FURA is a professional engaged in the development of high-quality goods high-quality cutting tool survival tool, manufacture and sales of enterprises.With the pursuit of product quality be demanding, make the company stand out in the same industry, in excellence to win the trust of consumers."FURA" not only have science in the development of the modern management concept and professional technology and advanced production equipment, has a more for EDC tool has a profound understanding and actively dedicated elite team.FURA for carrying forward the culture of survival tool, create international well-known brand and make unremitting efforts.

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Some good points are:<br>Light weight metal<br>Good quality material<br>It is well stitched<br>Resistent<br>High noise
Megérkezett a csomag és egy nagyon masszív, erős hengert (tárolót) találtam benne. Jó sűrű menettel csatlakozik a fedél a hengeres részhez, biztos, hogy oda víz nem megy be. Nagyon tetszik, elégedett vagyok vele.<br><br>The package arrived and I found a very sturdy, strong cylinder (storage). With a dense thread, the lid is connected to the cylindrical part, sure there is no water entering it. I like it, I'm happy with it.
I'ts usefull. not very good construction, but nice and looks good. Little enough to use with keys. I think, it has a good hardness, a used it to take off a nails and there is no damages. Glass breaker not very good, but U can easy remove it from tool.
muy bien gearbest pues es un botecito para llevar en el llavero se supone que de material de titanio pero es bastante más pesado de lo que yo creía es bonito tamaño guay pero me resulta muy pesado para llevar en el llavero como yo quería pero muy bien gearbest good wood.
leveza<br>muito portátil<br>prático<br>bonito<br>bem acabado <br>barato <br>produz um som muito alto<br>ideal para se levar em uma aventura <br>da para carregar junto com as chaves <br>chegou muito rápido <br><br><br><br>lightness<br>very portable<br>practical<br>beautiful<br>well finished<br>cheap<br>produces a very loud sound<br>ideal to take on an adventure<br>to load with keys<br>arrived very fast
Miniature, high-quality materials, satin blades.<br>Despite the size - very tight and confidently sits in his hand. It seems that they can be plastered without any problems and pegs.
you have certain Asian knives or whatever with different-angled edges, For the rest of us who got a cheap knife block as a wedding present or what have you, this'll put an edge on all your duller-than-life steak knives and that cheap knife that came with your Omaha steaks that you don't want to throw away because, free knife
Очень аккуратно сделанный прибор. Д2 и титан, вес на ключах не ощущается. Длина клинка достаточна для вскрытия упаковок, картона и прочих непредвиденных работ, особенно там, где большой нож вынимать не стоит.
Lovely, tiny, funny and useful. It is made remarkably. Well, very small, much smaller than it seems in the photo. To open envelopes and packages is fine.<br>Wonderful keychain.
The size of a coin, a gorgeous, inconspicuous keychain. It is quite convenient to open packages, letters for them, cut tape on boxes. And, God forbid, it is possible to cut belts with slings.
Recomendo a todos, pois o produto é exatamente igual a uma imagem, não tem o que errar; <br>Deu uma cara nova para minha organização<br>A utilização é bem tranquila; e por ter trava em todos os lados ela não tem perigo de abrir.<br>Muito Bom pode comprar
It is a whistle that also serves as the elegant keychain, the sound emitted is very high and noticeable because it is unlike any other.
Perfection of sufficiency, simplicity and reliability.<br>Good, strong material, accurate processing and perfection of executable functions.<br>Fifth Element!
attractive design<br>solid material <br>a bit heavy<br>gold color is fine<br>anti slip<br>it will definitely break the glass and much more
Great quality bottle opener. Made from real titanium tc4, color reflects it and feels and looks like titanium. Fura gear always delivers good quality items.
Lovely, tiny, funny and useful. It is made remarkably. Well, very small, much smaller than it seems in the photo. To open envelopes and packages is fine.
Cool thing for your money. Now I do not need a screwdriver, because this carbine is just for all needs, that at work, that on vacation. I advise everyone)
handle made on real Ti, blade made of real s35vn and came pretty sharpe and smooth out of the box. mine had a flaw in which the part towards the tip of the blade was unsharpened or was hit which resualted with a dull part of the blade. still is a great piece
pues es un monedero de la marca pura en textil de color caqui y marrón y me lo compré porque me resultó muy cómodo para las tarjetas de crédito y las monedas vamos que me gusta muy bien gearbest
Маленький,очень,очень маленький! В руке лежит не очень хорошо, для самообороны не подойдёт. Но как непосредственно огниво подходит неплохо! хотелось побольше размер! Но в основном неплох, брал в подарок, все в восторге! А -это главное!
Ich war erstmal etwas vorsichtig und hatte mir nur 5 Stück bestellt. Nachdem sie ankamen, habe ich in der nächsten Bestellung direkt 10 Stk bestellt. Ich werde daraus wahrscheinlich Schlüsselanhänger basteln.
I love this key holder it is robust and sorts my keys very well! I've been using it for almost a year and am verry pleased with it. I would recommend it to everyone! And that price is such a sweet deal.
The item arrived packed in a plastic bag with 2 functional led lights, 10 spacers and 2 extra extensions. It is a small and compact key holder made of steel and sort of rubberized plastic.
Clean polised look came in simple ziploc package with extra ring if needed. Looks and feels durable and extra ring feels decent. Nice design very easy to get keys on and off of carabiner.
Ідея гарна - а от виконання невиразне, Куди кріпити викрутку не ясно - може легко загубитись. Продукт потрібно доробити
Nice little EDC knife <br>Flicking action is great, opens smoothly with a lovely click<br>Sharp out of the box and the blade does seem to be S35VN<br>Detent could be stronger but then this is not a heavy use knife
Мини-носорог из качественных материалов. Люфтов нет, заточен очень остро, нравится необычный дизайн.
Keeps the keys organized without the rattle!<br><br>Light weight and very handy.<br><br>Beautifull design.<br><br>Good for EDC key shaped pendrives with your keys, key shaped bottle openers and more!
Beautiful girl. The mechanism is simple and reliable. It looks amazing. Quality, too, did not find anything to fault. Heavy, but easy to write.
Все пришло быстро и без проблем. заказываю не в первый раз. В оригинальной коробке. все отслеживается. Все в хорошем состоянии. брал и для себя, и на подарок. вместо 20 долларов оплатил 7