Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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Quality build and material as usually for go,comma brand, bottom part is matted, all four sides are shiny and covered by transparent plastic "sock", front panel is shiny and covered by self-adhesive transparent invisible protective film against scratching with holes for USB ports. You can remove it if it's already scratched. I attached 3 devices and get total current 3.42A, so rating 3A is a little bit underestimated. During charging with this high current charger was not particularly hot. It does not smell even when warm. To be honest it is one of the coldest chargers I have used/own. After connecting charged device/s it display voltage and total current alternately for a few times, then display only total current till disconnecting charged device/s. After disconnecting charged device/s display shut off and only bright green (voltage) LED indicate power on. Standby current of charger is 0.14W with display off. USB ports are a very good quality with firm connection and contact. Euro plug is a very good quality too. Nicely packed in a transparent plastic bed in a printed paper box. I checked indicated voltage and current with quality power meter which has resolution 0.1mA and 1mV and diference was 1 last digit on go,comma display, so it has a very good precision as a nice bonus. Parcel with 5 items was shipped in 24 days.
The ceramic rods (the white sticks) are OK to quickly touch up a slightly dull blade-they are not designed to "sharpen" a dull blade (which needs a proper grindstone or proprietary sharpener ). It would take forever to regrind a blunt blade to sharpness using the ceramic rods - they are too fine - but this is not a criticism as this isn't what they are designed for. At any rate they are too fine to cause any major damage.<br><br>The carbide cutters (the black blades) are designed to quickly sharpen a blunt blade, which they do by scraping metal from the blade, which is then finished off using the ceramic rods.This might work for some knives, particularly cheap ones, but never risk them on a good blade as you might well gouge a chunk out of the cutting edge. If you have a good quality knife which you can't risk spoiling, investigate proper methods for sharpening, or get it sharpened professionally.
-- ENG --<br>- Working mode is simple: once turned on, a blue LED catches mosquitos and other insects. Once insects reach the LED, they are suctioned via a small fan placed inside the product.<br>- Detachable bottom for cleaning.<br>- Low noise emission, almost imperceptible.<br>- Can be powered up with a wall charger for mobile phones (5VDC) or with a power bank for portable use.<br><br>-- ITA --<br>- Il funzionamento è molto semplice: una volta acceso, un LED blu attira zanzare e altri insetti. Quando gli insetti raggiungono il LED, vengono risucchiati da una ventola all'interno del prodotto.<br>- Fondo staccabile per pulizia.<br>- Bassa emissione di rumore, quasi impercettibile.<br>- Può essere alimentato con un caricabatterie da muro per cellulari (5VDC) o con un powerbank per l'uso in mobilità.
It´s a simple tripod, but there´s quality in it that you can feel at the very first time you handle it! <br>There are many and various positions that you can use this Tripod, as long as you have imagination! For an example, you can just twist the legs around anything you want to in order to hold your phone, even in a metalic stand or in a table! <br>And this Tripod can handle even 5.7 inches phones! That's wonderful, because my phone is one of these! It fix wonderfully!
works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot <br>works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot <br>works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot <br>works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot
Just what I was looking for! This one really works! Within 5 minutes of turning it on I got my first kill. Other methods I've tried take too long and I hate flying insects. It's zapped so many bugs even ones I didn't know were hiding out. It’s not just for flies. It’s also for all kinds of insects. This is my solution for family members who open the front door and then decide to turn back to talk for ten minutes. You know who you are.
Good quality Aux Jack Audio Earphone Adapter Converter for iPhone 7 / 7Plus <br>Very good packed <br>Good for FOR IPHONE 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6S / 7/ 7Plus <br>Good quality of product <br>Good price <br>Free and fast shiping from CN to EU
1. A nice and solid USB cable - USB Type C <br>2. Cotton-braided cable, USB connectors are solidly made. <br>3.This is really a brand product. <br>4. Very good price <br>Regards Roman, I recommend shopping at Gearbest.com to everyone :))
works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot <br>works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot <br>works as designed - see pictures <br>ame very swiftly, no problem with tracking. THX a lot
The product deserves 5 stars easy. <br>Excellent quality, perfect working. <br>I attend to all my needs. <br>There is nothing to dislike about this product. <br>I will recommend it to all my family and friends.
