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HeliFar X1: This drone is relatively new arrival to Gearbest. I bought this drone because of the look of the drone itself and remote control. There is no review on actual performance of the drone. This small Wi-Fi FPV drone comes with a very good looking yellow checker box. The packaging looks awesome. The user manual looks great (not too small and not too big taking up a shelf space). The built quality of the drone and remote do not disappoint me. They are very good as shown in the photos of the Gearbest's. The blue color looks deep and shining. The remote looks professional. Excellent built! The drone and remote performs their AUTO binding. Great! The motors feel very powerful even though I have not flied it yet. All look great. I will fly later when the weather here getting better. By the way, it comes with two (2) batteries!
I scored these high not for the quality but for the price. I purchased these for a STEM project for my son's school and didn't want to spend too much for the whole project. To start with, because they are shipped from China they took about a month to be delivered. Also, quality control is perhaps a bit week so if you are ordering I would recommend purchasing 1 or 2 extra if you are ordering a large quantity. I ordered 14 and had one sent without one of the wheels and also had a broken pulley and a broken motor. That being said, after putting the cars together they worked really well. They include a micro screw driver with every kit. I found that using my own micro screw driver and needle nose pliers were the best route when putting the cars together. I also used a soldering iron for securing the wires to the motors. Honestly, though for the price you can't really beat these little cars for projects. They really aren't designed as toys to be played with
I bought this for my nephew and he absolutely loves it. I have played with it a few times and it was so much fun. He loves how fast it goes and it is pretty easy to manage from the control remote. The boat is a nice design and a good size. The setup is super easy since you just open and add the battery provided. He also figured out the buttons very quickly. The battery life is not a very long time but it does come with spare batteries that you can keep on hand and just replace them when they run out. I like that the boat can be flipped if it capsizes. So far it has not leaked or clogged up. It also gives you a warning when you are starting to drive too far for the signal and if the batteries are low. I suggest buying two in different colors so that you can play races. However, it has only one color. At all, this makes a perfect gift for teenagers.
Nice wheels. A little smaller than typical 1:12 buggy 12428, but bigger than 1:10 onroad cars use. <br> Tire is made from soft plastic or hard rubber (not so soft rubber like wltoys, feiue, amevi stock one), but rim inside is hollow or there is very soft foam.<br> Mounting hole is made for 4mm shaft (M4 screw fits well) but there is no place for 12mm hex ! You can put this tire directly on standard 5mm drive shaft with pin made for hex12, when you made inner hole bigger - 5mm instead 4mm. With this mod - tire fits well on Fy-03 or wltoys12428 or other 1:10 on/offroad car ;) Inner inside part of rim (place for C-hub etc) is bigger than stock fy-03 tire have!
This drone was surprisingly easy to set up. The camera quality isn't the best, but the software was easy to find and use. The only thing that took time to figure out was making sure the phone was connected to the drone. Once you understand the WiFi Direct setup, the rest was easy. Drone is ready to fly out of the box, battery life is decent, approx 25 min. of flight time per charge. The only thing I didn't like too much was unclipping the battery to charge it every time. I recommend buying a power bank and spare battery with this drone to increase your fun outside.
Installed these on my wizard along the max rs2205s 2300kv and all I can say is wow. These things handle the new motors with dal cyclone t5045c props on 4s no problem. Responsive and smooth. Running shot 600 out of the box with no issues on 16.65 (tones is a pretty cool feature). The sound and responsiveness make my quad feel and sound like an F1 car compared to a Honda with a fart can on the stock setup. Definitely, recommend and at that price how can you go wrong. Would be nice to be able to buy a single disc but no biggie.
I've given this only four stars because it says that it will give you extra speed it gives you know actress or speed but it will cut through the seaweed a lot better than a 2 blade system highly recommend if you're trolling through tall seaweed great propeller for that. It also seems to have more control and more ability to cut through the waves and keep straight more so than two blade system as well.
So far so good. I bought it for my Holy Stone F181C . It charges my batteries just fine. I also balanced a friends lipo's with it. It is nice when doing a forming charge is keeps history of the charge discharge amounts. Not necessary but it is handy. It does everything it is supposed to. I have charged 1S lipo's with and I have have series charged 26 cell batteries with 0 issues.
Управление не стандартное правый джойстик отвечает за правую пару колес, а левый за левую. Из за этого управлять не очень удобно, но ребенок быстро привыкает. При попытке заехать на стену - разворачивается. Батарея - никель (не литиевая). За такую цену отличный подарок ребенку 4-8 лет.
Great battery, will definitely be buying more. Originally purchased a different battery but with only a 35C rating which was not enough for throttle punches and I was getting a low voltage alarm. No problems with throttle punches with this battery.
Bought two of these cuz they fly so great! Amazing agility and responsiveness! If you can master these without<br>all the aids, it bodes well for flying pro quality ones later on.On time arrival and all was included and it works as advertised.
This little drone is awesome, it seriously has so much power that it really sounds like a bumble bee. I'm probably not as experienced as the people who would normally buy this drone but I'm catching on pretty quick.
This thing is crazy!!! There's a big difference going from toy grade to hobby grade! Made from excellent material. With powerful quad. Flying line of sight is ok but, FPV is awesome like playing a video game!
Great product. Stretch-X 3K carbon fiber frame with 4mm arm thickness chassis increases impact resistance and flight efficiency. It keeps well-balanced in the air with fast speeds.
The frame looks nice small and durable but unfortunately I can’t use mine at the moment because There was a missing bottom plate that holds the arms.
Very good product, perfect for my broken drone. Quick shipping, correct seller! I recommend it!
I bought this for my husband and he was extremely impressed with the details. Ready to run out of the box.<br>Excellent toy for the price.
Everything is ok nothing burned and all worked. Needs the right propeller and a little bit of tuning.<br>Has a Runcam Sparrow.
I used this full carbon fiber 135mm quadcopter frame to build a 4s racing quad from some extra parts I've had sitting around.
It's an awesome little beast and 2.4GHz adds to the enjoyment since it can go the pretty long distance!
Tiny and fast. Car worked just as advertised and the 7 yr old boy loved it. We assisted with assembly.
bu ürün güzel fiyat performans ürünüdür memnun kaldım herkese tavsiye ederim yedek kanatları işe yarıyor çünkü yere düşürüyorsunuz ilkkez kullandıgınız için
доставка месяц, упаковка обычная пупырка, в остальном все ок
envío a España en apenas 2 semanas lo recibí en casa,<br><br>lo compré para sustituir el chasis original pork lo rompi, se trataba del helifar x140 pro.
This craft performs great, looks great and has an awesome camera/transmiter that brings very valuable video quality, the F4 chip is also great
good replacement part will order another one real soon
Excelente producto, lo recomiendo. Se ve y es muy potente y con una calidad muy superior a lo normal