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I got this as a replacement after another brand did not work for me. I am very pleased with it. Quick reading, and apparently consistent results (I admit that I haven't yet had a chance to check its calibration against the ones in my physician's office). It has a neck cord , so I can easily take readings all through the day. The only time I have had a problem with readings is immediately after doing water aerobics; it seems to take some time for normal circulation to return to my fingertips, but that's not a major drawback unless you are trying to see how that particular form of exercise affects your pulse rate or oxygen level.
Polecam te cacko osoba borykajacym się z opadaniem dziąseł bądź z kamieniem nazebnym. Dwa tryby w zupelnosci wystarczaja, sporo końcówek (sam jeszcze nie ogarniam jak ich używać). Możliwość dopasowania trybow cisnienia wody, chociaż osobiście używam najslabszego. Przedewszystkim nie duży koszt w porównaniu do zakupów na naszych portalach aukcyjnych!
Thank you for these phenomenal socks that have been a game changer for my normally swollen legs and ankles. I travel a lot for work and Doctors performed to test and leg Ultrasounds only to find everything working normally thank God, but, the swelling was awful and embarrassing. No more swelling since I started wearing these socks with my uniform.
This pillow is very well made and a solid help in my hip replacement recovery. I had been using one of my pillows which didn't seem to keep shape as well. This one is nice. I would recommend this to others and wish I had purchased this long ago. I've had both knees and both hips replaced....cost of being a retired machinist. Thanks!
Fast shipping. Great product. Premium material breathable garment bag with zipper. For travel and business trips with shoulder strap. Low price. I love it.
One minute 40 seconds on 50% power and i've got poached eggs just the way I like them. And they literally slide out of the cooking compartments ( a quick shot of cooking spray helps). My wife can do her eggs, with a firmer yolk, by cooking 10 or 20 seconds longer. Best of all, easy cleanup. Great price on a solid product.
The pump is strong enough in the strongest position. The ergonomic position for holding is fine, but you should be careful that by accident you press the power button
Ideal mirror for close shaving or makeup. The install was simple and comes with necessary screws, no real challenge here. This does take up considerable space so if you're looking for a large mirror, this is your best bet. 10x magnification is awesome for beard lineups and shaves.
I absolutely love this remote dog training collar! After reading the instructions it was really easy to figure out and I really like that you can change between sound, vibration, or shock features and change the intensity for each option as well. I highly recommend this product!
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of construction! It's the ideal size! Highly recommend your purchase!
1. didn't like the product since it didn't meet my expectations <br>2. there is defect in the product see photo <br>3.the quality is not that good didn't like it <br>4.can't compare it with something else since i didn't buy from here something else
Very quality and practical knee support. Soft and at the same time strong. Walked in it at home and did not seem to be rubbing. Waiting for summer to try out...
I enjoyed this flosser a lot. There are so many different tips that I can use. Surprisingly I feel more refresh after using this than my zaimini. There are different levels of spraying too which help with my braces. I enjoy this product a lot and highly recommended.
Bardzo fajne kubki dla dzieci. Piękne kolory. Świetna jakość wykonania. Szybka wysyłka. Zamówilem 3 sztuki i wszystko doszłobez problemu tzn żaden nie został zbity. Polecam!
I swear my laundry is getting dryer and doing so in a shorter amount of time since I purchased these dryer balls. They are light weight so they don’t make too much noise when the dryer is spinning. So glad I decided to give up fabric sheets and use these instead.
Glow is great at night. I bought 900 pieces and probabaly buy more.<br>I laid it out first on my hall table and just let the house light into it and when I turn off our lights it glows so bright beautifly. I am thinking of using it as part of my garden hard scape.
Great quality for this price. Excelent for child. Great cover. highy recomended this for child use. Great quality for this price. Excelent for child. Great cover. highy recomended this for child use.
Качественное полотенечко. Ультра тонкое, ультра мягкое. Узкое, но длинное. Очень хорошо вбирает влагу и воду.
Just what I expected. Works great and installation was not as challenging since I used VHB tape and taped it on my mirror instead of drilling it on my tiles.<br>Quality of the mirrors is great. At this price point, I would say definitely get this.
Packaging of the product is great. <br> <br>Good quality grinder glass. <br> <br>I will recommend this product to my friends and family.
I have a home in which if one gets sick, we inadvertantly share germs and all or most get sick. The cover is practical and help keep our thermomenters clean for multiple user use. It's soft and no sharp plastic.
Works exactly how it's supposed to. Great price. What more could you ask for?<br>Really cleans up the look of the sink. If you still have a half empty bottle of dish soap on your sink, upgrade your life.
Very good material.<br>Heavy and they feel good to the hand<br>they fit nicely in the hand<br>the colours are nice and good <br>the velcro is a nice touch and it grips good
Nice quality. <br>The colour really change with hot liquid inside the mug. <br>My daughter loved the mug and its now her favourite one.
I ordered it, received it within a couple of days. It is so much well than the original one! The pump mechanism has a nice feel and dispenses the perfect amount of soap each time.
Отличное качество. Быстрая доставка. Всем советую покупать. Упаковка качественная. Внутри коробки специальное уплотнение, для защиты товара.
Produto muito útil, de ótimo acabamento, fácil de usar. Muito mais barato que as opções à disposição no Brasil. O produto chegou rapidamente! Limpeza bucal em nível semi-profissional sempre que precisar, sem sair de casa. Estou satisfeito.
Fast shipping, everything in package just like described.<br>Fists perfectly, fastens under knee and reduces tension greatly.<br>Thanks.
No problem at all. Product as described. Fast delivery. No regrets. Powerful water floss for home purposes
Four lunch boxes, have greatly and small,.it’s very suitable for use when you go out for a picnic.In addition, it also can put the microwave.