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4.9 out of 5

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what people are saying
When I first opened the box, a terrible smell came out like a dead body was inside. Fortunately the headphones didn't smell and leaving the box on the balcony for one night was enough to get rid of the smell. Anyway, the product works fine, despite when I'm running sometimes Bluetooth signal gets weak and music slows down for some seconds, and then fasten for some moments. I don't understand what causes the interferences because doing some experiments I saw they happen even in my room when everything is steady around them. <br><br>Considering the very little times they don't work as desired and considering their price, I suggest this product. Beside, the battery lasts long time and the percentage led is quite useful.
Well packed, without damage, exactly as I expected had. Beautiful strap color, like it! There are many functions, and I don’t fully understand how to use them. It can be fully charged in about two hours, and the standby time can last about 10 days. Already installed the application and everything was connected without problems, works properly. Highly recommended to you
I love these headphones! I bought a pair of this softer, thicker headphones for sleeping, and I also bought these for exercise and they are PERFECT. They’re a really breathable fabric, lined with mesh so they wick sweat, and they’re perfect for going for a run or long walk in hotter weather. I sweat easily, so I love the two-in-one factor of headband + headphones.
This smartwatch is not for pretentious people but it is very good in terms of price / quality. It has all the functions of more expensive smartwatches. The monitoring application is Fitpro, which you can find in the play store. It has no disconnection problems like other smartwatches. Battery running for 48 hours.
It was exactly what it said it would be, which was wonderful. It arrived charged, and the charger is sturdy, and survived. The design and the sound quality of these earbuds are exactly what I want to have. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to be in their own head space, but have nowhere to go where there aren't people or other distracting things.
I have been using Rotary Tools for Over 50 years. I have Multiple Rotary Tools on my workbench, I looked at the SPECS on this little machine and thought I would try it out. While it Costs 1/5 of my old one, I have already put it to "my Tests" and its Performance so far is Comparable to my old one and I think maybe a Little Lighter in weight THAT means its a Keeper!
This hand drill is exactly what a woman needs when she’s alone and needs something drilled and doesn’t want to hire anyone to do the job. I think it is well constructed and should be everything I hope it will be and that I will be able to use this as I hoped. go easily through the wood that I was using. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.
This tool is fantastic if you read the description. It is super light weight. It would be great for. punching for the thin copper plate and many other surfaces. I absolutely love the various application, I can not only punching, but also Cutting and Grinding on different surfaces. It is very practical for me and I would definitely recommend to you
This pair of bluetooth earbuds had great sound quality, fancy charging base. I was very happy by the open box experience. I feel like I am opening a very expensive set, the box are very sturdy. The charging stations is made of very high quality material. I am also fond of the display showing battery status on the chargers and each earbud.
These are some of the best earbuds I have purchased. When I determine what makes these earbuds the best, I try to look at many factors. One thing I really like about these earbuds is the nice sound quality. The long-lasting batter life, microphone clarity and the bluetooth connection quality are also really attractive for me as well.
I bought these earbuds to listen to music, watch TV or play games, I would say these are really nice headphones. The microphone quality excellent, among the better ones I’ve tried. The sound quality is also great, I really enjoy them. Its battery is also long-lasting, I was able to use the earbuds for a long time with the charging case.
This little gaming console is AMAZING!! I bought two, one each for my son and me. My son is 8 years-old and I am 37. I grew up when these games and handheld systems were just coming out. My son has always known a touch screen. We both love our little consoles! I was completely blown away by everything included AND the quality of the games.
The bracelet works well, it was not difficult to configure.<br>Exactly as advertised. Good quality product for the price.<br>I liked the fact that a bracelet of this value has an SP02 meter.<br>This is a feature that is not found in many other bracelets, even more expensive..<br>I recommend.
Bought these to replace another pair of very expensive bluetooth headsets. The expensive ones died after just a few weeks of use. I figured that if they were going to die anyway I would just get a number of cheap ones as long as they worked. These not only worked but worked well with decent sound and excellent battery life.
