Huawei is the world famous brand of telecommunication devices and electronics. Centered in the heart of China's silicon valley, Huawei has been a global leader in its product portfolio and market saturation. The smart devices division within Huawei has produced some of the most beautifully crafted pieces of electronics. Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms.

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"Very nice and well made case.Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms."

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Quería experimentar un teléfono nuevo que tuvieras especificaciones de harware y software de media alta gama quería invertir en un teléfono que fuera bueno y que a los 2 a 3 años lo cambiará. Este teléfono no te decepciona comparando sus especificaciones con otros modelos de Huawei es mucho mejor y a buen precio, sin duda si lo comprar no te vas a decepcionar para nada, juegos de alta resolución gracias a sus componentes de ram y rom no te decepciona al contrario que das impresionado lo buen celular que es yo ya me quiero comprar otro a mi hermano solo para tenerlo de otro color por las cámaras tanto frontales como posteriores son excelentes, imaginate esto estas con tus amigos en la noche y te quieres sacar una
Looks good and works well, waterproof, minimal setup once paired with device got it up and running in no time. I like the constant heart rate monitoring and it interfaces well with all the relevant apps from my phone. I bought this watch specifically because it is made by Huawei and I use a Mate 20 Pro, so I wanted a watch that would fully integrate with my phone and it does that very well. <br><br>It has a "Stress" function, which doesn't work so I'm not sure why its there. It also has an "Alipay" function using NFC which is no use to me because my country doesn't have Alipay. It also doesn't track active minutes, only specific workout sessions which was quite disappointing. <br><br>Sleep tracking is fully automatic and works well as well as being very accurate. Overall I think it is a very good watch, but as it is running its own OS it doesn't have access to apps and different watch faces on the Google Play store.<br><br>For what you get I think this is a little expensive and if you're not a hard-core exercise freak you might be better off with a cheaper Wear OS device.
το έχω αρκετό καιρό το συγκεκριμένο band άρα έχω μία αρκετά τεκμηριωμένη άποψη για τα καλά του και τα κακά του.<br>στα θετικά είναι ότι όντως είναι αδιάβροχο, δουλεύει αρκετά καλά το GPS, και φαίνεται όμορφο και κομψό τουλάχιστον στα δικά μου γούστα σε σχέση με άλλα.<br>στα αρνητικά είναι η μπαταρία του που δυστυχώς αν έχεις το GPS του ανοιχτό για να καταγράφει τη διαδρομή βγάζει με το ζόρι τρεις ώρες.κάτι που σε μία πορεία δυστυχώς θα σε προδώσει και δεν γίνεται να είσαι συνέχεια με κάνα powerbank. πολύ μεγάλο αρνητικό επίσης είναι η γλώσσα που δεν έχει Ελληνικά αλλά ευτυχώς υποστηρίζει τα αγγλικά χωρίς να χρειάζεται να κάνεις πατέντες όπως το huawei band 2. αν είσαι αθλητής που δεν ξεπερνάει προπόνηση σου τις τρεις ώρες πάρτο και δεν έχεις πρόβλημα συνέχεια κάθε βράδυ να το φορτίζεις.<br>αν τώρα ίσως σούπερ αθλητής κοίτα να πάρεις κάτι πιο ακριβό για να σου βγει και πιο αξιόλογο η μπαταρία του θα σε προδώσει.
This is a very well thought out and well built tablet. The screen is top notch and it is very responsive. Since I have received this, I have not used my notebook once quite simply because this is lighter, easier to fit in my bag ,faster to access on standby and does not heat up. Furthermore the connectivity via the sim card means I do not need to use unsecure wifi in public places such as hospitals, coffeeshops and other hubs. <br>I read some people were put off by the placing of the external buttons on the underside, but as I use this tablet mostly on landscape mode, that placement is ideal for me.<br>The OS is great and I already am familiar with it as I also own a mobile phone from Huawei ... <br>All things considered, i strongly would advise interested potential buyers to try this product and get seduced by it.
I bought the high-end model of this ultrabook a few weeks ago and I am amazed by the mere speed this thing produces when doing everyday tasks such as browsing the web or video streaming. <br>GOOD DESIGN:<br>Design: This is a very good looking laptop.<br>Battery life: excellent. Watching youtube, editing documents, and other light productivity work yields about 8-10 hours of use.<br>Display: Very bright and easy to use outdoors. <br>Speakers: Excellent sound. The bass could be better, but the sound is very clear and can get fairly loud.<br>The hidden webcam is a perfect idea for the majority of users who rarely use a webcam and take privacy as a big deal (you can even disable the webcam from being recognized by POST via disabling it within the BIOS settings).
