Asus is a global brand of computers and more recently, smart device maker. Known for exceptional build quality and materials, Asus has shaken the mobile industry with top-of-the-line devices at affordable prices.

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"Super fast phone, Feels great in hand, very smooth operation, Affordable, Absolutely recommend!"

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 750 reviews

what people are saying
To start off this phone is absilutely amazing! it has lots of storage and 4gb Ram, whn i found out about this phone i immediately gathered some money and bought it! This isnt something you ever see in the mainstream market such as samsung and apple etc. Here you can find cheap enough phones with good quality and good pricing too. This is just one example of the many amazing phones with similar specs out there and this phone truly works wonders. My only complaint is that it never came with a case and screen protector, i know i may ne asking for a lot but at this price i expected ro get one, also i would've liked if there was one because the phone is very slippery and can easily fall out of my hands, a case would've been a solution to the problem. However i have bought a case even though i couldn't find a screen protector, a case is enough for me.<br>That's all from me. This phone is pretty good.<br>Thanks for taking your time to read this.<br>Goodbye
I bought a ASUS Zenwatch 2 around one year ago and it keeps one of my best buys from Geatbest. The ZenWatch 2 packs in more features, including a 400 mAh battery for my model as well as proper screen specs — a 1.63-inch 320x320 AMOLED display. The watch supports Wifi, faster charging (50 percent battery in just over 30 minutes) and IP67 water resistance. Great connection both to Android or iPhone and good looking with several faces. Easy to change straps and fair price at the time I bought it.
I am new to the computer world so I thought it would be best to get a pre-built instead of building my own for the sake of inexperience, i am not a game heavy person right now so this computer did just the trick to play my favorite games in very good quality, strongly recommend for anyone who wants to casually play their favorite games is amazing quality for a decent price
Para quem gosta de smartphones grandes, essa é uma ótima escolha. Sua tela é muito boa, com muitas cores e ótima resolução. A câmera frontal com flash é ótima para ambientes escuros, mas obviamente não faz milagres. Contudo, tanto a câmera frontal quanto a câmera traseira são maravilhosas. O aparelho também é muito rápido no processamento. Fica carregado por bastante tempo também. Enfim, uma ótima escolha. Aprovadíssimo.
a very good phone at an amazing price<br>it's hard to find a phone at such a low price and with so much<br>(Quad Core 1.25GHz 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13.0MP + 8.0MP Rear Cameras 4100mAh Batteries)
Ótimo aparelho , um bom custo benéfico para preço que esta essa versão aqui no Brasil , lindo acabamento e um designer impecável porém infelizmente deixa a deseja na bateria ... Mais agradeço a Gearbest pela fidelidade de mandar dentro do prazo e pela atenção que dão aos seus cliente, excelente atendimento ... Obrigado Gearbest
no doubt this is one of the best phones I've ever bought bright and colourful and you can even adjust the colour of the icons excellent connectivity to all networks and carriers definitely recommend 100% thank you
I needed a stopgap phone until contract renewal as mine had just broken. On paper, it looked decent but I was amazed at how responsive and fast it is. The camera is great and the speakers are very clear. This phone is a real keeper!
Roteador perfeito para games, ou ambiente com várias conexões simultâneas.<br><br>Material excelente, bem construído, 8 portas LANs.<br><br><br>Interface, limpa e intuitiva<br><br>Wi-Fi, com bom alcance e estável. Rede convidados. AiMesh.<br><br>Compartilhamento de arquivos rápida.<br><br>Botão para apagar os leds e não encomendar a noite.<br><br>Suporte para Alexa.
very strong phone, I loved it from the word go. it's a strong phone with lasting battery, I didn't think twice at all. thank you for delivering it in due time as well. you guys a re great at what you do.
good range, it does support AImesh(the reason i bought, is the cheapest model with support) <br>gigabit router, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.<br><br>i dont know why but compared to my rt-ac86u (my main router) the heat output of rt-ac66u b1 is higher<br>maybe because its working in aimesh node mode or because the air grid is at the bottom
great product , according to the description, very fast shipping, great customer service by gear best, high quality product deserve it be five star
Chegou em perfeitas condições.<br>Design simples, muito bonito. Android em português. Tira muito boas selfies.<br>Trazia uma capa protectora transparente.<br>O único inconveniente é ter um carregador com tomada chinesa. A gearbest forneceu um adaptador mas não era compatível com as minhas tomadas.
One of the best device for its price, <br>no problem and lags,<br>android run very smooth,<br>very good battery, <br>flash european rom and with latest updates device works even better.
já uso a quase dois anos, boa câmera, não trava , um celular que chama atenção, todos querem saber que celular é esse, capa traseira em couro legítimo, sofisticação é a cara dele
It is useful, but I couldn't use the input directly, and the fact that is depending on the modem is lightly useless sometimes.
Very satisfied from gear best,the product came less than 20 days in Greece,he cellphone was perfect,surely recommend
no extra charge to sweden and no custom fee, very good product, works in every corner in my house! recommended buy
Equipe de vendas deu toda atenção e tranquilidade na compra. Me manteve informado acerca do percurso do produto, desde o empacotamento até a chegada em minha residência.<br>Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho e produto.
Aparelho com ótimo custo beneficio<br><br>Excelente produto, muito boa a construção<br>Funciona muito bem atendendo a todas as necessidades.<br><br>Envio da loja super rápido chegou tudo lacradinho, tudo certo recomendo a todos.
Nice product. Update for new version of WEAROS.<br>Battery 2 days in normal use. <br>Best quality of materials, and , LCD is very clear. <br>Amazing product, the bracelet is fine , and can modify for other models.<br>Good construction.
BEst products and best courier, the order is very easy, I dont have any problems.<br>The product ACRH1700 is fantastic, very fast 5G, I have inprovement on my WAN CONNECTION.<br><br>Thanks GearBest, for your cleannig order.
Good phone, I forgot to check and this version was incompatible with LTE in the States.
Had many updates soon after buying and I have not encountered any issue so far
настройка не сложная.доставка быстрая.товар стоит своих денег
produto muito bonito<br>entrega rápida<br>recebi um adaptador para o carregador tb muito bacana<br>cumpre com as especificações
Usei para repetir o sinal de um Asus RT-AC51U e está funcionando perfeitamente, sem falhas, tanto em 2,4 quanto em 5 GHz. Satisfeito com minha aquisição.
This router is very excelent product the quality of sinal of my internet wifi is better now. recomended product. the packing is very good.
Um belo aparelho, roda a maioria dos APP e games sem problema, bateria é boa o carregador também é bom, claro que considerando o preço.
Tenho esse celular a dois anos e ele continua funcionando muito bem. Sem problemas e sem troca de peças.