Anet is a hi-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales of 3D printer, 3D printing accessories and 3D printing filaments. The core technology is independently researched and developed by company and has complete independent intellectual property. The product is advanced, widely used, can be applied to new modeling, teaching practice, medical and health, architectural design, handicraft design and personal DIY and other fields, effectively improve product development speed, significantly reduced production costs and labor costs

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A very reasonable price for a 3D printer with actually everything relevant with it. Actually, no further parts are necessary. However, with a few extras that you buy in addition, you can improve the print quality even more.<br><br>You have to bring a certain technical understanding to optimize details like G-codes or the even more important slicer optimization.<br><br>The device itself has a pretty good qualtit for this price range. Nevertheless, they are acrylic plates that can easily give way during printing, an aluminium frame would of course be better.<br><br>The use is different for each user, the more creative you are, the more you can achieve with the printer.<br><br>All in all a pretty good printer for a reasonable price. Still, the quality can't match an expensive $800 printer.
I'm very happy with this product as it simplify my design and building of my DIY 3D printer. I was using ball bearings on a rail but these bearing made it easier and a lighter. I plan to order some more with my next shipment. The price is also reasonably cheap and will be easy to replace on my machine when they wear out
Very good product.<br>-well packaged <br>-Fast shipping <br>-Very good Installation Instructions <br>- Very easy installation <br>- extra plus 0.5 kgr fillament <br>-not very noisy<br>- Included microSD Card with lot of documentation, and card reader.
I chose to buy at Gearbest because items always arrive fast, this particular Item arrived in Namibia with a week. I will be using this on my DIY 3D printer as I understand PLA is easier to use than ABS.
The quality of workmanship as described, there are no reservations, low price, will be waiting in the stock in case of failure<br><br>Jakość wykonania zgodna z opisem, nie ma żadnych zastrzerzeń, niska cena, będą czekać w zapasie w razie awarii
Very good Quality. And for an very fair and low Price to order on Gearbest site. delivery time was very short at this time. I like this product, because it ismanufactured in a very good Quality. And for this reason it promise a Long Service/life - time!
This printer is a good first printer because it forces you to learn a lot about fixing it. There are a ton of upgrades to put on it and make quality better.<br><br>Cheap<br>Easy to fix
Débutant en impression 3D, c'est un excellent outil d'initiation.<br>Aucun regret concernant cet achat, surtout vu le prix.<br><br>Le plateau chauffant est arrivé avec quelques égratignures, cependant, le service client Gearbest a été extrêmement professionnel et m'a renvoyé un plateau chauffant neuf sans problème.
The last spare board purchased was not working but I contacted customer service and after sending the a video they sent me a replacement board asap. It is still working without an issue today.
Fantastic bit of kit for the price. Great for rapid prototyping. A few simple upgrades are worth considering such as a permanent base, sd card adapter and glass bed
Decided to give ANET filament a chance and ordered some. I got to say it came fairly quickly and I've done several prints so far with no issues. Looks great. Even has a nice gloss to it.
Good quality<br>Low price<br>Like original belt<br>Very resistent, much better than the stock ones<br>Item is exactly as described, length was perfect.
Good for learning 3d printing. This is my first one and hope not the last one :)<br>Packed well, received by a courier service in Russia together with Anet A8 package
I've had this printer for well over a year and it still runs perfectly. If you get the bed leveled and use proper settings your golden.
Very good quality, easy to use, just a normal pla filament spool with tha exact specifications anounced
Display para repuesto para la Anet A8, todo como descrito, los botos tiene buen largo para mejor manejabilidad. Excelente!
Great quality bearings for my Anet 3D printer. Great price and also delivery was fast as usual. Very happy with the purchase
1kg roll filament.<br>Good color, comes in a box and in a sealed foliage
Bu ürünü almayı düşünenler için bir tavsiye; Gearbest üzerinden siparişi tavsiye ederim. Fiyat ve kalite mükemmel.
I am very satisfied with the product, I have been using it fot more than 10 months and it is still functioning properly
Gut verarbeitetes Set mit jeweils 3 Ersatzteilen. Zur Anbringung habe ich die Nozzle auf 210 Grad vorgeheizt und austauschen können.
qualité à ne pas en redire, impression du tonnerre facilité exceptionnel de montage, finitions parfaite pas si encombrante que ca.
Very good quality product it works very well i used it for upgrade my tronxy x5
Diametro abbastanza costante, scorrimento regolare e una buona qualità fanno di questo filamento un'ottimo prodotto.
great diy printer for beginners. more solid than other anets like a6 for excample. alu frame. good printing results.
pla buono per il prezzo, migliore dei filamenti acquistati su amazon stranamente, ma comunque nella media di qualitá .
Precio, rapides envío (6 dias), bien embalado y con bolsita antihumedad.
muy buena impresión calidad precio
buen precio, buena calidad del material<br>llego en tiempo y forma<br>bien empaquetado