FURA is a professional engaged in the development of high-quality goods high-quality cutting tool survival tool, manufacture and sales of enterprises.With the pursuit of product quality be demanding, make the company stand out in the same industry, in excellence to win the trust of consumers."FURA" not only have science in the development of the modern management concept and professional technology and advanced production equipment, has a more for EDC tool has a profound understanding and actively dedicated elite team.FURA for carrying forward the culture of survival tool, create international well-known brand and make unremitting efforts.

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Beautiful knife with excellent fit and finish, great build quality and materials used.<br>Nice looking D2 steel blade, sharp, centered, no blade play, clean look without any logos anywhere.<br>Nice looking titanium TC-4 handle, all edges are round off so no sharp edges anywhere and has an interesting pattern with a Japanese vibe on the top handle.<br>The blade flips open smoothly due to the ball bearings.<br>The framelock, which has a steel insert so the TI liner doesn't wear down, locks up nicely.<br>Comes with a nice pouch.<br>Excellent value for money.<br>Certainly one of my favorite knives.<br>Note: For some reason the blade looks dull in my pictures while in reality it's quite shiney.
I have other knives made by Fura, but the FURA S35VN Steel Blade Anti-slip Frame Lock Folding Knife is by far the worst. The most glaring problem is that the so-called "Anti-slip Frame Lock" is cosmetic only and totally non-functional, making this potentially dangerous to use. The blade has a ground edge on one side only. Also, this is listed as S35VN steel, and perhaps it is, but S35VN does not appear anywhere on the knife. In the attached picture you should be able to tell that the frame lock is not engaged, nor could it possibly engage, because it extends beyond the back of the blade. If I could return this, I would.
L'acciarino è davvero pratico, ha una parte in magnesio da trattare per ottenere l'esca e la classica barretta in ferrocerio per fare scintille, dura molto e non si consuma facilmente, inoltre lo striker è ben affilato, purtroppo le dimensioni sono davvero ridotte, si può avere difficoltà a direzionare le scintille.<br>.<br>.<br>The fire starter is light weight and practical, he's got a magnesium bar to scratch, the bar last for a long time and the striker is very sharp, unfortunately the fire starter is very small and it's difficult to direct the sparks
I recently purchased this knife at Gearbest. Much to my surprise, I immediately fell in love! This knife has such smooth buttery action. It’s amazing! If flicks open with a touch of a finger, and it rides on steel bearings. It comes in S35VN steel. I couldn’t believe it! Fits in the palm of your hand and perfect for the coin pocket of your jeans. If you want a knife that is legal to carry virtually everywhere, I highly recommend you buy this knife! Thanks Gearbest!!!
Pros: Real titanium, nice purple color, comes really sharp, nice finishing, good quality materials, <br>Cons: Hard to flip because of the size of the knife, the flipper is not that good, doesnt flip open unless you give it a wrist flick, spike on the rivot piece,
Эта вещь крошечная! И острый! Титан и сталь D2. Открытые коробки, разрезанные пластиковые пакеты и, возможно,<br>но, надеюсь, вам не нужно будет обрезать ремень безопасности.<br>Купи это. Наденьте его на брелок и забудьте о нем, пока он вам не понадобится.
This luggage band is a great asset. If you frequent travel it helps to assure that your luggage will be not open and some stuff be stolen. The material is ok. It will help you.<br><br>Essas proteções de mala são uma boa compra. Se você viaja com frequência vai evitar que sua mala seja aberta e seja retirado coisas de dentro. O material é normal. Elas vão ajudar.
Great quality bottle opener. Made from real titanium tc4, color reflects it and feels and looks like titanium. Fura gear always delivers good quality items.
Couteau livré rapidement et bien emballé. L'ouverture est fluide et le tranchant est plutôt bon mais peut être amélioré facilement. Ce couteau tient dans ma plus petite poche de jean's et m'accompagne partout ! Belles finitions en acier brossé, look vraiment sympa... Pour ce prix je recommande les yeux fermés !
best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp best knife for that price very sharp
Super petite "perle" qui ira parfaitement avec un look chromé ou noir et blanc sur votre couteau. On peut y passer aisément 2 brins de paracord, le tout est léger tout en paraissant solide. Les rainures sont bien usinées et parfaitement parallèles. Aucun point négatif à soulever, j'en ai déjà recommander 3 !
The magnesium rod is very good. It's better if you use a knife to use it as you can see in the video below. <br>You can use this as a glass breaker and even for self defense.
Love this pen, works well as a pen and a tool for various things. They pen works well and writes very good. When switched to the tactical top, it is great for opening things and various tasks where you need something pointedly hard.
For the man who has everything. This pen is made from aluminum I think, very macho and robust. The pressel really is like a rifle bolt, nice toy when no-one is watching. Mine is quite a good speller too.
Arrived in less then month.<br>Whistle is light weight and practical for keychain.<br>Build quality looks good and whistle easy produce very loud sound.<br>Recomendation, good value for money!
This is a cute little pendant that doubles as a capable neck-knife. Perfect for opening letters and boxes, or even trimming flowers. A red anodized nut makes for a striking accent.
Der Stift ist sehr stabil und somit sehr gut zur Selbstverteidigung geeignet.<br>weil er aus Stahl ist, ist er natürlich ein wenig schwerer als Stifte aus Aluminium oder Titan.
This is an incredible pen, it writes sooo smooth, and the finishing is so good that you can't even feel the seem between the 2 parts. It feels a bit hefty but it's also great quality.
All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality. All good, nice little tool, superb quality.
Nicely made blade.. Great steel but I have no way to verify if its S35VN but it kept its edge for a while.<br><br>heavier than it looks and would be perfect if it had a pocket clip.
Working as expected.<br>Good quality product, I am satisfied with it.
It's a pen! It's sturdy the glass breaker works and you can write with it! Difficult to mess that up really! it's a good pen I recommend it highly.
Good for small items. I use it to store contact lenses and medicine. nicely protected and waterproof
Pelo preço é bem em conta e funciona muito bem, agora tem de tomar cuidado ao molhar ela seque rápido, recomendo
Великолепная продукция. Всё сделано на пять с плюсом. Рекомендую, качество на высоте. Качество не подводит, тем более, за свои деньги.
Diese Aufbewahrungsboxen sehen genauso aus wie die, die man mit dem Originalen Steampipes V8 Verdampfer geliefert bekommt. Im Gegensatz zu anderen, billigeren Boxen ist hier kein chemischer Geruch wahr zu nehmen.<br>Absolut empfehlenswertes Produkt.
É útil a presença de dois LED para situações de emergÊncia e pouca visibilidade. Não serve para chaves um pouco maiores, porque não recolhem totalmente (ficam sempre de fora).<br>Recomendo que se verifique sempre os tamanhos das chaves antes de se comprar.
Very nice and useful coin purse, good quality. The size and the material are very well. Best value for money!
I liked this stuff a lot. Very nice and usable thing. Will recommend everyone to buy it. Arrived in 3 weeks! Thanks a lot gearbest.
I LOVE this pen. All together, I have purchased about 15....so far! Personal and gifts! Solid, well built and I carry mine every where!