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Cette prise fonctionne de la même façon que d'autres modèles ayant exactement le même look et qui utilisent également l'application eFamilyCloud. La configuration est simple. Possédant déjà des prises similaires, je peux dire que le fonctionnement est très simple, la fiabilité totale. ça fonctionne aussi parfaitement depuis la 4G, donc à l'extérieur de son réseau wifi local.<br>Pour l'utilisation avec google home (google home mini pour ma part) c'est un peu complexe à configurer:<br>Dans l'application Home du téléphone il faut choisir l'option ""contrôle de la maison"", puis cliquer sur le gros symbole + en bas à droite.<br>Il faut ensuite ajouter le service Smart Life<br>ça demandera alors tour à tour les coordonnées et mots de passe du compte google puis du compte eFamilyCloud créé tout au départ<br>Le téléphone demande alors l'autorisation de contrôler le ou les périphériques qu'on ajoute via Google. Il faut bien sûr accepter.<br>Pour finir Home demande à quel appareil/pièce faire le rattachement. C'est à dire quel google home mini va contrôler la prise par la voix.<br>Une fois que tout cela est fait, on dit Ok Google allume prise ou éteins prise, et ça marche :)<br>On peut aussi renommer la prise surtout si on en a plusieurs.<br><br>Attention si on ajoute une ou plusieurs prises ultérieurement, ça ne pose pas de problème pour eFamilyCloud mais ça en pose avec google home. Il faut alors dissocier le compte Smart Life puis le ré-associer (en redonnant tous les mots de passe et compagnie) pour que les nouvelles prises soient alors prises en compte aussi par google home.<br><br>Le mode d'emploi, en allemand et en anglais seulement, indique la procédure avec Alexa. Il n'indique pas la marche à suivre pour google home, d'où mon commentaire un peu long.
I bought one of these lightbulbs to make sure it worked as advertised. I wanted a light bulb that I could ask Alexa to control and this one seems to be the most affordable. I downloaded the eFamily Cloud app on my phone and tablet, connected it to our wifi and it was working fine. It did take a few tries to get it to recognize the bulb, but there are directions for if that happens (turn the wall switch, or lamp switch on an off a few times until it's communicating). Once you name the light, you can go into the Alexa app, Smart Home and let it search for devices. I liked the capabilities and price of this so much, I ordered 2 more and plan on ordering additional lights as I am able.<br>I did have an issue when one of the lights stopped responding to Alexa. I removed it from the Alexa app device listing, went into the eFamily Cloud app and changed the name. I then went back into the Alexa app and had it search for devices. It recognized the new name and that resolved that problem. Disclaimer: I searched out and purchased these light bulbs myself. I was not given anything for free. I originally planned on buying a different brand, the only one I was aware of with these capabilities, but the price kept rising so, while waiting for that brand's prices to go down, I found this brand, Houzetek Smart LED Light Bulb. I'm glad I waited.
This set up effortlessly. Just added batteries, set the channel on remote transmitters to option 1, 2, and 3 the display unit automatically found the temperature sensors. Currently, I am using these to monitor for freeze conditions on piping under my home. An alarm feature would have been super to have but this is not an option with this model. I taped on the sensor directly to the line to be monitored and put the other two sensors in open air near the pipe. If I see the air sensors get close to freezing I know that I need to watch the pipe closely. This does what I wanted it to do. The display in near my desk on a shelf so I naturally check the pipe temperature when I look at the room temperature which is monitored at the display using sensors built into the display.
Works great. There were a few questions and incorrect answers posted here on using it for a surge protected power bar. No problems, however. One plug from a power back-up with a surge protector which is daisy chained to two power bars with surge protectors. Now a simple "Alexa, Turn my desk on" and I am ready to roll. Since my heavy duty power bar had no single on/off switch, this was a good benefit as I was stuck turning everything off one at a time. This plug I labeled "my desk" The plug has a 15 amp maximum load rating so no running your entire house off one plug. lol. However, to create what I now have with my desk using separate plugs for all my monitors, speakers, chargers, lamps would have required 8 plugs so the daisy chain was a considerable cost saving.
