Floureon is a brand focused on fresh products for the young crowd. They believe in products that quality and features can speak for themselves. Meticulous efforts are put into each product design to provide the best functions at the best prices.

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I'd buy it again, love the price on this, she is happy with it, quality performance

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 754 reviews

what people are saying
I received the product and checked product details. order number 18081300956306172464 that camera using for only WiFi networks.but I ordered IP camera for your description information . But that camera not support in internet IP address .I attached your details in description our product explore. Please check and confirm This is only WiFi networks camera I returned the product. This is WiFi networks and IP address internet connection is possible please send me how to get IP address.
Hehehe chegaram ....<br>São baterias lipo de excelente qualidade, super bem embaladas, carga de armazenamento, super preço.... <br>Aconcelho são excelentes... Não tenham dúvidas comprem se receio <br> São baterias lipo de excelente qualidade, super bem embaladas, carga de armazenamento, super preço.... <br>Aconcelho são excelentes... Não tenham dúvidas comprem se receio<br>São baterias lipo de excelente qualidade, super bem embaladas, carga de armazenamento, super preço.... <br>Aconcelho são excelentes... Não tenham dúvidas comprem se receio
The setup was extremely easy and the quality of the video is very good, the mobile app can use some tweaking and fine-tuning but for the most part works well, single threaded nut to have the camera swivel on a ball and socket type of setup which would make it a million times easier to aim these cameras instead of the Terrible setup they have now with multiple Allen screws, you'd be lucky to ever be able to move the camera again I would imagine
It was an excellent transcaction. The product works perfect (I bought the version without the HDD, and then I installed my old one and works perfect).<br>The image of the camera are great especially during night. all the platform works great. A minor could be only the length of the cable of cameras (all the cables have the same length) but it's ok.
Good price for a good product!<br>Have had the product now for a year and its working just perfectly.<br>It was fast delivery<br><br>Only negative was the password that you need to get from the app that didn’t the first 100 times but 101 first time it worked and now it works fine...<br><br>So in general a good product for a good price!
this is great value for money video recorder for use 8 cameras. The conectivity is easy. So recomended to use. All channels are BNC connectors.
Great value for the price, good clear video day & night, responsive customer service, had a little issue getting the iPhone app to work but customer service helped me fix it quickly, one tip : Be careful adjusting the camera wi-fi antennas - they are fragile & will break if not positioned gently
Nice and easy to operate when flying inside the house. Fly safe with young kids and very fast to charge using a mobile charger. Would recommend to buy again especially the bright red and blue lights. Only cons is shipping very slow to arrive.
Es un producto de buena calidad. Los mariales son excelentes. Tiene muchos tipos de vibracion.<br>Sin duda es un juguete recomendable para personas que desean experimentar nuevas cosas.<br>Se puede lavar facilmente.<br>No encontre nada malo en este producto
Video quality is really good, the tough part was crawling through the attic to wire it up but this is hands down superior to wireless systems, our house is secure now and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a security system, lastly the night vision is impressive
Site et marchand très fiable. Beaucoup de variété et de choix dans les articles. Excellent acceuil en magasin, vendeur à l'écoute et de bon conseil. Achat sur internet simple et pratique, avec une simplicité pour récupérer les colis en magasin. Colis emballé soigneusement. Lors du retrait le vendeur prend le soin de déballer le colis avec vous pour vérifier le bon état de la marchandise.
Estoy muy contento del grabador...le he montado un disco duro de 2tb y funcciona perfectamente...Tiene acceso a la aplicación xmeye con la que no tienes que preocuparte de abrir puertos en el router , un ip fija o más historias para poder ver la grabación desde el movil...<br>Como punto débil es la posibilidad de crear alarmas personalizadas por zonas que las envíe por email...
Great packaging,great box with care...best 7" navigation for this price with sun protection..great screen and quality product.Fast shipping.
Very good looking powerbank, awesome design, it charges really fast, the solar panel works fine, the compass seems a bit useless but it’s nice!<br>Really worth it
I researched for a few months before deciding on this system and I'm glad I did, installation was easy, video is clear as can be both day and night, nor a wireless system that might not be dependable
Well built product, easy installation in euro spec wall holes (had to use doublesoded tape), nice terminals, easy programming. Just what I needed for automatic program.
FLOUREON 1080P Wifi 2.7-13.5mm H.264 Wireless CCTV Security TF Micro SD Card 5XZOOM IR-CUT IP66 Dome PTZ IP Camera UK camera
I realy like sricam cameras, it works great day and night. <br>Good integration with smartphone with sricam app.
This is a great security camera system for this price point, i'll cut to the chase and start by saying that I am happy with the purchase and I have not had any issues since installation
Everything was okay. It works well. The lamp is very well lighted. I can recommend the product to everyone.
Great price, camera quality, useful settings interface, everything worked smootly. The package included everything that was needed. It works great, full time, for almost a year
Svietidlo je veľmi pekné, remeselne perfektne spracované a dizajn na pomerne vysokej úrovni. Vhodné do akejkoľvek miestnosti.<br>Pomer cena výkon je viac ako uspokojivý.
This is a fantastic value, the image quality is exceptional, construction and quality good also, the included viewing/recording software is a bit quirky but functional
Very nice and quality product. It works perfectly. Also provided with instructions. I recommend it to everyone. The product is delivered within five days of purchase.
Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...Ottimo prodotto, fa bene il suo mestiere...
Very good quality. Images are verry good and it os easy to install. We received it in 5 days so thats very Nice. Verry happy with this set. It realy gives hd quality.
NVRs are easy to navigate and the app is simple and nice, pics are of night vision which isn't bad but daytime is much sharper and great color representation
This product came in good time and was packed and received in great condition. Only issue was it did not come with a NA plug i had to purchase a converter.
Sets up in minutes if you have an Ethernet plug and extra video monitor, you'll need to buy the correct power supply cord to plug in the video cameras
Pretty nice item. The only thing I miss is not having energy consumption on these but if you do your homework, you'll know how much you're saving by using them. I purchased 3 and they'll pay for themselves in less than a year! Great item for saving money, couldn't be happier