The HUAWEI Honor MagicBook 2019 integrated graphics is sooo fast and powerful, provides high image quality. In other words, it has a much higher capability to play games and do things like image, audio, and video editing.<br>The display is 1920x1080 FHD(14.0 inch), not very big, but it looks great. It's hard to describe but there's a outstanding clear performance, and the brightness output is, for me that’s enough. That's plenty for indoor use and even outdoor use as long as the sun isn't pointed at the screen. The speakers are amazing for a laptop. There's not much bass, but there's no distortion, no muddiness, no bleed between frequency ranges.
Ho acquistato questo router mobile per le emergenze in caso di malfunzionamento dell'ADSL di casa e per avere il wifi in mobilità. E' facile ed intuitivo da configurare, estremamente potente e compatto, la batteria è ben dimensionata il display è estremamente utile.<br>C'è un'unica pecca: la configurazione web e il display sull'apparecchio sono solo in cinese, come pure il manuale; per fortuna c'è l'applicazione dedicata (iOS e Android) che è invece perfettamente localizzata e consente di configurare il router nella propria lingua. Un suggerimento: prima di inserire la sim nell'apparecchio, togliete il Pin della sim
The materials are fairly decent, and the build quality is also good. They aren't the most durable cables, but they're about the best data and charging cables I've owned for the price. Most every other cable I've owned in the same price range were garbage - they either didn't work out of the box, they broke quickly, the plugs didn't fit well, or the data transfer rates were garbage. These cables are comparable to cables I'd pay twice or three times as much for. We have two phones. Naturally, one is USB-C and the other micro. Pure convenience. By being attached, one is not lost or misplaced.
Definitely I love this device. Excellent shipping, good packaging, swift delivery. seller highly recommended . if there is anything high than 5 stars, I would have awarded GB more than five stars... Huawei AF15 stick is probably as perfect as Xiaomi stick, if not better... I have bought it for a half of the price in a special promotion, so huuuuuuge satisfaction and recommended. Thank you Gearbest.
Original Huawei flip case of P10.<br>Have it almost for about 2 years and it holds just fine!<br>Very durable flip case which protect a lot the beloved Huawei P10.<br>You can answer a call without opening the case by just swiping the transparent plastic part of the case.<br>You will also get all the important notifications, without opening the case.<br>Great desing.<br>Excellent and quality materials.<br>The fabric material has a nice feeling to touch.<br>A great product!
My new android pad has the c type connector. It is the only device in the house. I was looking for a secondary cable so I can put in my car or bring to work. For it's a very good deal. And you get 2 of them. I bought these to be almost-disposable, as there's a chance I won't get them back if I loan them out or set them up somewhere public. As such, I appreciate the low-low price. They work more than just "well enough," so I might get more and add them to some of my travel kits.
I really like this selfie stick. I’ve used a couple selfie stick before. This one stands out and by far is the best one I’ve used. Some Pros. .<br><br>- Solid built. Made by high quality material.<br>- Tripod Stand - This is a genius idea. It is very easy to use. You change it to stand selfie stick in seconds.<br>- Bluetooth remote to control your phone taking pictures. Pair it with your phone is super easy. The remote is charged by micro USB, very convenience.
Com certeza o melhor custo benefício que há. Um celular com excelentes câmeras, inteligência artificial e fotos espetaculares. A Huawei se supera a cada aparelho honor lançado.<br>Entrega da gearbest foi um espetáculo, recebi em 20 dias.<br>Pena que a primeira compra não recebi, pois os correios do Brasil extraviaram o meu honor 10 Azul e quando fui receber o reembolso já havia passado 2 meses, mesmo depois dos correios confirmarem o extravio, tive dificuldades para conseguir o reembolso.<br>Neste ponto a loja precisa melhorar muito.
