Chuwi technologies creates devices in Android and Windows platform. Choosing to give its customers a choice, Chuwi has achieved great success in both realms. The screens produced by Chuwi are highly acclaimed for it's color accuracy, vibrancy, and response time. If picture quality and build is important to you, Chuwi is your best choice.

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"Its an amazing 8 inch tablet and for sure it worths every cent, Fun little mini tablet, Great for all my multimedia, inspired by the iPad Mini"

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 151 reviews

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Finally received the item here in the Philippines, took it 35days to be delivered in my door step. But it's fine since Gearbest isn't to for it. DHL kinda sucks here in our country, processing is very slow. Plus tax computation is a little high for the value. <br><br>Overall the product is very good for its price, specially the built quality. Am still in the process of testing and setting up the device but so far I haven't found any issue. The laptop came in complete packaging with all the accessories included, I'm quite happy since I received it sealed and brandnew. Thanks gearbest for the awrsome device.
I recommend buying only if you install an M2 SSD and perform an operating system installation on it.<br>this lapbook has a construction above the quality standard for the price range.<br><br>you can use it for: browser and office browsing, for music and movies,ok photography programs and simple video editing no more<br><br>don't use it for: heavy games or video editing<br><br><br>absolutely recommended to download programs to update the drivers to get a 50% performance especially on the wifi and bluetooth card
Ein schönes großes und bestens ablesbares Display. Für die normalen Anwendungen (surfen, lesen, Word) ist das Tablet perfekt. Es ist aber relativ schwer in der Hand. Tolle Verarbeitung mit abgerundeten Ecken, Alugehäuse und 3D-Display. Sehr edel. WLAN Empfang (5ghz)schnellt und mit guter Reichweite. Updates werden ohne Probleme gezogen. Ich habe des Tablet 1 x zurückgesetzt und neu durchgestartet. Seitdem funktioniert leider das Touchpad der Tastatur nicht mehr.
Un produit hybride Android / Windows qui fait office de Tablette et de PC quand on ajoute le clavier.<br><br>Bientôt 3 ans en ma possession et toujours fonctionnel. La batterie est très bonne et la tablette encore fluide surtout sur Android qui est moins consommateur en RAM.<br><br>La qualité photo / vidéo n'est pas extraordinaire mais je ne l'utilise que très peu.<br><br>Je ne peux que recommander ce produit et je ne cherche pas à changer même si j'imagine qu'il y a mieux aujourd'hui.
La tablet está genial, buena pantalla, mucha potencia, mucha ram y rom, buena batería, me gusta mucho que el botón de encendido sea diferente a los de volumen, es muy buena compra, y te da muchísimo juego, como tablet, teléfono, para juegos, para libros, para GPS, etc.... En definitiva, perfecto. Por poner algo negativo.... Comprar una funda si o si ya que es muy resbaladiza.
Really good screen. My tablet has been running 24/7 for years and has been stable. The case could be a bit more premium but Chuwi makes newer models that address that. The speakers could also be improved. Battery life is acceptable. Wifi has disappeared several times, only fix has been to reset Windows.
Amazing laptop, was lucky to buy the last one in stock. Sturdy, beautifully designed and just beautiful to look, if only the space was more it would be even better. Images on web browser are not sharp though for some reason, don't know if this can be configured
I love this tablet and this brand.<br>The tablet is fast and work like a charm.<br>I use it every day.<br><br>The only things i dont like is that the android of the tablet don't have any updates and i still couldn't find a way to not allowing the android to cut the CPU speed when battery reach 25%
Considering price of the product, it helped me for a while for my school. However, if you are going to use it for photoshop etc, you won't be satisfied.<br>Beside that, after 3-4 months usage, touchpad is not used to be. I had to repair touchpad because it was not easily clickable.
The screen is giant and the fact I can switch between windows and android is the stand out fact. I bought the keyboard together to work sometimes on windows. It reads the sd card well and overall good battery. Highly recommend for your budget all in one tablet.
La tableta es buena, buena pantalla, buena batería, el táctil es pésimo, mejora con la actualización de firmeware pero podría mejorar aún más.<br><br>El WIFI es flojo, toca estar muy cerca del router para tener buena señal. En los juegos que he probado no se queda, fluye muy bien, para leer y ver videos es espectacular.
pro: built quality even though it is full plastic, good battery life, ssd expansion slot<br>cons: cn display, no dual band ac wifi, only 2.4GHz N, old atom processor, no ethernet port
Boa qualidade de construção.<br>Na minha opinião apenas a lentidão do processador prejudica a nota final deste produto.<br>Ainda assim, recomendo totalmente.
Se rompio a los 2 meses, dejo de cargar y no se encendia.El pad como tal no estaba mal pero ya con eso no vale la pena
muito bom. com sistemas Windows e Android. o único ponto negativo é a versão 5.0 do Android e não há atualização
Non c'è molto da dire preso già in preordine arrivato nei tempi stimati senza problemi. La ricarica rapida funziona bene forse unica pecca il fatto che abbia solo una porta USB. Comunque dura tanto la batteria e non si scarica da sola come altri prodotti
Ich habe mir hierzu noch eine Blutooth-Tastaur dazu bestellt. bin äusserst zufrieden! Würde es sofort wieder kaufen!!!
There was no problem with the shipping, the package arrived in time.<br><br>The product is good, it is working as expected.
The service was outstanding, everything quickly and easily sent. It was as in the calculated temporal Ramhmen been sent in time. Everything was good to track with shipping code! Delivered safely and at no extra cost as paid. Happy again!
very sleek design and good quality, it turns Chuwi tablet into laptop. there are no problems.
Не для игр. Ютуб, интернет работают отлично. У меня больше года. Полет нормальный.
chuwi a sorti un monstre de puissance ! <br>windows 10 à était pour moi ce qui m'a fait franchir le pas à l'achat avec la puissance du cpu de la tablette <br>pas déçu de cet achat
Dommage pas de mise à jour android ,par contre mise à jour sous la dernière version de Windows 10 après quelques manipulations car la mémoire et petite.
el material da una sensación de suavidad y a la vez, se tiene la sensación de que si se protege un poco el equipo por su textura. Color muy bonito.
Die Box ist sogar in 8k<br>Alle Erwartungen übertroffen<br>superschnell im booten<br>die 3d maus ist auch sehr gut<br>ansonsten sehr zu empfehlen
produto de boa qualidade achei só um pouquinho pequeno mais o material feito é excelente demoro 21 a 22 dias para chega para o Brasil...............................
It is working very well in my car, it loads my motorola moto g6 plus fast and I am satisfied. I highly recommend buying this product
Value for maoney is ok. the spu is not perfect but do the work liske youtube and more applications from the google store.
les touches du clavier ce n'est pas top ,mauvaise sensation lors du toucher <br>sinon il fonctionne bien <br>a recommander
Seller is good shipping. this lapbook is good cost performance. This performance is sufficient for normal use.