Alfawise delivers exciting and dynamic home technology. From powerhouse Android TV boxes to automatic robot cleaners, enjoy affordable technology at every price point. Alfawise combines premium design language, smart design and essential home ideas for less.

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4.8 out of 5

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Will Gearbest be launched in the Xiaomi High Tech Course?<br>Good question!<br><br>Their first connected wall outlet is really simple to implement. Once the wall socket connected to the sector, download the Ewelink app on your favorite smartphone or tablet, fill in an email and a password and press 5 seconds on the small black button under the socket to start the pairing which takes about 3 minutes.<br>It's also easy to pair with Alexa, we go to the SKILL section, we search Ewelink Smart Home and we enter in the application the email address and password previously entered in the Ewelink app.<br>It's not harder than that.<br><br><br><br>Gearbest va t'il se lancer dans la course des produits high tech pas cher à la manière de Xiaomi? <br>Bonne question!<br><br>Leur première prise connectée est de bonne facture est surtout très simple à mettre en oeuvre. Une fois la prise branchée sur le secteur, il n'y a plus qu'à télécharger l'appli Ewelink sur votre smartphone ou tablette préféré, renseigner un mail et un mot de passe et appuyer 5 secondse sur le petit bouton noir sous la prise pour commencer l'appairage qui prend environ 3 mn.<br>Il est aussi facile de le coupler avec Alexa, on va dans la section SKILL, on recherche Ewelink Smart Home et on entre dans l'application l'adresse mail et le mot de passe rentrer précédemment dans l'appli Ewelink.<br>Ce n'est pas plus difficile que cela.
-Toda la impresora esta construida con piezas metalicas, lo que le da una gran consistencia.<br>-Un solo motor en Z, por lo que se evitan desincronizaciones!<br>-Electrónica de 32bits con fuente de 24v y pantalla tactil. Electrónica aislada de la impresora.<br>-Extrusor de corta distancia, con ventilador de capa incorporado.<br>-La cama caliente viene con una plancha de adhesión para las piezas impresas, estilo buildtak.<br>-Ruedas Vslot en todos los ejes, por lo que tiene una gran suavidad de movimiento.<br>-El extrusor viene ya modificado con un sensor de filamento. Filamento en un soporte para poner encima de la mesa.<br>-Viene totalmente equipada, con herramientas, una bobina de 200gr de pla de regalo y una aguja para desatascar el nozzle.
I got all this product within 10 days of ordering to Mumbai, India. Thanks a lot gearbest for such a fast service. I will highly recommend this website for everyone.<br><br>Now come to the product, this is really made up of average material. broken piece i got. one screw was missing. it works with google home and alexa.<br><br>I will highly recommend this product for everyone for daily use. I am attaching some pictures and videos of this product.Hope it helps, Recommended Product
- Great typing experience with the Outemu blue switches. Sounds and feel like typing on a typewriter. <br><br>- High quality Keycaps and Frame, feels very sturdy and good on the fingers. Does not feel cheap at all. <br><br>- Bright and great looking RGB Lightning with many different modes, there are even LEDs on the side of the Keyboard that sync with the chosen mode. <br><br>- Media Keys and Volume Slider make this keyboard (one of) the best in this price class for functionality. <br><br>- No need for any software, just plug and play. Everything that is needed is already built in.
¡Esto cambió mi vida! Las ventanas ahora son transparentes y transparentes, la luz del sol fluye en abundancia a medida que el viejo perro fotográfico sintetiza felizmente. Simplemente tuve que levantar objetos pesados para subir y bajar los paneles de la ventana. Tiene problemas para limpiar las esquinas por sí mismo. Tendrá que dejar que se ejecute por sí mismo una o dos veces antes de dirigirlo manualmente para obtener los últimos parches olvidados. Sustituyo las almohadillas de limpieza de microfibra cada 3-4 series sin que se agote, ¡ya que vienen con 4 pares! Me encanta, muchas gracias.
1000 Mb LAN, 3 USB порта, субъективно - хороший микропроцессор, двухдиапазонный wi-fi.<br>Очень бодренько отрабатывает команды, буферизацию и т.д. сначала был огорчен фризами при воспроизведении определенных потоков в MX плеере на HW+ но потом понял что это не отрабатывает пользовательский кодек после удаления которого все встало на свои места. Субъективно чип RK3328 нравится больше чем его конкуренты от Amlogic - S905W, S905Х.
its bright , it can project a large viewing surface. the android OS is a bit clunky. but at least it can play movies off a usb drive. no issues so far. you'll want a wireless keyboard if you're going to use the android. its 720P native. so that's the best resolution you're gonna get. you can still play 4k on your ps4 or similar. but the projector will still be 720. not bad for 200 bucks though.
A tv box with good value for money. It offers the main features that any other box TV offers at a very low price. It runs pretty well with most apps. Just do not expect to run the heaviest games on the market on it, but the lightest to medium games play well. The interface is simple but effective, because what matters is working and not just beauty. I recommend the purchase. For basic use there is no need for anything much better and no more expensive. Good product.
I rated this 5 stars as it the cheapest and best balanced Android TV/Media box I have found. It comes with a Bluetooth remote which is actually outstanding quality, it has a media center style UI which makes it much easier to use out of the box and stays cool the entire time. Even during YouTube 4K playback it was only warm to the touch. on taking the unit apart you see it has a big aluminium block as a heatsink and I must say it's absolutely flawless. Also it's tiny so fits anywhere.
