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Good design., Cool!

4.8 out of 5

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To be clear, I bought this GPU for cryptomining, and it worked perfectly. Now I stopped the miner and using this gpu only for gaming. I am very happy with it.<br><br>+1 for the monitor on the top (love it :P)<br>+1 for the design<br>+1 for the "gifts" in the box (not telling hehe)
Отличная холодная карта, в PUBG побегать, а танки поиграть - вообще без зависаний, 50 FPS легко. в CS GO - 170 FPS. Есть кнопка для аппаратного заводского разгона (пока не пользовался).
Не ожидал, что будет настолько шумной. Вентиляторы постоянно молотят на 1890 оборотов, даже в простое, когда температура чипа 32-33 градуса. MSI Afterburner показывает минимальный предел регулировки 47%
excellent choice for a low budget all in one pc.Very good quality , everything works , i manage to install windows 10 , all drivers are working . Strongly recommend
Buy this Grafica because it was recommended to me and I do not regret anything, I have an i3 And with this Grafica I can run All the games I've wanted, Counter Strike Global offensive, The Forest, Warframe, Fornite and among others all over 60 FPS, In short if you have 100 dollars this is the best graph you can buy: D
Not very hot, a good cooling system, memory Samsung. Gives a larger hashrate than the other my 1060. Not the best quality of the plastic
recomendo,<br>ótimo preço,<br>Moro no Brasil, do dia da compra até minha casa levou 15 dias corridos. <br>Muito rápido entrega, parabéns
It has cool screensaver clocks O and one more thing the battery life is wonderful I never even charged it yet.when I say light I mean super light
placa excelente, recomendo a todos que querem pegar uma 1060 6gb, a temperatura dele é bem fria em comparação a muitas de marcas famosas, ela é bem silenciosa, o desempenho é muito bom também, tem botão de bost que deixa ela melhor ainda, recomendo.
This is an excellent card for the price and performs great while playing Overwatch
A great all around graphics card with lots of oomph for the price
Placa de vídeo com custo e beneficio, excelente em todo os aspecto. Não irá se arrepender ao comprar esse produto.
ainda não testei o produto pois minha fonte não chegou , porem oque posso dizer sobre o acabamento da placa é que é de muito boa qualidade.
Great bargain in a very good graphic card !!!!
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