Huion is a dedicated manufacturer of graphics tablets, pen displays and light pads. We provide affordable and good-quality products for art lovers. We are glad to be our customers’ best companion on their voyage of digital art.

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Just to be honest here... I haven't used any other graphical tablet in the past and I'm not a graphical designer or artist, but I am a computer technitian and a technology lover, so I know how a quality product should feel like. The price is really good for what it offers. It offers a relatively large usable area, acceptable pressure sensitivy and hardware/software buttons to map them however you like. The pen battery lasts long and it's rechargable.
The product arrived in perfect condition. I was very impressed with the careful details of the packaging that has good quality. I have tested the features and it is undoubtedly ideal for anyone who wants to start with a quality material. It overcame my little Wacom Bamboo that I wore and I put it aside. Excellent cost-benefit ratio and I am already indicating for my students the Digital Drawing course.<br>Anyway, it's worth buying!
The Huion 190 is an excellent purchase for anyone with a passion in drawing. The Huion 190 is very easy to set up and even easier to use, it requires little experience for you to be able to get started. I would definitely recommend the Huion 190 as it's great value for money and you don't lose out on quality. The Huion arrived in great condition and without fault. 8/10
Very good graphic tablet at a moderate price, very good pressure detection, a lot of pressure levels. Very good battery, no short-term delays via the wifi dongle, when the distance increases from the receiver then there is a delay.
While its response time is a little on the slow side it works well enough to not be a complete issue, overall its a fine enough product to serve as a replacement or a back-up tablet should the need arise
The pen is ergonomic and the response time is great, the only downside is that the buttons are connected so if you press down too hard on one
I don't understand what other reviews are saying when they say `` Installing was such a pain
Recebi o equipamento e utilizei. Logo com as primeiras utilizações fiquei bem impressionado. É um bom equipamento em termos de qualidade - preço.
I have downloaded the most recent driver from your website
tablette trés fonctionnelle , qualité excellente , rapport qualité prix correct <br>à acheter sans soucis
Great product, great device
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