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4.7 out of 5

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I am very enthusiastic about my purchase! This camera is ideal for someone who wants to buy a very good product at a very good price. Nice build, very sturdy and great video quality. It works perfectly with no light. You can unplug and move it round the house, without loosing any settings. Very easy setup ("Xmeye app") for your mobile phone. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Gearbest!
The picture is pretty good during the day, the night vision is reasonable, it seems that the IR LED's need to have no interference not partially shinning on a wall to get a good picture at night, the setup with the DVR and app on the phone was very easy and straight forward
I am always at work or going to and from so the mobile app is very nice, the price is very reasonable and I was surprised for what you get for the money, I had little hiccup with one of the cameras but the Zosi tech support has been excellent and the camera a non issue
Escam QF-007 is a great ip camera. It has all the functions i want and good bulid quality. Great price. just installed my new one, works fine as always.<br>You can set up a quality monitoring system at home, office, etc for a good price. <br>recommended!
Great camera overall, can't beat the price compare to other home security camera in the same category, and both are working great so far for a simple home security system and to monitor our baby during the day
Night vision isn't that great so I leave a small light on in the barn and the picture is quite good then, I think I'll put motion lights out there so they come on and the yi cameras will get a good view
These cameras work great and they are easy to setup, the picture quality is normal ; there's the option to turn on HD video, good quality for the price
Works awesome !! I hated that I always had to point the remote control directly at my cable box which was at a bad location
To już druga taka sama kamera kupiona na GB, jestem zadowolony w 100%, WIFI działa, obracanie działa, dźwięk też.
The tape attached securely and the cable is good quality and it's great for USB - UIRT an Google
The reviews are very positive and this was the type of camera I wanted
Got a few of these cameras and the quality is great, the price is great
Escam wireless network IP camera looks great and works perfectly.
Great camera for the price easy install exceptional results
Camera WIFI sobre IP, bom design, bom funcionamento, boa qualidade. Visão noturna funciona na perfeição, a APP para o sistema android também é muito boa.
excelente cámara muy buena calidad funciona bastante bien, hasta de noche tiene muy buena calidad de imagen
Funciona corretamente!<br>Nenhum problema encontrado, imagem perfeita, giro silencioso e rápido, eu recomendo!
Article très utile correspond bien à son usage. Bon rapport qualité prix. Toutefois difficile à paramétrer
Definitely good product, I will buy again
Their customer service is astounding
Great camera for POE hook up
Muy rápido y bien embalado.<br>A la espera de probar y ver como funciona.
pas cher, très bonne qualitépas cher, très bonne qualité