pro:<br>-good screen with full hd<br>-headphone jack<br>-RAM in dual channel ddr3 933mhz<br>-good haptik <br>-camera with dual-led<br>-digital image stabilization<br>-computer sync<br>-OTA updates<br>-NFC<br>-Radio<br>-google playstore installed<br>- memory expandable TF card up to 128GB<br>-weight 147g<br> <br>Cons:<br>-so far only android 7 update<br>-no fast loading (micro usb)
Livraison lente en près de deux mois.<br>L'emballage était intacte et la finition de l'ordinateur est jolie.<br>J'ai pu facilement passer au Windows 10 en français par les tutoriels en ligne. <br>Le son est correct. L'autonomie de la batterie aux alentours de 5 heures à voir comment ça tient dans le temps. <br>Points négatifs: l'ordi chauffe déjà dès le démarrage ! Même si il ne fait pas de bruit. <br>Le câble du chargeur a deux extrémités de type C. Ils n'ont pas mis de bout USB. (pas pratique pour l'intermodalité).<br>A voir comment il évolue
I bought it for $7 and at this price this is value for money. Build quality is excellent, sound quality is above average, noise cancellation not that great. Mega Bass mode looks gimmicky. Over all premium looking product with good sounds.
Recebi muito mais rápido do que esperava. Até agora cumpre com todas as expectativas. Já vem com capa transparente, vidro protetor e auriculares. Ótimos acabamentos. Relação preço qualidade muito boa. Só uma sugestão à GEARBEST: A morada no pacote estava tão minúscula que o funcionário das entregas e eu não conseguíamos lê-la. só se conseguia ver o código postal e não a rua. Só número de telémóvel ajudou à entrega mas mesmo assim também estava quase ilegível.
El telefono funciona a la perfección en México, las especificaciones son justo como lo anuncian y es un modelo que no se consigue con esas especificaciones aquí. La camara es de lo mejor, seobtienen fotos super definidas. La memoria esta bien, pude instalar muchas aplicaciones sin problema. El tamaño es algo grande a lo que acostumbro pero esta perfecto. Me encanto.
buena calidad<br>excelente precio<br>bonito diseño<br>proceso de pago rapido<br>buen empaquetado<br>Todo llego sin ningún golpe.<br><br><br>ninguno. El envio tardo mas de lo planeado pero fue problema de la paqueteria. <br>Todo lo demas fue muy rapido tanto el proceso de pago como el despacho de los productos.
I gave a 5star rating because of the authenticity of the item. Although it took several days to arrive, the wait is worth it. The item is well packed and in good condition. My kid is enjoying it so much. Many thanks Gearbest for a quality product. And thank you also for the free case.Will definitely recommend this.
I've had this phone for a few months now and I payed 190 for it. That was much less than my old apple phone and this so far has proved much greater than thst product. I highly recommend this device. It isn't the fastest phone out there however it for fills every aspect I wanted it for. 10/10 would recommend!
Now my Huawei M5 is like a notepad!<br>Áll the screen is mine, not taken by the virtuális keyboard.<br>The touchpad is very sensitive and accurate.<br>The case itself is a little heavy, but robust and elegant.<br><br>Bending the backboard is slightly heavy, but I think this is áll about the stability.<br><br>Great buy!
Came in time. Nicely packaged.<br>Package includes:<br>Printer<br>charging cable<br>10 photo papers (Stickers).<br>Easily connected to the phone through Huwai AR Printer app downloaded from play store.<br>Super easy to use. Photo print is crispy. No color distortion.<br>Highly recommended product.
Покупался, как альтернатива для зарядки телефона от прикуривытеля в машине. Оригинал. Один-в-один. Длина 1 метр. Штекеры с надписями и логотипом хуавей, шнур серого оттенка софт-тач. Цена отличная.
The battery lasts for 12 days for me, without heartbeat monitor. Good for notifying me of SMS, WhatsApp and more. The sleep monitor works very well too. It's resistant to water, I take baths and swim in pool and no problems. I'm very satisfied.
Good phone for the money, lasted a couple of years, used until battery started to die, GPS not the best, but other than that everything worked well.
the item arrived the item original and work great, charge fast.<br>it's not the first time that I purchase this item and I am very pleased from the seller and the item.<br>this item arrived a little bit late but it's worth it.
Contento con lo esperado, movil ecónomico y fiable, camara decente, sonido bueno, conectividad buena y lo más importante cobertura y escucha en la llamada muy buena.
I'm very happy with my package, it was exactly as described and works perfectly, I'm definitely going to look for more things to purchase and my order came super quick!!!!!
They are good earbuds, but in my opinion they are a little bit uncomplite refering to others in the market. They work good, the audio was quite well balanced, and the case was very thiny. The charging time and the connection with the devices are perfect and fast. If they will cost 40dollars it will be a best deal.