At the end of 2006, ELEPHONE was established in the Asian electronic metropolis of Shenzhen, China. At the outset, Elephone focused on the core areas of R&D, sales and customer service on mobile communication products to provide people around the world with the opportunity to use Chinese phones and to establish a leadership position in the telecomms industry. Now, 8 years later, Elephone employs more than 1,000 people, including hundreds with specialized talents in R&D and engineering. The cultivation and development of HR capital talent is now complete. At present, ELEPHONE has 10 fully operational production lines and powerful capability in both production and research. All of these ensure competitive advantage through the ELEPHONE brand quality. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world, with an annual sales volume in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East exceeding 10,000,000 units.

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"I am very impressed, very fast I would buy it again, The display is brillant, Fast and easy to use, worth every cent, The battery last for so long"

4.6 out of 5

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Premessa: per togliere totalmente il rumore forse, oltre ad una elettronica più avanzata e costosa, sarebbero più indicate le classiche cuffie avvolgenti e "coprenti".<br>Prese ad un prezzo relativamente contenuto, dopo aver provato un paio di cuffie da più di un centone di euro, ero curioso di "sentire" e "non sentire" con queste cuffiette.<br>Come già scritto sul web toglie bene i rumori "costanti" e di media/bassa frequenza, esempio il rumore del mare, di un ventilatore di un motore ecc.ecc.ecc.<br>Come risposta audio, per me che non sono un audiofilo, mi soddisfano.<br>Come eliminazione del rumore, per quello che le ho pagate, mi vanno bene. Un primo passo
So...<br>I bought it to hear to music with ma friends when I was on da beach, or at the camp, or at a house...<br>I liked it but I used it a bit sloppy, and sand got into and broke.<br>When it worked was pretty cool, the sound was crystal clear and pretty loud.<br>Its a pretty good choice for its money.<br>Dont buy it if you listen to music loud everywhere and dont respect anyone, who do happen to not want to listen to your crappy music. Else, you should buy it its only 20$.
- Builiding quality is good<br>- Its price with discount is good too<br>- Working well : Tested : USB ports - all 3 ports together got 25 Watt (max.)<br>- PC port got also good results - current across 3,8 Ohm resistance is 4,58A<br>- See my video with tests :
O primeiro S8 que encomendei trazia uma avaria ao nível da camara fotográfica, não fazia a focagem e nas imagens não se reconhecia ninguém ou qualquer objecto.<br>Após a devolução e a sua substituição, posso revelar que estou muito satisfeito com a qualidade de imagens e a rapidez que se pode trabalhar no S8. Funciona muito bem e tem uma apresentação e qualidade soberba, relativamente a outros phablets mais caros no mercado.
- Perfect, works as described.<br>- Shipping was a bit slow, but no other complaints.<br>- Works perfectly under water.<br>- Accessories included<br>- Shooting quality is acceptable as an entry level product.<br>- The usability of the software is accessible to any person.
Great camera in this price range. I use it underwater up to 20m deep and it works great. It's a good videos even in low light conditions. To have a larger capacity battery it would be perfect but also meets the average usage.<br>Excellent quality and has been doing great for 3 years.
It works as good as it supposed to be, charges fast. no hicups or something. <br>Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.Great product and value.
already own this for 2 years and still works like a charm,<br><br>when i bought it in a flash sale it was a real bargain.<br><br>everyone was looking at it, like a premium watch and beyond its value.<br><br>really satisfied with this
produto bem acabado de boa qualidade já as funcionalidades ruins do app vipano me arrependi da compra não vale a pena, no smartphone da Samsung até funciona mais no xiaomi que tem configurações superior vídeo só grava 25 segundos e fecha o app sozinho não recomendo não vale a pena.
Ricevuto nei tempi previsti. Il contenuto era perfetto e la qualità complessiva ottima. <br>La scatole contiene tutti i componenti previsti. Il caricoatore Elephone è molto buono e carica rapidamente anche se qualche volta sembra che il telefono non lo riconosca come caricatore rapido e carica a velocità normale.
Perfect speaker ,good <br>He is a good speaker, has a good voice and deep bass. The great advantage is that he is rubberized. The battery life is about 6 hours, depending on the volume.<br>I'm very happy.
That's a very nice camera for this price.<br>It can record 720-120 fps 1080-30/60 fps 4k 30fps.<br>It can also take nice pics (16MP Camera)<br>It comes it a lot of acessories.
Performance und Aussehen sind sehr gut.<br>Allerdings klemmte bei mir schon nach kurzer Zeit die Taste, was zu Dauerreboots mit Chinesischen Bootmeldungen geführt hat. Passt ma da ein wenig auf, dass sich die Taste nicht verklemmt, hat man ein gutes Smartphone für einen günstigen Preis.
Had this phone for over a year now and it has been great, reliable and does everything required, fast and stable, only concern - no NFC. Other than that a great phone
It is a pretty good product, it corresponds faithfully with the description and with respect to photography this product makes great photos. There is a counter and is that sometimes the screen remains in black but the phone is still working and it is necessary to reinitiate it.
I am using this phone as a portable digital audio player.<br>It can be used listen to the digital music.<br>And more , It can use serval digital radio applications.
Gran variedad de protectores de cristal templado a un costo muy bieno. Recomienndo hacer los pedidos de varios productos para acelerar la entrega
Delivered exactly as expected, good solid build and easy to set up out of the box, battery life seems good as well so happy with this purchase
The shipment arrived in time and in perfect condition and the operation is beyond expectation and exciting to use. Its a must have product.
Delivery was fast.The phone ... the bad choice.Extra specs for his time ... terribly slow.Sold at half price after a week.
The screen is very nice, The dual sim cards and the sd card slots are on the side for easy access nano size ; keep a paperclip handy to access
As always an other good product from Gearbest, the price – quality relation is in good order and I would recommend this product.
Väliselt ilus telefon aga sisu pole suurem asi. Suudab võrku ära kaotada. Uuuendusi ei tule tarkvarale nii et ei ole suurem asi.
Everything is fine, Elephone ELECAM Explorer S 4K Action Camera good product, fast delivery. I can recommend this product
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Becomes foggy specially on snow conditions, maybe fog inserts can work. Sun flares are noticeable with the casing.
Produto de excelente qualidade, preço bem acessível.<br>Único defeito são as manchas que fica na traseira do produto, mas são meros detalhes. Pra quem gosta de tecnologia arrojada e de excelente qualidade esse eh um ótimo produto para você..
the best gearbest I love shopping gearbest...they are punctual and precise always perfect and tested products