Convoy flashlights were expressly designed for discerning customers. A broad range of versatile, cutting edge flashlight solutions include tactical flashlights, UV currency detection, EDC functionality, and IPX8 outdoor designs. For power without compromise, Convoy is your answer.

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4.8 out of 5

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Несмотря на свою бюджетность, фонарь выглядит очень презентабельно. Корпус покрыт матовым анодированием с эффектом софт-тач, благодаря этому на нем не остаются отпечатки пальцев, и фонарь хорошо лежит в руке. У фонаря есть 3 режима яркости, по двойному быстрому клику включается скрытый строб. Выключение фонаря осуществляется длительным удержанием кнопки. Не самое лучшее управление. В хвосте фонаря ничего нет, кроме ушек для крепления темляка и странной резьбы
this is a great addition to collection, looks good love the feel of the finish (matt) , throws a good beam comparable to others like emisar d1s ,astrolux c8, even close to my Klarus g35 which is a 1000m thrower and you can have which ever tint of light you want, lots of modes to choose from , I have a few torches but I really like these Convoys ! great prices you can customize and performance is there
1. The product deserves five stars because the price for the product is very good.<br>2. The color delighted me in this flashlight. I can not see the flaws.<br>3. The flashlight in comparison to other flashlights differs in the intensity of lighting, which delights me because this lacquer is not expensive.<br>4. I recommend this flashlight.
This is one of the best compact built flashlights<br>you can own! hands down!<br>only uses a single 18650 battery<br>has 12 setting modes (only Silver Edition)<br>with memory and is a powerful thrower<br>this thing throws very far!<br>you be very surprised how far<br>i own several of these and its worth the money.<br>i highly recomnend this flashlight!
Több Convos S2+ lámpám van, azokhoz képest nekem annyira nem tetszik a felülete, érdekes.<br>A lámpa amúgy szokásos Convoy minőség, nem lehet belekötni, tökéletes EDC zseblámpa, minden háztartásba kell egy.
A great throwy flashlight with an incredible price, this is like the s2 but with a large throwy smooth reflector. The knurling is excellent and grippy and the light feels rock solid, this throws really well at about 1000 lumen.<br>Highly recommend this light.<br>well done to convoy
-Amazing price/quality racio<br>-Build quality on this one is superb<br>-Reliability of a trusted brand ( Convoy ) <br>- Really bright, 1000 Lumens<br>-It is mainly a thrower , and it does it without a problem to 200 meters<br>-In my opinion is perfect for house defending because of it focused beam
nagy fényerő, jó fogás, hosszú üzemidő, strapabíró, dupla kapcsoló, könnyű üzemmódváltás<br><br>high brightness, good grip, long operating time, rugged, double switch, easy switching
Torch type searchlight. Range of about 400-500m. Very good performance. Five modes of operation: 5%, 50% 100% stroboscope,SOS mode . I recommend to everyone as an universal flashlight.
Heave duty flashlight.<br> <br>Excellent construction, arrived in excellent condition, very well packed.<br> <br>For sure recommenced.
Высокое качество изготовления и материалов.<br>Световое пятно равномерное и широкое.<br>Запоминает последний режим перед выключением.<br>Качественное и стойкое анодирование корпуса.
Ліхтар досить хорошої якості. Має вісім режимів роботи в одній групі. Іншої групи немає, вимкнути строби не вдається.
I give positive feedback to this flashlight because it is very good quality, exemplary, it is very practical, it shines very well. I have not found a fault for the present. I recommend to everyone.
Very good powerful torches. According description. Fully recommended. With sure i will buy again. Rating is only 5 star for Convoy C8<br><br>Fully recommended item.
Доставка быстрая всем доволен все как в описании<br>Доставка быстрая всем доволен все как в описании магазин рекомендую.
Качественный светодиодный фонарик, очень яркий, имеет несколько режимов работы. Имеется влагозащита (имеются резиновые колечки).
Convoy L2 is a great flashlight.<br><br>- 2x26650 provides allow great power capacity.<br>- Big reflector throws far.<br>- Can used with 2x bateries or with 1x.
Фонарик отличный, покупаю уже такой второй, для жены. Все устраивает. Некоторые жалуются что греется на большой яркости а мне это даже нравится, зимой руки греет. Рекомендую к покупке. Доставка быстрая,в Крым за 20 дней
В принципе аналог convoy м2. Немного меньше боковая засветка зато размеры меньше,а значит удобнее носить в кармане. Цена на июль 2018 тоже значительно ниже чем у М2
Ótimo produto com um custo beneficio excelente. Lanterna com otina iluminação e durável. Pequena e fácil de manejar
Excellent finishing of the flashlight. Now you can quickly find it in the dark. The battery is almost not discharged.
I love this light, the abilty to use single or double 18650 batteries or 26650 batteries is the icing on the cake. Solid build and great performance.
Excellent quality, as will all Convoy flashlights.<br>Smooth threads. Good reflector.<br>Made a superb thrower with a XHP35 HI.
This is one of the most beautiful colors of the Convoy S2+ out there. I got it on the 3000k tint which is also lovely. Comes in a gift box, with a nice lanyard and with a metal tail switch much nicer than the plastic one on other models. Highly recommended.
it's just what I needed for my bicycle when using at night. would've been better it included a battery but it's still a good deal.
Отличный фонарь известного производителя.<br>Фонарь универсальный, сочетает свойства дальнобойных фонарей и фонарей для ежедневного использования. Свет тёплый, пожалуй даже слишком жёлтый.
Pretty simple product, but it fits great and works very well. Also compatible with the new C8+.
I think this is a great light, I think I will order another in a different light temp...<br>That is all I have to say..
Great product!!!! Very light... very nice blue light!!!! Every thing Ok:) with Good battery long time od work
I think everything was already said about this flashlight. Perfect quality, nice, solid, great beam of light