Can't give less than 5 stars, at least as a first impressions review. Product was EXTREMELY well packaged. Everything has a quality feel to it--in all honesty, this price was beyond my budget, but it turned out to be worthy. The installation was straightforward enough. I setup the four cameras in four scene as it recommends, and had enough cabling to run to the four cameras. Obviously, if you want to conceal your cabling then it will, and did in my case, take some time to drill holes up through header or down through sill plates and fish the cable through wall voids, but in the long run it will be worth it to do it right. Everything is intuitive, and for me I actually appreciate the app's interface. The 1080P is the resolution for my purposes.
I'm going to be honest I bought this thermostat 60% because it was the cheapest one that offered what I wanted and 40% due to the functions.<br>Based on the image I saw on Gearbest I had a hard time believing it was really impossible to program, and as I suspected there is a couple of strange things, but overall I had it programmed and working perfect for my needs in under five minutes. The big thing is you most actually read the manual, since there are a couple of odd things that make it hard to work with if you are the type that toss the manual.<br>The -1 star is the fact that it uses some uncommon batteries rather than having a rechargeable cell or a common type of battery.
Könnyebb és kevésbé tükröző képernyő 160 fokos látószöggel, 16: 9 képernyőformátummal és 120 "-os átlóval, amely 266 x 149 cm / 104,57 x 58,82 cm-es megtekintési területet kínál, így nem kell közvetlenül a képernyő előtt ülni.<br>Kiváló minőségű, hordozható PVC anyagú kompozit gyantából készült, nagy felbontású képekhez és gazdag színekhez. <br>Egyaránt alkalmas beltéri vagy kültéri használatra.
This diffuser is nice. It's easy to use and delivers a continuous mist. It also shuts off when it runs out of water. I placed it next to my bed at night and then I slept the night through and did not have a stuffy head in the morning. Just add few drops aromatic oil directly in the water, the diffuser does a good job of scenting a whole room. And the most important thing to me is that this diffuser can work through the whole night if I fill enough water inside! I bought another diffuser before, and that one only can work for 3 hours. But this diffuser works great for me!
I was looking for a good air purifier that was ozone-free and efficient. I decided to buy this item and I have to say , I made a good choice. This Purifier is made with detailed work . The quality of the filter is good and seems to do it's job . What I liked the most about this product is it's noise. I was expecting something more noisy but this this is very silent. Recommended for a small room such as bedroom , kitchen , bathroom. The light is cool too. Overall , great air purifier for it's price and quality.
I have severe chronic pain which for some reason, my pain increases drastically when humidity and barometric pressure increases. I use an app to track humidity and it recently has registered 98% humidity, even though it's not raining. So I decided to try a dehumidifier. I chose the ProBreeze because of the size, weight, price, and ease of use.<br>I can't believe how much water it pulls out of the air. It's helping with my pain. No matter the reason you want a dehumidifier, I highly recommend the Houzetek.
Well, this review isn't going to tell you much. When my check engine light came on last week, I ordered this scanner tool to check it out (car is now out of warranty). After being on for five days, the morning I was going to get the scanner tool, to check engine light went off, apparently, the car feared this scanning tool and started flying (driving) right, lol. Anyway, it looks like it would work, the handy manual has all kinds of codes listed. If I ever get to use it, I'll update this review.
This is a premium product.<br><br>You start understanding it when unpacking it, not even seeing yet the bag. The stuff was delivered to me via UPS, and packed very carefully, plus the product's own box within the package has its own foil protection against wet conditions of weather.<br><br>The quality is very good and looks sturdy at a glance. The product has its own bag, which also looks very good and qualitative.<br><br>Moreover, by far I did not see any analogues so much suitable for use outdoors.
