Bluedio is a leading headphones and speakers manufacturer based in Guangzhou. With more than a decade of experience, Bluedio has consistently brought exciting fashion-forward products to the audio market. Fans of Bluedio have enjoyed their unique design. Their wide product range gives each individual an opportunity to express themselves and their style.

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Preis ist absolut Top! The sound quality of the earphones are excellent. This is the second one I've bought, charges fast.The headphone is very beautiful

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 1362 reviews

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I used this item for about 7-8 months before the left side of the earbuds stopped working, and I could see the cord material had begun stiffening. Eventually it stopped working, as did the blue model of the same item I ordered around the same time. Very similar timelines.<br>It might be worth noting that I also ordered a black model of this, and that particular product is still functioning well.<br>The Bluetooth capability was as advertised.<br>The sound quality was satisfactory or exceeded expectations considering its price.<br>The white version of this product just stopped working before the other two color versions.
These are quite good headphones for all kind of audio. Anything even slightly better would cost 2 or 3 times more. Best thing about these - clean and powerful base which is more than excellent. Astonishing durability, very rigid and heavy build - useful for travel and will not break when dropped or bent. You get what you pay for and they are truly enjoyable!<br><br>My pair has troubles with microphone bt profiles so its almost impossible to use for calls, but I can live with that because its not the purpose I purchased them.
Best wireless earphones under Rs. 1000/- <br><br>Deep bass and lound sound!<br><br>Music playback for 8 hours and that's a lot. <br><br>Standby is 250 hours that is 10 days approx.<br><br>Call time 10-11 hours, actually it's more than that but I don't call that much so I'm underestimating<br><br>Has type c port which is convenient for me as I love "All things USB C" life!<br><br>Has ANC (Active Noice Cancellation) which doesn't really work that well. The difference is hardly noticeable.
O produto chegou rapidamente, comprei no dia 06/06/18 e chegou hj (04/07), mt bem embalado e sem problema algum.<br>A qualidade do som é absurda, sendo os graves bem presentes, mas sem enfraquecer os médios e agudos, dá para distingui-los perfeitamente e com boa noção espacial, facilitando a percepção de direção e posição de sons.<br>Sem problema algum para parear o bluetooth com o celular ou a tv, pelo contrário, foi extremamente fácil.
so this is the best 35€ speaker i have ever had,<br>The sound is amazing, <br>The battery it´s good too,<br>The bass or the buffer it´s actually amazing too, <br>Overall one of my best buy´s ever<br><br>Buy this speaker if you want something to use on a daily bases on a mid sound or a high sound...
Es una excelente opción de compra. Los audifonos van muy bien, se escuchan bastante bien, quizá pueda ser mejor el desempeño de los sonidos graves pero nada de que preocuparse.<br>Algo que si molesta un poquito es la poca distancia de señal que tiene con el teléfono, es raro, ya que la tecnología Bluetooth tiene un alance de 15 mts. (según), pero bueno, sigue estando muy bien todo.<br>Es cómodo en los oídos, quizá grandes para algunos. El cable es robusto y duradero.
I now used this headphone for two years. I mainly use it in the gym and when traveling. The quality of the headphone in relation to the price is simply the best. What I most like on the device is that you can insert a memorycard up to 32 Gb with your own music in for instance wav-quality and listen to it without connecting cables.
Primeiramente gostaria de dizer que o produto chegou muito rápido.<br>A embalagem está show de bola... a construção da caixa muito top design moderno e elegante.<br> Muito fácil de usar.<br>Conectividade super rápida.<br>Agora a respeito do som é um só comportado nada espetacular.<br>É speker potente mais compacto muito fácil de transportar.<br>O som poderia ser mais alto envolvente.<br>Para uso normal é uma caixinha bastante funcional.<br>No geral ela me agradou bastante.
Cool design and premium feel bluetooth headset<br>Quality package and accessories<br>Usb C charger port<br>Soft earpads<br>Very very good sound quality
Recommended product! Convenient and hassle-free delivery The most fast delivery there is in the world! Suitable for the deaf if the cell phone on the highest volume can be increased through the headphones !!!<br>A suitable product for the hearing impaired !!
Very nice build quality. Incredible price for a bluetooth headset with active noise cancellation. Really fast connection to the smartphone or laptop. Battery life not tested yet. Big ear cups
Light Weight<br>Superb audio quality<br>Good packaging <br>USB Type C<br>Sweat proof<br>Looks great<br>13mm driver<br>Plays video files also with out any problems<br><br>Good ear phone and works well instantaneously without any hiccups.
Elegí ponerle 5/5 porque es un altavoz muy bueno, la verdad es que suena espectacular y la batería dura muchísimo tiempo, el único punto negativo que podría dar es que con el audio en Jack suena menos y la funcion de mejora de sonido no funciona. Muy resistente y buenos materiales de construcción
good build quality<br>beautiful design<br>premium aspect<br>excellent sound quality<br>excellent bass<br>good battery life
I am very satisfied with this purchase because it has a very good quality,<br>the battery lasts more than 6 hours
Works like discribe ,Good receiving distance. More then fair lasting battery life per charge.. purchase it white gets a little yellow after time. should of purchase it in black or red. besides that no other majer problems.
O fone é muito bom em relação ao preço... muito bem estruturado também, matérias de muita qualidade e bom gosto... <br>E não posso esquecer da bateria que dura de mais...
They are good headphones at a good price with a pretty good sound.<br><br>-good sound<br>-possibility to use them with cable or bluetooth<br>-supports sd card to play music
Muito com, mas a parte que fica em volta do orelha pode incomodar um pouco. Não se vale o preço, talvez existam fones tão bons quanto que custem mais baratos. Não consegui identificar de fato tem 8 drivers mesmo, mas não sou audiófilo. Os botões poderiam ser melhores, são muito secos.
It has good sound and long battery life. Fold easily. It is comfortable and also made of quality material. I really like it. Blue color is also awesome.
Untuk suara mantap, ada harga ada rupa. Yg paling seneng ada tas nya.
Excelente qualidade de som, não tenho do que reclamar nesse quesito. Acho aue ele aperta um pouco as orelhas e isso incomoda, outro ponto negativo são as bases dele(pernas), o lado esquedo do meu já não segura com tanta firmeza mais, então ele fica descendo sozinho.
Kulaklıkta sesten ziyade bas çok fazla çıkıyor. Son seste kulağınızı baya titretiyor . Fiyat performans olarak fena değil beğendim.
Great headphones for work out. Probably they are outdated since you can find true wireless headphones.<br><br>Microphone doesn’t work.
Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.<br>Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.<br>Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.
Excelente phones de ouvido, muito confortavei, o som é poderoso.<br>Muito boa compra para o preço que custam.
good sound<br>easy connect <br>long battery life <br>fast charging<br>quick delivery
me parecen unos audifonos bonitoa y comodos<br>tienen un nuy buen audio me sorprendio<br>la calidad tambien esta muy bien ,muy practicos y bien construidos<br>los recomiendo mucho la vdd estan muy bien
Great. High quality and fast shipping! Works as expected and described. I can recommend it to anyone!