Accelerate into the future with Excelvan. Devoted to up and coming technologies, Excelvan puts great effort into the R&D process of their product development. High customer service rating highlight the reason why Excelvan is a trustworthy and reputable brand of electronics.

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price is a real selling point, I am pretty satisfied with it, very cool, works right out of box, got our money's worth

4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 546 reviews

what people are saying
Самое первое - впечатлила скорость доставки! 1 неделя! Это рекорд! Теперь по самому девайсу. Качество сборки на высоте, выглядит все очень основательно. Никаких люфтов, скрипов и т.д. Система состоит из двух динамиков: сабвуфера в основании и высокочастотного динамика в парящей колонке. Звук реально мощный! Не идет ни в какое сравнение с разными мелкими блютуз-пукалками. На максимальной громкости можно оглохнуть. Сказывается размер базы. Диаметр динамика в базе 7.5см, в парящей колонке - 3.5см. Высокочастотная колонка парит на высоте около 1.5см над базой. Есть индикатор, по которому можно легко отцентрировать парящую колонку. В парящей колонке возможно настроить ее мигание: плавный перелив, в такт музыке, выключено.К недостаткам системы можно отнести тот факт,что не смотря на наличие двух динамиков - система моно. Через оба динамика проигруються смикшированные два канала. <br>В целом впечатление сугубо положительное, вау-эффект присутствует! Как нибудь разберу ее, чтобы посмотреть. как устроена. Рекомендую!
El producto ha sido excelente en todo su funcionamiento, puedo conectar via HDMI mi laptop, ver películas guardadas en una USB, conectar bocinas externas de audio vía cable RCA, etc. Puedo ajustar el enfoque cuando se necesita. En una distancia de aproximadamente 4 metros puedo ver mis proyecciones aproximadamente en una extensión de 80 pulgadas. La calidad de la imagen de proyección es muy buena. <br>Le doy 5 estrellas porque hasta ahora he estado muy conforme con los beneficios que me brinda tener este proyector.<br>Me hubiera gustado que tuviera conexión inalámbrica al WIFI o entrada ethernet.<br>Me gusta que por un bajo precio comparado con otras marcas, tengo una buena pantalla proyectada con una buena calidad de imagen.
Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време. Евтино и много компактно устройство. На децата много им хареса. Дано го ползват по-дълго време.
There are several different settings for audio pickup, there's a mic on/off button on the face of the mic that's got a red indicator led in its center which is solid when the mic is on and flashes when its off, i would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a great quality mic, there's a pro version available as well though I wouldn't consider it unless your a professional recording artist, you've been looking around for headphones with a mic you might consider getting this and a pair of just headphones separately as that way you'll have a much higher quality setup
Full-featured projector, colors are spot-on and deep/rich, the features to adjust projected image are very good, the USB connection worked very well and resulted in full resolution, previous projectors I have used had volume and range issues, this one has very good volume and is also good across treble, if you use HDMI and you want to use external speakers, you will need to hook those up to your computer and make sure your computer routes the sound away from HDMI to your normal output jack
I have tested this smartwatch and is a good one under 40€. This watch cam be used as casual one or as sport one. One of the main advantage is that can be used as an extension of my phone, so when ever I am in places where is dangerous to show very expensive phone (over 1000€), I use my smartwatch and keep my phone in a bag or in pocked. For me I recomend this watch.
Super fast shipping due to an Europe warehouse. The screen itself was very easy to install, it just needs 2 people to drill the holes into wall and then you are done.<br>Just plug into power and let the magic happen.<br>Only disadvantage is the plastic smell which disappeared after few days but I guess it’s normal for a new screen.
This product is exceptionally and versatile all rounded equipment that is compatible of almost every AV set-up really exceeds my expectations. I have one in my restaurant that we are using for karaoke with you tube, the usb dongle always sat plugged in for a long time and still working perfectly until this time of writing. Worth the money.
You are a trustworthy online store, I love the clock very much and I highly recommend everyone with confidence. I am a 4 year loyal buyer of this online GearBest store. Years ago with sales we need such quality and value-for-money products.