I am completely in love with these, I can put them in hard to reach places and then plug in what I need to and that's it. I have had a couple of power outages due to weather since I have bought these and everything that I have plugged into it is still working at it's best.<br>The only thing I will warn you about is that if you have something with an older plug ( I have a lamp from the 70's) The plug didn't want to seat in the outlet. I just plugged that one into a wall and was fine.
Love this! I thought I would have to compromise the power output with things that I have plugged into this (tv, consoles, lamp, chargers, amongst others) but my phone charges as quickly plugged into the nifty USB ports in the tower as it does plugged into the charger plug that came with the phone. It keeps wires tidier, looks so much nicer than a six gang extension, I don't have to keep unplugging things, and it even has surge and overload protection, it's so good!
This scale is really formidable, both for construction quality that precision in addition to the designe really cute, looks like in the description, has many features and all with already two AAA batteries included, paid just under € 8 excellent purchase.
I'm very happy with its this diffuser! It runs for over 6 hours. I like the fact that you can turn off the light on it, and when on, it's a nice subtle glow. It puts out a lot of mist even on the low setting. I have other diffusers that only run 2-3 hours, and needed one to run all night in our bedrooms when we are sick. This one is just what I needed, and was a great price!
ótimo produto, de facil instalação e realmente cumpre o que promete, pega todos os canais abertos dentro do alcance do dispositivo e otima para quem mora em apartamentos.<br>eu indigo todos a comprarem
I really liked this product because of its affordability and use. It's a really good projector at a great price. I really needed this thing for a project at school and it came really fast which was also pretty nice. It worked for what I needed it. I would totally recommend anyone on a budget needing a projector to buy this one.
Set up took about 10 minutes it comes with a very clear and easy to follow booklet. It' wall mountable or desktop, all controls are on top or in front. It lights up all the time when its plugged or 10 seconds at a time when running on batteries. So far it's been very accurate and its fun to watch.
I present workshops for medical professionals and this is wonderful to travel with and present on for a group of 8-20 people. It hangs on the wall or stands by itself table top. VERY sturdy and everyone is always impressed with how great this is when I show up. I actually bought two to have!
I purchased this Ozone Generator for making Ozonated water for washing fruit, vegetable, meat, and dishes. It creates Ozone very efficiently. I like the timer, with it, I don't need to worry about if I have forgotten to turn off since the generator would stop when the time is up.
Great machine with very good pricing. Easy to use and install and it can pick up all sorts even my cat’s hair. Flexible to use on my sofa, bed and floor with the additional floor brush. I really like the quality and the suction of this vacuum machine. Definitely recommend it!
So happy with my purchase. Really wish there was a smaller one i could buy.<br>It rotates making it easy access as well as keeping the lead nice & tidy. Individual on/off switches for both levels of plugs & usb leads. Very cute extension pug leads. Highly recommend.
This has worked great for my Window AC/Heat unit. Before using this my heat had to run continuously. Now I am able to set the desired temp and it shuts off and on. Regulates the temp in the home very well. Could not get it to work for small space heater though.
This is a quality product that I purchased for my mother, father in law and sister. They all got theirs up and running with no problem and they are happy with the results. Ensure you look on line so you know which way to point the antenna to get best results.
I love being able to charge my phone without setting it on the floor/stand! Also, I can charge it without unplugging other things (light, laptop, etc). We always keep a small light on in the living room so now we don't have to because of the nightlight!
I was a little scared buying a projector for such a cheap price but this product really blew my expectations away, this project has a great bright picture quality, the build of the actual machine is high quality and even the speakers are fairly good
Best quality for its price. Has clear image in dark rooms. The sound from its internally built speakers produces enough sound. Best thing in this projector is its low emissions of heat, you will not notice if you have not come near its ventilation.
These little lights are awesome! I have them installed under my sink in the bathroom and kitchen and the linen closet. I want more honestly! They are just so nifty! They were super easy to install and they work great. Really convenient light.
Very good for the price. I got a nice screen. Over all good quality and huge. No problems with screen. Very clean fabric. You can adjust the height to meet your needs. For 56$ you can't go wrong. Lightweight and portable.