Simple Introduction Shenzhen Creality3D technology Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2014, is one of the first group of enterprises devoting to 3D printing in China.With own R&D team and sales team focused on 3D printing research and development, manufacturing and sales. Creality3D can also supply printer accessories, consumables, educations, printing services, etc. Creality3D guarantee products quality and make customers all over the world. Creality3D company invested amount of money to build a large standard production line, With about 3000 SQM areas, annual output could over 100k sets, over 100 staffs, still developing. As one of the high technology manufacturing enterprises in China,release own patent and technology 3-5 models each year. Market: In China: main for education field and brand distributor, and trading company. Overseas: Main for Europen, North America , South America, and some Asia countries, such as Korea, Japan etc. Certification: CE,RoHS, FCC, etc P

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My first 3D Printer, bought after so many hours of watching youtube videos about 3D printing and this printer specifically, since it was my first one i struggled a little 2 hours but really worth, for my first print i printed the cat in SD with the white filament that came with it, the quality was AMAZING! (even though it took 3:30 hours to print), i also tested some 3D benchy boats as a newbie, changing the settings to each one in order to learn something, now i suppose only it's durability test in time remain... but as i saw on youtube some people have this printer for over a year and still no problem after all.
With care and tweaking this can be an exceptional 3D printer. Out of the box, if you get the bed leveled and take your time this will print great. I highly recommend checking the stock glass for level. Quite often it's the cause of most major headaches. If your glass is bad you can get mirror tiles at most major hardware stores. There are tons of modifications and upgrades available for the CR-10(s)(s4)(s5) but few are necessary. Stock it's a good printer. A good base, table, bench, whatever you're using is also a benefit. The less wobble you have the better your prints.
This is my first 3D printer and I'm using Cura to create the STL's and TinkerCAD to create basic things for work and around the house. Looking forward to trying different filaments! Shipping was prompt and price was good. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.
- der beste Drucker in dem Preissegment <br>- einfacher Aufbau :<br>4 Schrauben für sie z achse und 8 schrauben für die T Stücke<br>- bißchen fummeln mit den blauen streifen (wer es braucht)<br>einige finden es optisch aufwerten andere kitschig <br>- habe ne waschmaschinenmatte unter dem Drucker ich finde ihn nicht laut
Great printer and great price. I use this one when I want to make bigger models. Never have had a problem with it and I’ve been using it everyday for months. I’ve had a few 15 hour prints and it did it just fine.
I received my package in the second week after the purchase, it took me about 20 minutes to assemble and test it, I almost did not have to calibrate anything, I've been with it for months and so far no problem.
Bought this as my second 3d printer so I can have more build volume. It's been great for pla, pla+, and petg, and with a few more prints even better. Would highly recommend.
c'est une cr10 ok mais la S5 est plus que cela , c'est une vraie grosse imprimante avec une surface de 500mm x 500mm et une hauteur de 500mm, ce qui permet de faire des pieces de tres grosse taille.<br>Attention toutefois, le plateau ne chauffe que 300x300mm , les bords sont tiedent et pas chaud.
the product works very well. Fast delivery. I will buy it again. I recommend buying at GEARBEST. I think everyone will be happy
Amazing printer!<br>All the reviews online are true, it prints right out the box, with an amazing quality.<br>The main issue is the time it takes to heat the bed, but that's not really a problem.<br>Thank you.
Have several prints off it, i am still struggling to get complete prints
Reçu rapidement sous 2 semaines. Pas de frais supplémentaire via la livraison rapide. L'imprimante fonctionne bien (cf. les tests sur internet). Le chat a été imprimé sans soucis.
Parfaite pour débuter avec une grosse communauté francophone
Amazing machine for the price.