedroom where I have been looking at a piece of plant or leaf stuck on my window for a month now. Holy cow! it worked like a charm. I no longer have to hire a window washer just for the 2 windows I cannot reach from the ground! I highly recommend this for anyone who 1: likes gadgets. 2: likes gadgets that actually WORK! and 3: for people who do not like cleaning their windows. I cannot wait to tell all my friends about this.
This is a great mixer. It kneads bread dough so well that I retired the bread machine. Cakes, cookies, whatever. It works very well.<br>Just one little problem. Be sure to air dry the bowl after washing, either by hand or in the dishwasher. The reason is, the bottom section of the bowl, where it clicks into the stand, has holes. If water gets left in there, be sure to make sure it's dry before reattaching to the base. If not, it will get nasty and possibly, as it did for me, mold will grow inside. It's very hard to get rid of. I used white vinegar and boiling water, and it wasn't easy. But the mold does wash out. It's happened to me twice now. I need to be much more careful. Just so you know.<br>I love this machine. Best stand mixer I've ever had.
Can't say enough about this great window cleaning aid. The first day out of the box I cleaned half of the windows throughout my home. I have several floors to ceiling windows that were always unattainable unless I risked life and limb to try and clean them. In particular, a large picture window on the second story of my entryway was pretty dangerous to get to since a normal 8 Foot ladder wasn't even high enough to reach the bottom of it. I Simply used a poll to place this cleaner on the window and using the handy remote started it right up. Was pretty exciting watching it climb the window and reach places I could never touch.
5 Plus stars for this pressure cooker. I never again have an excuse to stop at the store to pick something up for dinner or worse yet, order, when with this machine, I can toss frozen meat, pasta, sauce and water into the pot and by the time I'm finished changing, IT'S DONE. I am not kidding! It's done and it's really really good. We've cooked pasta (tastes so much better than when I cook it as the pasta is infused with the sauce and I can't ruin it as easily), chicken stock and bbq pork and each is better than the last. I NEVER write reviews, but this cooker is just the biggest life saver for a busy busy busy family.
This floor cleaner is great. To use it, there are two microfiber discs that velcro on. All you do is turn it on and they spin to scrub the floor. I use it on ceramic tile flooring. Makes cleaning so easy. After you are done you toss the microfiber pads into the washing machine. Makes cleaning the floor so easy. I recommend ordering extra pads so that you can do multiple rooms. I don't think you want to use the same pad for different rooms. a clean pad for each room would be best.
This is awesome. It heats up water way faster than on the stove top or even in the microwave. The real winning thing here though is that goose-neck spout doesn't spill a drop! I also love the temperature gauge on the top, so if I don't want boiling I can just keep an eye on it and stop it when I want it stopped. One thing I love the most is it keeps water at a certain temperature! For me as a tea lover, I find it super convenient! So far it’s durable and with no problem!
This wireless speaker is just what we needed for a hard-of-hearing mom. It allows her to hear the TV clearly from a speaker near her recliner, and to adjust the sound with a convenient knob, without disturbing residents in the next apartment. The system installed simply and worked without any setup once the speaker battery was charged.
I like every aspect of these except their massive size. I really like being able to use them to monitor energy consumption, and I love that they connect directly to wifi rather than requiring some sort of hub. They are super easy to set up, and the kasa app works very nicely to control them.
This one is sufficient for web browsing, video streaming, and works beautifully with Kodi too! This is connected to my large flat screen TV. I connect to my wireless speakers through Bluetooth for better sound quality.
Can accurately forecast the weather in my area, be able to set the timing and countdown, and when I forgot to go home overtime I can use the phone's remote command output to set the watering time for my garden the next day.
I absolutely love this vacuum. I will never go back to a corded one again. Suction is great. I wish it would run a little longer on a charge, but it does the job. I use it on my ceramic tile and hardwood floors.
Smart switch comes well packed and in time as expected. I have tested with app via mobile - works great