HIGOLE Brand specialized in Mini Tablets, Mini PC,under the operate system of Windows and Android. We focus on providing customers high-quality,differentiated digital products. Both our products and services will step forward in the competition. We will devote ourselves to the Products,keep hardworking and we hope that one day, human's life will be change by using HIGOLE products!

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3.8 out of 5

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This little device is an incredible Windows/Android PC. <br>Has all the speed needed to work and for tasks related to work or media.<br>I don't like the Android part, but with Windows it has lots of possibilities.<br>As the CPU is a difficult one (Salty lake or something like that) I don't recommend trying to install linux because there are lots of things to compile, and it's not easy.<br>I recommend to maintain Windows 10 at all costs on it, you won't regret it.<br>It tends to get hot, but it shouldn't be a problem if you use it for work.<br>I really recommend the product.
Muy contento con el resultado de rendimiento del ordenador. <br><br>Sistema operativo con w10. Le he puesto premiere y funciona fluido. <br><br>No abulta más que un Nuc. <br><br>Puedo ver películas en TV con el Hdmi.
Use it as secondary pos at my store and very happy with it. Screen should be a bit bigger.
Der Lüfter ist hörbar. Er sirrt. Für den Gebrauch als Entertainment PC für Streaming Dienste etc aber gut zu gebrauchen. Ich würde ihn als solches empfehlen.