FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in Wuxi, Jiangsu in Jan, 2010. FrSky is a research and development oriented company,focused on the R&D, production and sales of the electronic products and embedded software in the areas of remote control systems and intelligent control systems. The main product lines include transmitters, receivers, modules, flight controllers, sensors and related embedded software, which are widely used in various areas of tele-communication, RC model, commerce, industrial, agriculture, etc. FrSky owns almost a hundred independent intellectual property products, more than 40 patents and 11 software copyrights, as well as several international industry certifications like CE, FCC and ROHS.

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This flight controller has an integrated XSR reveiver with smart port and sbus, a PDB with current sensor, accelerometer and gyro. The chip is the MPU6000, which is the better choice, because the MPU6050 is too sensitive to vibrations and thus less effective in compensating wind, max angles etc.<br>The board is too big for all tiny quads and for most medium size quads, be carefull with the boot button, mine broke off very easily. <br>Manual and technical specifications are very poor in essential information.<br>It is necessary to mount capacitors for deworming.<br>The phenomenon is observed when starting engines, they appear in video transmission
Excellent my new TX for old hobby! Firstly I wanted the cheapest Taranis and buy M7 to another time but one day I find good deal here I buy all together! Before Taranis I used JR propo 9x really excellent radio TX, but time dictate its rules. Today in not enough 2.4ghz we want R9m with 10km range, no enough old school back timer, now we want telemetry in TX and to view RSSi in glasses! To day we want super small reicivers and very big ranges! So it's all has published me to buy this Taranis q x7s.
пульт для квадрика обзоров уже много, из плюсов компактность есть чехол приятно лежит в руках стики вроде хорошие только не хватает шипов что бы пальци не соскальзывали, из минусов это дурацкие нестандартные батарейки которые в пульту не зарядить.
this is possibly the nicest TX I've ever used. In the past I've used FlySky and Devo TX. The firmware on board is open TX which is well supported that allows you to manage profiles on the computer. The gimbals are silky smooth and I really like how easy it is to work the menus.
I have not done range testing with it, but it works very well. Has decent enough range for my to use on a football field with very little signal loss. <br><br>Easy to bind, comes with heatshrink, I have no complaints.<br><br>does not come with pins, which to me is a good thing.
Awesome, from the software to the hardware it is awesome.<br>You get the carry case, the charger, the neck strap, external antenae.<br>The build quality is awesome.
O receptor FRSKY X8R pode ser usado no modo convencional com até 8 canais, aplicando um cabo para cada canal, ou até 16 canais em SBUS e com apenas um cabo para conectar a controladora de voo;<br>Alcance muito bom;<br>É de fácil atualização;<br>Tamanho relativamente compacto.
Quite good receiver. It doesn't have telemetry. With telemetry it would be so much better
See DroneMesh review. Best in the world. No noise, no distortion in the FPV fottage - just nothing to complain about
Very good radio.<br>Goog range and lot of options.<br>Little heavy, recomend neck strap.<br>Sticks are fantastic.
frsky<br>Tiny <br>perfect for a whoop size quad.<br> here it is in my whoop I built
Dentro do meu Custo X Beneficio.<br>Rádio com diversos recursos. Diversos tutoriais online. <br>Funcionou perfeito com os simuladores que instalei no note para treinar.
good so far. no complaints. needs 5v to power it but that's easy
smaller than you imagine
yo creo que es de los mejores receptores para los nanos de hoy en día
easy, intuitive, affordable.
Reseptor perfecto,funcsiona muy bien ya venía con actualización para LUA.
Bien mullido para que no sufra daños la emisora. Por lo general esta muy bien
pequeño y buena calidad. buen alcance. ideal para miniracer
tudo ok