Chuwi technologies creates devices in Android and Windows platform. Choosing to give its customers a choice, Chuwi has achieved great success in both realms. The screens produced by Chuwi are highly acclaimed for it's color accuracy, vibrancy, and response time. If picture quality and build is important to you, Chuwi is your best choice.

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"Its an amazing 8 inch tablet and for sure it worths every cent, Fun little mini tablet, Great for all my multimedia, inspired by the iPad Mini"

4.6 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 259 reviews

what people are saying
+I recieved the unit properly wrap to avoid damage and indeed no damage found on the item.<br>+I like the design of this laptop it is so thin and in my opinion the material is solid -similiar or better than my Macbook air 2012.<br>+Laptop temperature also very cool even after using for quite sometimes.<br>+In terms of product specs and price stand point, this unit is a winner.<br>+Item was recieved after 14days upon order using standard shipping.
The tablet is quite fast and responsive up to all productive tasks.<br>it has great build quality with the aluminium casing and a great screen.<br>On the downside I can only find the type-c connection used for charging and peripherals, because it's so deep inside the casing you can use any standard type c cable or adapter. it's a problem for connecting hdmi or ethernet through the type-c since I can't find proper adapters used for any other device.<br><br>Best regards
Ja, das Original muss es sein. Der Stift funktioniert, wie erwartet. Natürlich kommen alle Chuwi Geräte nicht an das Niveau von Weltfirmen heran, man muss viele Kompromisse machen, aber dafür sind die Kosten aber extrem gering. So passt es am Ende wieder. Und der Stift hat ausreichende Merkmale um das Tablet bedienen zu können. Er hält an der Seite des Tablets magentisch fest, was ich sehr paraktisch finde.
Um mini-PC prático e simples de usar. Pré-instalado o Windows 10, e é possível atualizá-lo e modificar para o idioma Português, sem perder nenhum app ou recurso.<br>Ponto fraco é a baixa capacidade de armazenamento. Como alternativa pode-se utilizar pendrive, cartão SD ou disco externo.<br>Acompanha suporte para fixação em parede e controle remoto.<br>Ponto forte: Windows e Android instalados.
This tablet was my first bought and it suprised me, it's work so good, that i use it to almost everything even it's caming with the screen with defect, i use it, and compensate the price, it's fast, 32GB, wasn't so much space, but, it's good, with a SD card. câmera, is good to a tablet, front and rear, the áudio either.<br><br>I not regret to bought this, even have to fix, i loving,
I love the size of this tablet. It is perfect. It's been working great. Good performance. I wish Chuwi keeps supporting this product and updates the android. It's still at 4.4. Other then tat it has great screen and performance. Battery life is enough.
For only 80 bucks, this tablet gives you really many possibilities with its dual boot capability. The battery consumption is ok, the screen is nice and you can hold it easily in one hand.<br>One problem though - because of the parted disk (for Windows and Android) there is not enough space to install the newest Windows 10 update. Maybe there is a way to remove Android, update Windows and then reinstall Android, but I haven't found a way to do so, yet...
This is a very nice tablet to make lots of tasks. Windows 10 run beautifully in this tablet and the screen looks so well despite low resolution of it. It has two usb ports and a micro HDMI to connect a monitor or TV. Battery is very large and reach almost 6 hours with his screen on. I recommend brand CHUWI to anyone. and thanks to Gearbest I found this fabulous product.
Tani ultra-book, Cieniutki, wiadomo cichy.<br>Wszystko działa w nim prawidłowo - tylko wi-fi jak dla mnie wolno ładuje strony.<br>Jedyny minus wgrany jest Windows 10 - a on jak robi aktualizację - potrafi zaciąć sprzęt nawet na kilka dni <br>Chrześniaczka zadowolona i od zakupu on nadal działa
Me gusta mucho para mi es genial tener uní mini pc para mi trabajo , poder llevarlo a cualquier sitio es genial, además trasformarlo en table esta muy bien va todo bien no se mucho de tecnología pero reconozco un producto cuando funciona bien tiene buena capacidad de almacenamiento que es lo que buscaba para todo los documentos que guardo en mi pc me viene bien.
Хороший качественный планшет. Стоит операционка Remix OS, качественный дисплей, запас памяти 4/64Гб, хорошая сборка. За эту цену отличный выбор
very good product! We receive it Just in time. the display quality is good and the battery life cycle is correct<br>the different kinds of connectors(usb hdmi ..) is à good thing too<br>the design is good.
Very nice tablet for videos and games. It worth it's cost. Battery could be better, but bought another one and replaced.
Sono rimasto veramente soddisfatto di questo prodotto.<br>E' un prodotto di qualità e con ottime prestazioni.<br>La consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliono avere un ottimo risultato.
muy buena tablet aun gran precio. Viene con windows 10 y la resolucion de la pantalla es superior a otras tablets de su precio. La bateria es de gran duracion
Apesar de substituir facilmente um rato, esta caneta não permite uma escrita fluída, pois tem um ligeiro atraso em relação ao movimento da mão. No entanto continua a ser um acessório útil em algumas situações de maior precisão de escrita.<br>Funciona no chuwi hi10 plus
Couldn't have a better deal than this. <br>Great Product. It supports QC 3.0. <br>Tested with Ampere app and was able to get 3000 mA with this charger.
very good, its a great product, very useful, we used it every day. we are very gratefull for it and will order other things as well!
Мне нравится этот девайс, сочетание цены и качества вполне достойное. Его работа практически не вызывает нареканий.
Nice build quality, easy to use, worth every money. Shipping was fast, well packed, nice design , I can just recomend it.
Works as described and I use it as a direct replacement for my other official chargers. Will definitely get again.
Ottimo schermo telaio in alluminio processore e ram lavorano discretamente bene.Memoria sufficiente
Compre dos para mis hijos pequeños. La verdad es que no esperaba gran cosa. Es una tablet con poca memoria interna. El procesador cumple justo. La camara muy floja. Para tareas sencillas y videos va muy bien.
The adapter works perfectly, it costs its money and does not cause me any complaints. This is a good buy.
Nice design, very good material quality, strong hardware. I am absolutely satisfied with the product.
Perfeita para levar o Tablet para qualquer lugar. Bem confortável de usar.
Tem 2 anos de Uso e funciona na perfeição. Nunca tive qualquer problema. Dupla funçao Tablet ou Windows . Aconselho
Like the product, it is a solid charger, very good built. No regrets!<br><br>Can't find any cons!
I couldn't image something better for the price I paid. both hardware and software works very good. suggested for who need a pc just for running basic programs, watching movies or tv series, red newspaper.
O material é bastante bom, faz tudo o que diz que faz, os imans são realmente potentes, só é mesmo pena o teclado não existir em Português, no entanto com uns autocolantes consegue-se disfarçar.