This projector is very compact and very lightweight but it projects a big bright clear image equal to or better than projectors that are twice its size, far I have tried it to present a PowerPoint presentation which was bright and also with my family watching an outdoor movie and it was bright and perfect for that also
This is a good decorative led strip. I have purchased this to create a warm environment for my figure collection and it does the work.<br>But after a while the color turns back to red and buttons doesn't work, you need to turn it off and on again.<br>The attached photo has the brightest mode of the led strip so it looks really nice when you turn off the lights.<br>Price/quality is really good. So I definitely suggest this.
The product is designed to meet my expectations. Size and specifications are as described. Very successful in price / performance. I will upload the results with photos and videos for bright and dark environments.
You get what you pay for in this product.. Picture & colour 8/10 .... Sound really low 5/10 reading of usb was like an old dvd os but it did the job... Shipping and Services from GearBest was Awesome delivery within time from shipping method...
Clear image and the sound is amazingly high for such a small thing.I plugged in my iphone and played a movie at daytime, i was surprised on how good it was.It is way better than my the other projector I got few years ago.I could adjust the size of the screen to play the movie with high resolution
Got it in 4 days after purchasing, very good picture quality, best middle range projector giving you 1080p quality at an affordable price, very blight colors .
I would like to express my gratitude and joy at receiving my order intact and untempered with within time frame.Thank you very much for a job well done.I with no doubt loved the product.<br>You are a wonderful ,reliable and spot on team, I'm impressed<br>Warm regards,<br>Gilbson Maradzika.
a projektor szuper, jobb mint vártam. Könnyü kezelni, a képe szép, világos. Sajnos nem azt a távkapcsolot kaptam amit rendeltem. Azért rendeltem fehér készüléket mert a teletextes kapcsoloval hírdették. De a másik egyszerübbel érkezett meg.A tv tuner is kiváloan müködik.
Долетели в Украину за 24 дня. <br>Отличное качество изготовления и окраски.<br>Шарниры в смазке. <br>Упаковано в пупырку и картонную каробку
Well regarding the delivery everything was ok, unfortunately i was disapointed... really weak projector if you want to use it as a "tv". For the price is ok, but dont expect nothing more
In terms of USB mics this is one of the best on the market, you don't have a huge budget this mic is a great choice to use for any recording projects you might be working on, in conclusion for the price you can't bet the quality your getting with this mic
arrived sooner than expected, it works great done excellent materials, used in the bedroom to eliminate a bit of mold in the corners and in one night and managed to lower the rate of humidity in the room I recommend it to everyone great product
Chegou testando e aprovado, funcionando perfeitamente como o esperado. E ainda vem com uma bobina de brinde.<br>Equipe gearbest está de parabéns pelo excelente suporte realizado desde a compra e até a entrega do produto.<br>Recomendo e retornarei para futuras compras.
Good intercom i recomment it, eveything is good, efficient delivery<br>Quickly delivery. Intercom is New and all is good
We purchased this projector and a screen to show outdoor movies, we have used it once and were very impressed with the image quality and it is bright enough to start before it is totally dark out, the kids can't wait for our next movie night
the deck was nice and short in length from front to back. not as long as other car stereo. this car stereo is basic but works ok
Simple HUD, exactly what I needed. Speed & revs on display is great addition to safety and speed control.<br>Materials are good and visibility on screen excellent. Recommended!
It is a nice frequency detector and appears to work very well during normal use. For the price, it is what it could be.. It’s good if you want to drive more relaxed, but it its not 100% accurate.
Very good quality product. It takes a while but it was worth it. Excellent cost / benefit ratio. Worth to buy. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Do not waste time looking at other stores.
These headphones are best, so good quality and battery can last so long,no words any for these :D.distance of wireless these headphones is in large range,radio is good /catching a lot of stations
looks good, but I think the item could be smaller. In the package there is no battery, I have to buy battery and check how it is work