Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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4.7 out of 5

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what people are saying
Посылка быстро пришла в Украину. Заказывал разные товары, поэтому было полное отслеживание. Гарнитура очень не плохая. Качество звука на мой взгляд среднее. Если честно, то не ожидал хорошего звука за эту цену, но оправдания не подтвердились. Звук здесь на приличном уровне, не смотря на очень бюджетную цену, но не более того! Микрофон так же на хорошем уровне. Кабель не запутывается. Сделаны очень хорошо! Совет владельцам Xiaomi: включайте улучшение звука наушников в дополнительных настройках андроида и подбираете настройки наушников под себя. Таким образом, звук станет ощутимо лучше, чем без этой настройки! Могу смело рекомендовать данную гарнитуру к покупке тем, кто не хочет тратиться на более дорогие. Также, отлично подойдёт на подарок детям. Вы не пожалеете, однозначно!
- Jó ár/érték arány. <br>- Valóban kezeli a TF kártyákat berakás és bekapcsolás után rögtön elindult az mp3-ak lejátszása. <br>- A bluetooth párosítás/kapcsolódás (neve:BT) is gond nélkül lezajlott és hangosan játszotta le a telefonról.<br>- Mágneses füldugók biztonságosabbá teszik a használatot. <br>- 3 pár különböző méretű gumiharangot kapunk, hogy ki tudjuk választani a megfelelőt.<br>- Az akku állapotáról kommunikál a telefonnal (xiaomi)<br>Kb.: 75%-os töltőttséggel érkezett meg.
The quality of the case looks very good. It also comes with a pet screen protector. It has a magnet for tablet's wakeup function. Good that Gearbest sells this case, considering that it's difficult to find one for the tablet elsewhere.My unit doesn't allign very well with the tablet, but i think it's only mine (maybe something wrong with the stitching). Gearbest gave me a solution, so everything good.
case em acrílico, cor muito bonita, encaixa perfeitamente no raspberry pi 3, tem o suporte para o cooler e vem os parafusos. nada a reclamar!<br><br>case in acrylic, very beautiful color, fits perfectly on the raspberry pi 3, has the holder for the cooler and comes the screws. nothing to complain about!
La funda protectora es de muy buena calidad, la pantalla queda totalmente descubierta lo que permite un manejo total de la pantalla, no es necesario oprimir el botón de encendido ya que al abrir la funda protectora se activa la pantalla, la tapa tiene pliegues para poder doblarse y así poder ver vídeos sin la necesidad de sostener la tablet con las manos.
качественный USB кабель. Толстые провода = низкое сопротивление = меньшие потери = более быстрый заряд телефона/планшета. Ну и оплетка кабеля делает его более прочным (но колесиком кресла переезжать все равно не советую). Упакован просто отлично (лучше чем телефоны) - не помялся, даже на подарок годится.
his is my first oukitel phone i had firsrt the look look very good the glass is 2.5d and the brightnes is very powerfull its run android 6.0 and have update to 6.01 the front camera its ok not bad but not somthinig spicial and the back camera its very bad its not shape its look like 5.0 mp but for this price its ok the phone run fast you can open the same time 4 or 5 aplication evreying run quiq the batter life its for aboy 4 hours not more
I have had this FM Bluetooth receiver/car charger for right around a year now. And its been working great. The setup is fairly simple, just download the app from the app store (available for android and ios), follow the few steps. In less than 5 mins I was up and running. the FM transmission is very good
Na plus chyba tylko cena, jeżeli ktoś ma bardzo słaby słuch i żadnych wymagań odnośnie dźwięku to te słuchawki będą idealne. Ale nie liczyłem na coś zajebistego za 2,5 złotego :D dodam, że u nas z logiem manta takie słuchawki kosztują 15...
El producto es de muy buena calidad. Conectores de metal, cable de nailon, se observa bastante calidad, conecta perfectamente tanto el telefono (micro usb) como el puerto usb. No se cuanto me durará pero a primera vista es de los mejores cargadores que he tenido. Aun no he probado una carga de movil entera, no se si se recalienta
It's a very nice cable for the price! The ends feel like they are made out of metal but i'm not sure. The brading seems to be well made.<br>Worked as espected.<br>Arrived 14 days after ordering it.
Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
In my opinion, this is the best shower I used home. I live in an old building and have a little bit of low water pressure. this shower makes me fill like I am making water massage each time I have the shower with this device. And the best part my water usage was improved greatly with this device.
Very cheap, good quality of the audio, battery ok, noise-cancelling, bluetooth! Everything came exactly as expected! Can't complain!!! Very satisfied with my purchase
- quality ABS material<br>- Perfect for NanoPi K1 Plus !!!<br>- Easy to use<br>- strong material<br>- recommed product for Pi!
Semplicemente una chiavetta wifi per il raspberry Pi 1-2, l'ho provata con openelec e funziona perfettamente senza bisogno di installare driver. <br>Promossa.
Not supported at all.. <br>I tried it 2 various phone and 3 various earphone..<br>I think seller doesn’t test it..<br>If it’s not supported seller should show in product page clearly.. if not.. it’s seems cheating..
Avevo già comprato altri 2 prodotti simili e mi sono piaciuti. Ho deciso di prenderne un altro ad un prezzo strepitoso. Ragazzi davvero, Spezizione gratuita poi prodotto funzionante, materiali ottimi per soli 0.60 centesimi . Ma stiamo scherzando?
вроде неплохой кабель для зарядки разных устройств,проверил все разъёмы работают зарядка идёт,стоит пришёл довольно быстро,всем рекомендую
Really happy with this power charger.<br>It has 3 USB power ports, all working.<br>It has also a display showing the voltage!<br>I really suggest buying it!
Good quality for really cheap price<br>Handy if you have many auxiliary headphones for smartphones that do not support 3.5mm port<br>Forms an edge and helps in pockets or bag
Simple but usable<br>Excellent quality! Plastic and contacts of high-quality materials. Everything is adjusted well. Nothing staggers. The plug is inserted tightly.<br>Perfect in Europe for use Chinesse products.
le immagini dimostrative non facilitano l'acquisto del prodotto giusto. Nelle immagini viene mostrato il cavo con attacco per Android universale mentre i cavi che vengono da noi acquistati sono per attacco specifico. Questo ha comportato l'acquisto errato da parte mia.
Хороший кабель в оригинальной оплётке. Кабель довольно гибкий. но при изгибании оплётка препятствует излому кабеля. Планшет заряжает, не греется. Выглядит хорошо. Покупкой довольна.
Real 3A cable. My Samsung S8 shows the "fast charging" message when using it. It looks very well and the lenght is correct.<br><br>The package was much better than expected. <br><br>Very recommended for the price.
Perfect camera. supported by the raspberry pi. the assembly is very easy. <br><br>the range of the infrared leds is very acceptable. to note that the infrareds are very power hungry.
Boa qualidade de construção. Boa relação qualidade preço. <br>Ajusta-se bem ao Tablet. Textura interessante.
I received a tad bit darker purple case as opposed to the magenta-ish color from online, The case was awkward to put on until I realized it is TWO pieces and they need to go on separately for an easy fit
A useful light for cabinets and small spaces, that provides enough light to find what you want. It is easy to place on hinge and works quite well.
Ótima qualidade, encaixe perfeito, recebi 30 dias após o pedido, em perfeitas condições.<br><br>Gearbest sempre nos entregando produtos de ótima qualidade a preços muito mais em conta.