I purchased these pair of headsets to mainly use at the gym and sometimes when I go for walks outside. I purchased this for a while and I waited to write a review because I wanted to test it out completely. Actually There is not any problem with this pair of earbuds, it is easy to wear and its appearance is exactly what I need.
This is exactly what I was looking for!! And it has all those fun and amazing games I played when I was little!!! but I’ve already tested all other features and it works perfectly! The battery lasts long enough to enjoy couple of hours playing games. I would buy another one for my friend who also like this kind of game console.
Never used this type of tool before and was trying to fix a chair. It took me a couple of tries but got used to it and was able to repair my chair. I will be buying one for my dad that likes to build stuff. Good price as well. All in all Awesome small device. Perfect for woodworking beginners. Later you can invest in top of the line.
This little compact lightweight game is so much fun. Took me back to when I was young sucking at arcade games. I have not even thought about some of these games in years! All the classics and then some in a tiny package. Game was ready to play out of the box! Been great entertainment while stuck at home in the bed with the flu.
This is an excellent bluetooth headset. My grandson has been wanting one, so I decided to surprise him post-Christmas. He was happy that it has cool design because he would like to have a headphones with unique appearance. It connected easily with his phone. The sound is clear and the controls were easy for him to learn.
I love these earbuds. I am not the biggest fan of other types of earbuds with the way that most of them do not seem to stay in my ear. These have actually been the first ones to stay put when I shake my head side to side and around. The earphone stay in my ear steadily, the sound quality is also exactly what I am satisfied with.
I work from home and use a headset with my cell phone all the time. I had a high end headphones, but stuck it in my pocket and washed it, so I was looking for a temporary good replacement. After using this headset for a few weeks, it is my new permanent headset! Great sound quality, top price, I am very satisfied with them.
It was exactly what it said it would be, which was wonderful. It arrived charged, and the charger is sturdy, the smallest fits in my unusually small ear canals. The seal is perfect, and not a single person or animal can bother me. I would recommend these for anyone who wants a good headphones at the reasonable price.
I bought this power supply for my 3d printer, it arrived one week ago and I have already have a go for a while,I would say this is nice power supply, because it works very stably, and it performance is excellent, in addition, the price of this power supply is also reasonable, I can afford it and would recommend to you
These bluetooth earbuds were easy to pair with my phone and the audio quality is crisp and clear. It's comfortable to wear. The battery charging case that's included is useful since it can charge these earbuds a few times before it runs out and then you would have to charge the case. It is really great product.
I can't sleep or go for a walk without my music or podcasts. Earbuds often pop out and my big over your headphones are great for travel and indoor but these are just so versatile. The ear pieces within can be moved around a bit so semi customizable & bonus it's made to be exercised in ... Sweat won't ruin these babies!
When I saw this item online, my first thought was on par with my previous earphones. After using it, I think it is much better than them. My old headphones work also very well, but people told me it sounded like I wasn't close to the microphone when I talked. By using this headset I totally resolved this problem.
I have been using my normal standard wrenches for years, and used some branded ratcheting wrenches years ago when installing a Supercharger. I remember them making my life so much easier during the install, and got around finally to looking for a set I could pick up that wouldn't be ridiculously priced.
So far so good. Controller has a decent weight to it. Doesn't feel cheap. It was packaged nicely. It was recognized automatically (plug and play) by my PC. The analog sticks were responsive and had a rubbery coating for easy gripping. The buttons didn't stick and work great. Would recommend at this price point.
I wear glasses and have hearing aid, so regular headphones do not work well for me, since hearing aids have microphones that are located above the ear. These conductive headphones work very well and are comfortable to wear. They fit in front of my ear and do not interfere with my glasses or hearing aids.
The lightest and finest earbuds ever. I have a few from other brands too but these are by far the best. I'm amazed by how good these wireless Earbuds are. They pair with each other and to my phone's automatically. The sound quality is good, and the most amazing part is they block out most of the external noise.