GEMFAN was established in China. GEMFAN offers the best products as amazing GEMFAN focused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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There are a lot of props in the 5" class and for the most part I have been using bargain brand ones. I gave these a shot and paired them with a 2306 2500kv motor. <br><br>A couple of things I noticed right away. These props have a significant amount of material in the blades. So this means they don't deflect and they are a bit heavier then what I was using in the past. The other thing that stuck out were the prop tips. They made for a quiet flying qwad.
Buone eliche, confrontate con le 3052 (le mie preferite per i 3 pollici), sono inferiori in quanto a spinta e a precisione di controllo del quadricottero, che risulta più "libero" nell'aria. Il materiale è durevole, come da tradizione Gemfan. Queste 3035 risultano comunque buone per allenamento o se non si vogliono stressare troppo i motori con un pitch più alto.
This propeller one of the best type of 3"... I like to use it onto my all small 3" drone! Very durable I don't know when I will use all?
a couple arrived a little bent but the straighten up easily. The bend easily in crashes but are cheap so it's not a big deal. Good prop for spc 95gf
good little prop for a 2 inch build. works well and has lots of bite. I would buy them again. I have tried many props and keep going back to Gemfan
These props are the best 3 inch props you can buy they will give your quad that edge you need
These props are not the best of speed, but they are very efficient and like all the gemfan prop very durable.
These little props are the best performing props in the 3 inch class you can get
These propeller are very good for 1306/1407 with lower kv. Example Furibee X140/Helifar Turtle with 3100kv motors.
Ottime eliche, specialmente per il freestyle. provare per credere