Ergonomics are important to most smartphone users, and Blackview is one of the best at building hand-friendly devices. Careful tests and redesigns are implemented prior to the release of any Blackview product. Upon further inspection, Blackview places a high importance in safety of their device. Whether in manufacturing stages or the device is in the hands of the user, Blackview makes every effort to give you the best product they can.

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I just want to say it is a nice product at this price, You can not buy such nice car dashcam for this price, Great product does exactly what I want, Fast shipping, Great value, Supports up to 32GB micro SD, supports HDMI full HD video transmission

4.6 out of 5

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O celular é muito bom, rápido e com duas semanas de uso não travou nenhuma vez e olha que uso muitos aplicativos e a maioria são app's pesados (estilo AutoCAD e visualizador 3D); <br>Sua memória tem uma capacidade bem grande portanto nem preciso mais do meu cartão de memória; <br>A câmera do celular é excelente, estou extremamente satisfeito. Em comparação ao smartphone que eu usava antes ganha de 1000000 a 0; <br>A tela tem um ótimo brilho; <br>Som de boa qualidade.
Nagyszerű telefon. Nagyon gyors. Nem fagy le, nem akadozik. Sokáig bírja az akku, hetente kétszer kell feltölteni. A kamerájával is meg vagyok elégedve. <br>Strapabíró telefon, nagyon jól bírja a gyűrődést. Egy autóval átmentem rajta, de semmi baja.<br>Nagyon szeretem, és meg vagyok elégedve vele.
In general BlackView is warranty of quality this is my second cellphone of this brand. I recommended this product the main advantage is the power bank you can share battery with other cellphones. The features are good relation cost - benefit good capacity of store and processing. I think that the disadvantage is the size but is a phablet that's normal
Schickes Handy, kann alles was wichtig ist, Wlan, Email, Whats App, Foto´s machen, Telefonieren.<br>Leichte Bedienung, Verarbeitung ist gut, Akku ist wenn er mal fällig wird tauschbar.<br>Größe ist optimal, Fingerprint als Sicherheit, Led informieren zb über eine neue E-Mail.<br>Gespräche sind gut zu verstehen und man wird selbst gut verstanden.<br>Sieht nicht nach einem "billig" Handy aus.<br>Kam relativ pünktlich an, nur die Sendungverfolgung klappte nicht ganz.
Top price performance ratio. Very good screen. Works as expected. Solid materials. Good build quality. Accessories in the box included a soft silicon cover and a plastic screen protector.
1. I chose this rating because it was the most attractive.<br> 2. I chose this product because it is the best on the whole trading floor.<br> 3. Other similar products used - this one in my experience is the best!<br> 4. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and all my friends, as this is the best store where I made purchases !!!
This phone is everything and more. Classy looking Rugged Phone and always receives positive comments. It caters for all the functions that other phones 3 times it's price offers and it is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof. Very happy I chose this phone. Highly recommend it.
very super good order smartfone product 100% very super good very super good Blackview A20. Gearbest is BEST
All three my items arrived as per description, very good quality build and price. Specs comparable to top end phones for a 5th of the price which is good. Also nice to get some accessories with the phone that you would not expect, like an extra screen guard and cover.
My father uses this phone for about a year now and it is fine. No actual issues found so far. Only that the screen is too sensible, it may react even if you don't touch it but the finger is quite close to it.<br>It is a nice rigid phone, although quite heavy, and I like it very much.
Really liked this phone.<br>The battery could last all day with no issues.<br>The phone had decent performance and did not encounter any major issues while using the device.<br>I just wished that updates would have been released on a regular basis from Blackview.<br>Since the phone is rooted, you cannot use apps like "Google Pay", should this be important for you.
melhor smartphone indestrutível aprova dgua rapido camera muito boa chogou super rapido muito parudo bem pesado porem bonito
My telephone is super. I go to mounted biking, surfing and with my dog running to mountains. Its perfect. Unbreakable, good WiFi and 3G signals + good telephone and sound. Good, big accu. 5 star.
Good budget phone for 45-55$ price tag. Covers all basics needed. Sound is impressive for the price, all other is passable again for the price.
Very good phone from Blackview A20 3G Phablet is best phone for that price.. Very low price from
very good performance of the smartphone.<br>sturdy and good to use on field day with dust and water.<br>very loud sound which is good when you do not feel vibrate
Great phone I'm not really a camera person but the quality is great, Everything about it is nice my favorite feature is the finger print scanner
o telefone é muito bonito, não achei pesado e como todos os androids muito facil de utilizar... para uma utilizaçao normal é mais que suficiente
Sound comes to my bluetooth hearing aids with crystal clarity and photos are crisp and clear, Now that the price is right it can't be beat
Bons acabamentos, material de excelente qualidade<br>Bom funcionamento, muito fluido.<br>Qualidade preço muito recomendável.
Excellent price/quality product, works very well, arrived in short time! Very pleased with produtc and service. Recommended!
Lowest price, Great Functions, Display TFT. Resolution is correct. Sounc Qualiti is also good. :) :) :)
qualidade e preço tendo em conta a qualidade do equipamento vs preço que é praticado mercado corrtente
Towar zgodny z opisem, szybka dostawa, taniej niż na stronie producenta! Polecam szczerze . Jakość lepsza niż dobra ,jak za tą cenę.
+ 100% no tax, custum duty with European priority line<br>+big battery. ( charge after 2 day)<br>+rugged sides <br>+ gift glass
Good balance price / quality, good quality screen, responsive touchscreen... Overall good product for this money
Battery life water resistant good camera good screen stock android rugged design fast and smooth ui great price
best phone in the market , its gorgeous , nice , stong military , big heavy badass phone best ever had
Indestructible!! Telephone resistant, works well, aesthetically pleasing.<br>The bad things are: The weight! It's like keeping an M9 in your pocket! The glass to protect the camera is very delicate.<br>The battery could last longer!