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4.8 out of 5

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La maquina es una maravilla!<br><br>Es fácil de montar aunque yo tardé mas de lo normal pues las instrucciones vienen muy pequeño y me tuve que ayudar de youtube, por el resto va de lujo.<br><br>1.- El envío ha sido muy rápido, pues se envió el día 15 desde Hong Kong y me ha llegado el día 23 y eso que ha estado retenido en aduanas 3 días.<br><br>2.- un contra es que realice el pedido hace casi un mes y hasta pasado esto no me lo enviaron, porque no tenian stock, punto en contra de gearbest que venden sin stock previo.<br><br>3.- la calidad de impresion de esta impresora es bastante buena, habria que mejorar el extrusor pero por el momento sirve.<br><br>4.- hay una gran comunidad haciendo mejoras a esta impresora y se nota mucho a la hora de imprimir. con esto se aseguran un buen soporte para la impresora.<br><br>5.- otro punto en contra es el ruido que hace, no tiene montada la placa silenciosa por defecto y trae la clasica con marlin desactualizado y demas, pero que con un cambio de placa se soluciona (por 30€ y ahorramos en ruidos.)<br><br>6.- en mi caso han montado un hotend nuevo y han puesto funda de silicona al mismo, con lo que se mejora el aislamiento del calor.<br><br>7.- Trae un poco de filamento para que realices pruebas, no como para hacer las que trae el usb pero para algo de pruebas hay. Recomiendo comprar una bobina de filamento antes.<br><br>En resumidas cuentas es bastante buena la impresora.Para ser muy economica está muy bien montada y bastante robusta.
I purchased this printer a few days ago. It has been a dream to use. I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for veterans that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.The setup was fairly straight forward. All the tools needed are provided with the unit to complete the full setup. There are a few great youtube videos on setting up that you can watch as well if you need a little extra help. Very easy to use. This is not my first 3D printer, so I do have a little bit of experience with them in general. This is a very easy printer to simply start using. The unit itself is very sturdy. The hardware used is good quality. You will not find a better printer for this price. This printer exceeded my expectations on every level.
If you are someone who enjoys tinkering you will love this printer. Better print size and quality than everything in this price range. I was getting excellent prints day 1 after the two-hour process of assembling the printer. I followed a YouTube guide. I now have had the printer run for hundreds of hours and it is consistently giving me good results. There is a very active community for this printer at that can help troubleshoot and diagnose problems, as well as offer lots of advice. I honestly don't see why anyone would buy any other printer besides this one unless you're going to spend the money for a much higher end model.
the cr 10 came out to be a great printer i wish the shipping was a little bit better but thats ok i printed a benchy boat and it came out amazing for my first print as my second print i did a lithophane of my dog i love the 3d printer but i was a little shocked on how the filament spool was only the size of my hand and not bigger but overall it is great using it and hope to print many more items i recommend this printer for any beginner like me
this is really the magic plate solving all removing problems I had with the original teflon-like platform.<br><br>I put the tray on top of the old one and shifted the leveling sensor. I use 4 Maul 19 mm foldback clips to keep it in place and that's it. The best bed temperature for PLA for me is 56°C: a good compromise to stick well to the glass and to easy pull-out the print once the glass cold.<br><br>For me the PLA do not stick on it when not heated to at least 40°C.
I was looking to replace my damaged hot end fan, But decided to get my hands on another nozzle and fan assembly.<br>I made the right choice,<br>This hot end is great and holds steady at 250 degrees pumping out 300mm/s.<br>I found the part fan to be quieter than my original one, however the nozzle cooling fan was about the same.<br>Highly recommend this for replacement, or even a cheaper way of gathering parts for dual extrusion.
Printer took over 14 days via express post to arrive which was worrisome as it was my first item.<br><br>However, I am delighted to confirm that it did arrive in decent condition and works fine. <br><br>With the exception of the bed which is impossible to keep level. at this point I am considering a firmware flash and auto bedleveling system.<br><br>Other than that. <br><br>Great printer at low cost.
It came to me a little bit lately. I do not know the reason is because of seller,gearbest, DHL, or customs. Actually, seller gave my 3d printer to DHL in one day. DHL said seller forgot to give my contact to DHL, but my contacts are written on the shippng box as I saw. Quality of this product is good. The results with PLA and ABS look smooth. I would like to thank seller and Gearbest cause of helped me to contact with customs.
L'envoi a été très rapide pour autant cela vient de chine.<br><br>Quant à la machine, que dire de plus ? Après des mois d'utilisation j'en suis totalement satisfait ! Des impressions plus que précises ! <br><br>génial ! ❤️
mounted on a Alfawise u30 and works wonderfully! prints stick even with the bed turned off and really easy to take them out of the printer, recommended upgrade
These socks are great. They actually fit and stay on the heat block unlike othrr socks advertised for the Ender but are actually for E3D type heater blocks and tend to slip off
this printer is relay good and cheep also the shipping is fast secure and come right to your door ! very recommend
I order it like one year ago, the packeting was great and it came to my place totally safe. it was a little expensive then but now the price is really affortable.
This is my second CR-10 and I would recommend this to family and friends. I am glad that Creality finally are open source, way to go Creality.
Super machine ! Comme toujours la qualité de la marque est au rdv. C’est simple, efficace et bien fini. <br>Même si elle n’a pas de drivers type tmc2208 elle est plutôt silencieuse, il y a nettement pire dans les marques concurrentes.
Great price quality printer Very very happy with the product, fast delivery incredible printer, i love it, fully recommended
Great product. Worked perfectly right out of the box. Arrived really early as well and everything was in pristine condition.
Ottima stampante 3d veloce e con buona qualità di stampa.<br>Facile da assemblare, e accetta una gran quantità di filamenti.
Good printer if you love to tinker with stuff. Very popular printer. Tons of information and upgrades available.
today i received my last order ,very fast delivery ,good packaging ,the pla filament metal gold very good quality and all the stock for my ender 3 good price the pla filament is CCTREE 200 grams pack<br>thank you merci gearbest.
Hard to rate these as the printer came with one. but a visual inspection looks good.
I am impressed by the quality of this machine, particularly for the modest price
Very happy with the printer, the objects created are very precise; i recommend it.
Engine suitable for 3D printer<br>easy to plug in and immediately functional<br>I recommend buying the engine is of high quality
Ottima stampante per i principianti (come me): facile da montare, da usare e fornisce degli ottimi risultati per chi vuole entrare nel mondo della stampa 3d. Consigliatissima
i really liked the product,<br>came in time and it prints fabulously!!!
buse bien reçu je le testerai après noël j ai acheté une imprimante 3 d pour noël pour mon fils ….