Supports virtually all audio, photo and video formats known to man ranging from MP3, AV, GIF, JPG to VP6 and MVC. There is virtually no media file unplayable with the Alfawise Z28 Pro Smart TV Box.<br>The Alfawise Z28 incorporates the very latest technology and is sure to turn that ordinary TV set into a smart TV for the future. The advantages far outweigh the little inconveniences that come with it. Therefore, go get yourself a unit today.
so não vou dar 5 estrelas por conta da sua launcher simples,e o que eu não gostei foi do menu da launcher que nao te da a opção de desligamento da box atraves do mesmo a não ser pelo controle remoto,que aliás na minha avaliação é muito prático e fácil de manusear e tem uma fluidez muito rápida sobre outras box que ja conheci, o controle remoto é muito Bom,eu recomendo a alfawise z1 a quem está interessado em adquirir uma Android tvbox e a gearbest é a melhor opção do mercado atualmente a entrega é muito rápida e o frete é um dos melhores,( gearbest ) aprovada novamente.
I have a small bedroom apartment. I don't need to vacuum a large area. I have two cats that shed like CRAZY, as well as kick up a lot of kitty litter. I have laminate tile in my foyer, wooden floors, and a large rugs in the living room. The small brush of the vacuum cleaner spins like crazy, picking up hair, furs and other things from my rug. Love that function. It's lightweight and pivots really easily so that you can make these sharp turns in tight spots.
1. Why did you choose this rating?For all the products there is the best2. What did you like or dislike about the article?I liked the quality and the materials3. What is the advantage / disadvantage over other similar products?The advantage over other products is the price and what it offers in exchange4. Will you recommend it to your friends?If I recommend Gearbest to my friends.
facile à installer, application disponible sur iOS et Android(la configuration se fait par l'application) mode point d'accès wifi pour ne pas connecté à un routeur, mot de passe de pour sécuriser application. vidéo infrarouge de nuit. film très bien une petite pièce. Support lampe avec arrivé électrique fourni. visualisation vidéo en direct et des enregistrements sur smartphone. porté wifi point d'accès 15 mètre environ sans obstacle. possibilité de parler dans les haut-parleur.
Very happy with this Box, it arrived quite fast 2-3 weeks to the UK<br>Its fast and has alot of Storage Memory so you can put alot on it to try without worrying!<br><br>I had read about overheating issues but i've had it on for the last 5 hours and no problems yet, doesnt feel hot so I dont think this will be a problem.<br><br>I've already reccommend this box to my friends, well worth the money!
I've choose this item because it was an entry level for a smart home appliance with the best ratio price/quality, Construction of the item is very good, app for mobile phone is simple, very accurate and very quick on the commands. Highly recommended and going to buy more
I have a special needs son and this helps with peace of mind. He often likes to escape the house to explore. We have a camera system, but this is a simple alarm that alerts us if the door has been opened. We do our best as parents, but as most parents can attest to, kids can accomplish a lot in just a few seconds. This has eased our mind in at least a small aspect of raising a special needs child.
Стартовый набор включает в себя всего 3 модуля: рабочий стол на шасси, арку с экструдером и блок управления, совмещенный с блоком питания. Чтобы собрать принтер, потребуется только 5 минут — ровно столько занимает подключение электроники и установку арки на рабочую поверхность. Сразу после этого Alfawise U20 готов к первому включению и немедленной работе.
I often went home late in the evening, after sweeping and mopping the floor, there is barely any time left. I had enough of this. After I bought the Alfawise ZK8077, I feel it unnecessary to sweep the floor by myself. It is fun to control the robotic vacuum cleaner. It also collects the pet hair well, and the air is fresher and healthier with the HEPA filter.
The microfiber cleaning pads which come with Alfawise Square Window Cleaner can be used for a long time. I decided to change them after they have been used for nearly a year. It wipes out the impurities effectively, and you do not need to climb on chairs and desks to reach the window.<br>They are durable, of high quality. Recommend!
Отличный мини-РС за реальные деньги. Две системы - Андроид и Винда10. При включении можно выбрать в какую из них загрузиться. Пассивное охлаждение (не шумит), низкая цена (самый выгодный на рынке вариант из подобных мини-PC на Атоме Х5 ).
I have a Alfawise H96 Pro + TV Box - 3GB RAM - 64GB ROM. I bought it during flash sale. The price is good, the product is great. It is rooted and easy to install so many app.
-> Good features for price<br>-> good image for price<br>-> Lens protection<br>-> HD resolution<br>-> HDMI, USB and TV connection<br>-> Multilanguage
looks great when up and running.has more than 7.1 boxes so will be looking for these all the time now.not put a build on yet but sure it will run have to add your gmail account by playstore and not in settings as you normally do.all in all a great box
I got this for a low price and honestly its a best buy. The function are ok, the battery last long and materials are ok<br>In the end its a toothbrush......not a phone
A construção é de boa qualidade. O brilho no escuro é muito bom. Aceita conexão por HDMI, RGB, AV, USB, P2 (saída de fones de ouvido). Roda vídeos, fotos e textos diretamente do USB, que pode ser usado para carregar seu celular ou até mesmo Chrome Cast. Muito leve. Tem ajuste de foco manual.
Nagyon gyors, szép, igényesen összerakott box.<br>Gyorsan betöltődik a kodi, vagy xmbc.<br>A kodi bővítmények jól futnak.<br><br><br>Very fast, nice, nicely assembled box.<br>Quickly loads the Kodi player or pre-installed xmbc player.
Build quality and ease of use. Instruction manual was okay. Great price. Long lasting battery, been using it for a couple of days. Great product.
-you get 3 brushheads<br>-brushes very well, just as good as big brands<br>-EU wall plug adapter and station, so you don't need USB<br>-4 different modes to choose from<br>-great cleansing of the teeth
it works perfectly and collects huge amounts of cat's fur and dust. he works every day for 7 months and he gives advice. just clean. the mop option is jammed and the mop must be attached exactly.