FURA is a professional engaged in the development of high-quality goods high-quality cutting tool survival tool, manufacture and sales of enterprises.With the pursuit of product quality be demanding, make the company stand out in the same industry, in excellence to win the trust of consumers."FURA" not only have science in the development of the modern management concept and professional technology and advanced production equipment, has a more for EDC tool has a profound understanding and actively dedicated elite team.FURA for carrying forward the culture of survival tool, create international well-known brand and make unremitting efforts.

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L'acciarino è davvero pratico, ha una parte in magnesio da trattare per ottenere l'esca e la classica barretta in ferrocerio per fare scintille, dura molto e non si consuma facilmente, inoltre lo striker è ben affilato, purtroppo le dimensioni sono davvero ridotte, si può avere difficoltà a direzionare le scintille.<br>.<br>.<br>The fire starter is light weight and practical, he's got a magnesium bar to scratch, the bar last for a long time and the striker is very sharp, unfortunately the fire starter is very small and it's difficult to direct the sparks
Fura gear delivers another great small affordable knife. Great quality nice looking and feeling titanium handles. The blade itself is sharp and is different from older models. The colors don't really pop that much like in the pictures.
I'ts usefull. not very good construction, but nice and looks good. Little enough to use with keys. I think, it has a good hardness, a used it to take off a nails and there is no damages. Glass breaker not very good, but U can easy remove it from tool.
muy bien gearbest pues es un botecito para llevar en el llavero se supone que de material de titanio pero es bastante más pesado de lo que yo creía es bonito tamaño guay pero me resulta muy pesado para llevar en el llavero como yo quería pero muy bien gearbest good wood.
This luggage band is a great asset. If you frequent travel it helps to assure that your luggage will be not open and some stuff be stolen. The material is ok. It will help you.<br><br>Essas proteções de mala são uma boa compra. Se você viaja com frequência vai evitar que sua mala seja aberta e seja retirado coisas de dentro. O material é normal. Elas vão ajudar.
you have certain Asian knives or whatever with different-angled edges, For the rest of us who got a cheap knife block as a wedding present or what have you, this'll put an edge on all your duller-than-life steak knives and that cheap knife that came with your Omaha steaks that you don't want to throw away because, free knife
I recommend this box for every EDC sets collector. Very solid, well built and it protects the content very well. I don't think it would be easy to break. It comes with a couple of stickers for marking the box. Inside the foam will hold strongly every item you put in. The quality is very satisfying.
pues es una pieza pequeñita de titanio coloreado qué se utiliza normalmente en los llaveros no sé exactamente para que no acabo de encontrar la función exacta para la cual está diseñado si alguien puede que me lo explique pero muy bien que sois unos cracks
It is a whistle that also serves as the elegant keychain, the sound emitted is very high and noticeable because it is unlike any other.
A very good pen. He writes lightly and clearly. Housing is heavy but it is in your hand. I am happy with the purchase.<br><br>Bardzo dobry długopis. Pisze lekko i wyraźnie. Obudowa cięrzka ale dobrze leży w dłoni. Jestem zadowolony z zakupu.
Great quality bottle opener. Made from real titanium tc4, color reflects it and feels and looks like titanium. Fura gear always delivers good quality items.
przydatne i użyteczne wszystko w porządku polecam ten produkt.przydatne i użyteczne wszystko w porządku polecam ten produktprzydatne i użyteczne wszystko w porządku polecam ten produkt.przydatne i użyteczne wszystko w porządku polecam ten produkt
Couteau livré rapidement et bien emballé. L'ouverture est fluide et le tranchant est plutôt bon mais peut être amélioré facilement. Ce couteau tient dans ma plus petite poche de jean's et m'accompagne partout ! Belles finitions en acier brossé, look vraiment sympa... Pour ce prix je recommande les yeux fermés !
handle made on real Ti, blade made of real s35vn and came pretty sharpe and smooth out of the box. mine had a flaw in which the part towards the tip of the blade was unsharpened or was hit which resualted with a dull part of the blade. still is a great piece
+ Good quality construction<br>+ Bolt is fairly smooth.<br>+ Comfortable grip<br>+ True machined titanium body.<br>+ Tungsten steel glass breaker<br>+ Excellent value for a full titanium pen.<br>++ Parker style ballpoint refill fits!<br><br>Weighs at 47g. Will likely buy it again.
pues es un monedero de la marca pura en textil de color caqui y marrón y me lo compré porque me resultó muy cómodo para las tarjetas de crédito y las monedas vamos que me gusta muy bien gearbest
Маленький нож без замка. Отличные материалы, прекрасное качество сборки, вес - 39 г., общая длина - 12 см, очень острый, покрытие плашек ровное, без разводов! Доставка быстрая! На ключи - самый раз! Рекомендую к покупке! Магазину - огромное спасибо!
Маленький,очень,очень маленький! В руке лежит не очень хорошо, для самообороны не подойдёт. Но как непосредственно огниво подходит неплохо! хотелось побольше размер! Но в основном неплох, брал в подарок, все в восторге! А -это главное!
A very good pen. He writes lightly and clearly. Housing is heavy but it is in your hand. I am happy with the purchase.<br><br>Bardzo dobry długopis. Pisze lekko i wyraźnie. Obudowa cięrzka ale dobrze leży w dłoni. Jestem zadowolony z zakupu.
Very good quality EDC brass whistle. Very loud. Very handsome - bamboo style.<br>A little bit heavy when compared with aluminium whistles but it is of better quality.
I am satisfied with the product, it is a good idea, looks neat and does the job. However, they could have added more rubber bands or think of a simpler set-up since it is hard to assemble it unless you have really a lot of keys.
I love this key holder it is robust and sorts my keys very well! I've been using it for almost a year and am verry pleased with it. I would recommend it to everyone! And that price is such a sweet deal.
Sauber verarbeitet .<br>Schönes Titanium Bead von Fura was sich gut an den Seil dran hängen/ Verarbeiten lässt.<br><br>Keine Scharfen Kanten .<br>Finde aber das für dieses kleine Stück Metal der Preis ist einfach zu Hoch.<br>Es ist nur Stück Metal .<br>Aber gut so ist es halt .<br>Wenn man so ein Stück Metal möchte um es an sein Messer zu hängen.<br>weiter Kaufen.
Ідея гарна - а от виконання невиразне, Куди кріпити викрутку не ясно - може легко загубитись. Продукт потрібно доробити
Мини-носорог из качественных материалов. Люфтов нет, заточен очень остро, нравится необычный дизайн.
This thing is tiny! And sharp! Titanium and D2 steel. Open boxes, cut plastic bags and maybe<br>but hopefully you won't need to cut your seat belt.<br>Buy it. Put it on your key ring and forget about it till you need it.
A perfect and compact knife. He works great. Sharp as razor and useful. Little tanto sword is great. I recommend to everyone.
Pro: Works but you can see deference for wood sticks in terms of weight<br>Cons:Quality of the product is not that I expected.
This is my first EDC pen. It handles good, writes good, nothing to complain. It fills great a clothes set and black EDC items set. It looks solid like it could really break glass. Thank you Gearbest!
Great little firesteel, it comes with a bunch of spare o rings and split rings, only the included little piece of paracord it too short to do anything with it.<br>It put one in my edc bag just in case.