Very high quality product. Made of good plastic, simple installation and adjustment. Good power LEDs, shine very bright. This product is an excellent assistant in the arrangement of home comfort.
Смотрите на характеристики! Это два устройства в одном корпусе! QC 3.0 присутствует, проверено. Напряжение на обычных портах при 2А падает до 5.05V, на порте QC 3.0 падает до 4,87V. Ничего особенного. Умная зарядка или нет, не могу сказать.
Na plus chyba tylko cena, jeżeli ktoś ma bardzo słaby słuch i żadnych wymagań odnośnie dźwięku to te słuchawki będą idealne. Ale nie liczyłem na coś zajebistego za 2,5 złotego :D dodam, że u nas z logiem manta takie słuchawki kosztują 15...
Κάνει αυτό που υπόσχεται για κάποιους που θέλουν να ακούμε μουσική και παράλληλα να φορτίζουν το κινητό.
Great screen protectors! If you want a couple of screen protectors to protect your Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus, you have the ideal product here! Very good price, very nice quality and all the buttons, holes and sensors work just fine! Very nice purchase!
Very cheap, good quality of the audio, battery ok, noise-cancelling, bluetooth! Everything came exactly as expected! Can't complain!!! Very satisfied with my purchase
Lightweight and easy to use. After put in the sun during the day, it can work continuously at night. Wow, it is so incredible! As for now, I am able to sleep well till the next morning without interruption due to the annoying sounds and itches.
Câble de très bonne qualité . Bon design. Fonctionne parfaitement pour le quick charge (testé en USB C) et le transfert de data. Câble souple. Connecteurs de très bonne qualité. Excellent produit, Bon rapport qualité prix.
I'd only get this if you have an android and you want to play emulator games, very small which is good for on the go activities, the build quality is quite decent, buttons feel nice, but the a,b,x,y buttons take a bit of force to press, other than that it works beautifully.
Well packaged, pretty straight forward to set up, tested in few situations and it works :) would recommend
Ha majd megyek az unokámhoz Kanadába,ott jó lesz.Ha majd megyek az unokámhoz Kanadába,ott jó lesz.Ha majd megyek az unokámhoz Kanadába,ott jó lesz.Ha majd megyek az unokámhoz Kanadába,ott jó lesz.
Good product and good material ... fits well in the cabinet ... will buy more in the future like it a lot
Very good bakpack! <br> <br>Lite, convenient external pocket. It is suitable for one day walk. <br> <br>Bottom pocket is good not only for shoes. It is fast access to anything else.
Good quality for really cheap price<br>Handy if you have many auxiliary headphones for smartphones that do not support 3.5mm port<br>Forms an edge and helps in pockets or bag
Товар соответствует описанию.Удобный чехол.Качество хорошее.Замок работает хорошо.Теперь шнур и зарядка будут всегда на месте.
Хороший кабель в оригинальной оплётке. Кабель довольно гибкий. но при изгибании оплётка препятствует излому кабеля. Планшет заряжает, не греется. Выглядит хорошо. Покупкой довольна.
The suction is outstanding, the mount is firmly fixed on the windshield, and never falls down no matter how rough the road condition is. More importantly, the angle is great for looking the GPS location. Love it!
It so funny and interesting tray mold for ice ball. The Death Star from ice is quite good and is great when you see it in the glass with whisky.
качество пластика отличное. переходник сидит плотненько. доставка быстрая в отделение новой почты . спасибо за качественный продукт
I would recommend this product to everyone <br>very good material quality <br>good price - very fast shipping