Bluedio is a leading headphones and speakers manufacturer based in Guangzhou. With more than a decade of experience, Bluedio has consistently brought exciting fashion-forward products to the audio market. Fans of Bluedio have enjoyed their unique design. Their wide product range gives each individual an opportunity to express themselves and their style.

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Preis ist absolut Top! The sound quality of the earphones are excellent. This is the second one I've bought, charges fast.The headphone is very beautiful

4.7 out of 5

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I gifted a pair of these to an avid iphone user and she seems to like them.<br><br>I chose these headphones way before I understood the different audio codecs supported (or not) by Bluetooth devices base upon good reviews I read. I am therefore glad that these headphones came with a USB C to 3.5mm jack cable which permits using the headphones with Bluetooth switched off via a normal stereo connection.<br><br>What I can tell you based on what I know now is that if you are shopping for a pair of Bluetooth headphones and you intend to connect them to a PC running Windows 10, then you will want to ensure that the headphones support the APTX codec.<br>Otherwise, if you are shopping for a pair of Bluetooth headphones which you intend to connect to an Apple or Android device via Bluetooth, then you should either just assume that AAC support has been added to the headphones (but not noted in the specifications because of licensing) or confirm that Bluetooth AAC support is included via the headphone manufacturer's advertised specifications. An Android device must be running the Android Oreo software release or newer for you to be able to take advantage of Bluetooth AAC encoding. Also, all newer Android, iOS and MacOS devices all support APTX.<br><br>Hope this helps.
I used this item for about 7-8 months before the left side of the earbuds stopped working, and I could see the cord material had begun stiffening. Eventually it stopped working, as did the blue model of the same item I ordered around the same time. Very similar timelines.<br>It might be worth noting that I also ordered a black model of this, and that particular product is still functioning well.<br>The Bluetooth capability was as advertised.<br>The sound quality was satisfactory or exceeded expectations considering its price.<br>The white version of this product just stopped working before the other two color versions.
These are quite good headphones for all kind of audio. Anything even slightly better would cost 2 or 3 times more. Best thing about these - clean and powerful base which is more than excellent. Astonishing durability, very rigid and heavy build - useful for travel and will not break when dropped or bent. You get what you pay for and they are truly enjoyable!<br><br>My pair has troubles with microphone bt profiles so its almost impossible to use for calls, but I can live with that because its not the purpose I purchased them.
Pros: <br>Really good sound<br>great build quality,<br>battery lasts for many hours.<br>SD card reader allow listening to music without phone. <br>Cons: <br>metal rings outside headphone shell are knocking plastic during folding headphones. <br>Voice messages are frustrating (like in most BT headphones). Iritating artificial voice, "Vice connected" not device connected "over off" not "power off".<br>big weight<br>Overall these are really good headphones for this price
Excelente custo benefício, produto de qualidade, confortável, acabamento impecável, bons graves e agudos, bluetooth funcionou muito bem tanto no iphone quanto no android. Bateria dura bastante e leva só 2hs para carregar completamente.<br><br>A única coisa que não gostei é que ele parece meio mole, diferente do T4. Mas vale muito a pena.
Es una excelente opción de compra. Los audifonos van muy bien, se escuchan bastante bien, quizá pueda ser mejor el desempeño de los sonidos graves pero nada de que preocuparse.<br>Algo que si molesta un poquito es la poca distancia de señal que tiene con el teléfono, es raro, ya que la tecnología Bluetooth tiene un alance de 15 mts. (según), pero bueno, sigue estando muy bien todo.<br>Es cómodo en los oídos, quizá grandes para algunos. El cable es robusto y duradero.
O que dizer de um phone quase perfeito.<br>Está muito para além de uns phones normais. Excelente designer, muitas opções de conexão sem ser necessário comprar nada adicional. A nível de som muito bom, apenas se desejar produção deverá ter em atenção ao grave para não cair em erro.<br>Opinião: comprem.
I got what i expected, product arrived in perfect conditions, packaged got little damage, but nothing happened to product<br><br>Pro; Sound quality is what it offers, it is an amazing sound device, it exceeded my expectations.<br>Cons: Microphone is not a good point, it works, but don't expect to use it as a freehands for your mobile.
Quite lightweight build but really good sound quality. Easy to use and nice controls on the headphone for power, volume, play/pause and skip songs. Long battery life and really comfortable. Very good value for money.
Elegí ponerle 5/5 porque es un altavoz muy bueno, la verdad es que suena espectacular y la batería dura muchísimo tiempo, el único punto negativo que podría dar es que con el audio en Jack suena menos y la funcion de mejora de sonido no funciona. Muy resistente y buenos materiales de construcción
Works like discribe ,Good receiving distance. More then fair lasting battery life per charge.. purchase it white gets a little yellow after time. should of purchase it in black or red. besides that no other majer problems.
Tutto arrivato senza problemi nei tempi previsti, packing impeccabile e nulla di rovinato, ricevuta anche informazione da parte di Bartolini della consegna<br>ottima qualità audio del prodotto
Very good headphone, a bit pricy but the build quality is good Very good headphone, a bit pricy but the build quality is good Very good headphone, a bit pricy but the build quality is good
It has good sound and long battery life. Fold easily. It is comfortable and also made of quality material. I really like it. Blue color is also awesome.
Excelente qualidade de som, não tenho do que reclamar nesse quesito. Acho aue ele aperta um pouco as orelhas e isso incomoda, outro ponto negativo são as bases dele(pernas), o lado esquedo do meu já não segura com tanta firmeza mais, então ele fica descendo sozinho.
Great headphones for work out. Probably they are outdated since you can find true wireless headphones.<br><br>Microphone doesn’t work.
Qualität entspricht dem Preis. Ist Ok aber nicht der Hammer.<br><br>Akku Laufzeit ist überragend. Sound Qualität nicht für alles geeignet.
Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.<br>Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.<br>Good product. shipping was Best. recommend.
it works fine but its noise cancellation is not very good, anyway The materials are of good quality and the audio is also
The product is great. Sound quality is top quality is fair enough and sound fidelity is satisfactory
Produto de acordo com anunciado, bonito, funciona perfeitamente, bem construído.
Great. High quality and fast shipping! Works as expected and described. I can recommend it to anyone!
Kulaklık hem kabloyla hem de bluetooth ile kullanılabiliyor. Ses kalitesi parasına göre gayet iyi. Kulağı çok rahatsız etmiyor. Genel olarak mükemmel olmasa da ortalamanın üstünde bir kulaklık.
Productp duradero exelente sonido y calidad de materiales
Sem dúvida um dos melhores para graves, só teve um problema na conexão na primeira vez que não queria sair o áudio, só reiniciei o aplicativo e deu tudo certo!
Un buen producto cumple lo que dice y en mi caso es excelente para lo que buscaba en unos audífonos.<br><br>Me encanto que tiene su adaptador para Jack 3.5.
price is the only pro here. read the con it is more important.
3 yıldır sıkıntısız kullanıyoruyorm memnun kaldım, kolay bağlanıyor gerek pc gerek telefona kulaktan da düşmüyor, sarjı da iyi